WWDC 2020: Here’s What to expect from Apple’s Big Show and How to watch it

On 13 March 2020, in a press release, Apple announced details about WWDC 2020. The press conference held in Cupertino, California, where the company told WWDC 2020 will host in June 2020 and it’ll be a digitalonly event. Yes, Apple will announce the products without flashy lights, a big stage, and a physical gathering. This is the first time Apple will host WWDC online because of increasing numbers of COVID- 19.

As Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller said,

“We are delivering WWDC 2020 this June in an innovative way to millions of developers around the world, bringing the entire developer community together with a new experience”

Apple also announced it’ll donate 1 million dollars to local San Jose. It’ll help the country to endure the economical loss by not hosting the event in person.

This online event will give them virtual access to see all Apple’s products and its upgraded versions. Besides, the viewers could engage with Apple’s developers and engineers. 

Tech world and Apple users will miss the physical appearance of Apple’s upgraded products. Still, most of us are exciting to feel the new WWDC 2020s only digital experience.

The WWDC 2020 program will provide Apple’s entire global developer community — which now includes over 23 million registered developers in over 155 countries and regions.

What’s new we’ll experience at this conference, when will the Apple host WWDC 2020, and how we can attend this online event?

Let’s see what igeekfunnel has found about WWDC 2020 through some trusted resources.

What is WWDC 

The full form of WWDC is Worldwide Developers Conference. WWDC is an important Apple’s annual event where the company announces the upcoming software/hardware updates and new Apple products. WWDC runs for at least one week in San Jose, California. Over 5000 developers from the world take part in it and enjoy the preview of new products and their latest updates.

Apple Watch preview in WWDC
Picture credits: Apple (Youtube)

When WWDC 2020 will Release 

Apple officially announced that WWDC 2020 will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference virtually, beginning June 22, in the Apple Developer app and on the Apple Developer website for free for all developers.

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How to Watch WWDC 2020

Update 6th May –

Apple today announced it will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference virtually, beginning June 22, in the Apple Developer app and on the Apple Developer website for free for all developers.

Apple hasn’t announced registrations and ticket details of WWDC 2020 yet. However, Apple opens registration to attend the event before 2(appx.) months of its hosting. Meanwhile, an attendee has to buy a ticket which costs 1599 USD. This ticket offers access to 5 days. Due to limited availability, tickets are given by a random selection procedure. Above all, to participate in this procedure, you’ve to follow certain terms:-

  • Be a member of the Apple Developer Program or Apple Developer Enterprise Program.
  • Fill and submit the registration form.
  • Verify the payment credentials by filling and submit a form with debit/credit card details or Apple ID.
  • By giving permission to Apple to automatically charge 1599USD from your debit/credit card details.

Moreover, Apple said, iPhone, iPad, or iPod, touch with iOS 10, and Safari browser would be better to watch WWDC keynote. Similarly, you can use safari on mac and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 to stream on it.

To watch you have to visit the Apple Event page.

What Products/Upgrades We Expect to See

Like we told in our previous article about iOS 14– Apple follows a particular pattern to release the new products/upgrades. And the company launches products near the date of releasing of new upgrades. There might a chance we see a preview of new updates of products that might launch in September 2020. e.g. Apple 12. Also, we can expect to glance at new updates such as iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, and watchOS 7.

Here’re some expected product’s updates we’ll talk about comprehensively:-

1. iOS 14

New widgets concept by Parker Ortolani

iOS 14 is the first, foremost, and the most debatable Apple updates of the year. We made presumption with the help of iOS 14’s leaked early test version. We’ve created a brief list of the features that we might see in the iOS 14 update.

  • Transition Wallpapers – iOS 14 will provide a new feature of transition wallpapers. These wallpapers will change according to the day or night of the country you’re living right now. In addition, developers will be allowed to download and install the 3rd party wallpapers.
  • Multitasking UI- Users will do multitasking in a less overwhelming way. Users will allow checking four running apps at once. Apple will introduce new and improved Multitasking UI to help multi-tasker complete their work efficiently.
  • New Messages Features – In iOS 14 users will allow to mention friends by placing a “@” sign before a friend’s name. Further, users will get a message retracting feature, typing indicator in group chat, and feature that allow marking unread a message.
  • Clips Feature – Apple will introduce a new “clips” feature in iOS 14. Clips will help users to use major features of an app without even downloading it.
  • Fitness App – Apple may preview a fitness app that will measure the physical activity of a connected Apple watch user. Also, it’ll allow users to download a walkthrough exercise session and to connect it with ipadOS and tvOS.
  • Turn Third-Party Apps into Default – Users would be able to use and set third-party apps as default apps for browsing the Internet, listen to music, and to send mails.
  • School time app – This new app will record the kids’ activities like physical movement, how much and on which app they were spending the time. In addition, you’ll be able to enable certain restrictions and limited usage to particular apps and features.
  • New List app View- Another change we can expect to see in new iOS 14 would be a “List app View“. It’ll show apps corresponding to names in A-Z order, a list of recently used apps, and a list of only important notifications with a one-line summary.

As we made these presumptions from the early test version so there could slight changes in the final version. However, you can read a detailed post about iOS 14 that would be the new OS on iPhone 12.

2. watchOS 7 

  • Info graph Pro Watch Face – It’s another feature that would be beneficial for travelling. It’ll add an icon named “tachymeter” in the Apple watch. Therefore, you’ll know your speed and distance based on your travel time. In addition, it has data of flags from different countries and can show you time by time.
Picture Credits: iPhonehacks.com
  • Photos Watch Faces – This new feature of watchOS 7 allows family members or friends to source images from a specifically selected album. However, a user has to select shared albums to set as backgrounds.
  • Facesharing – The updated version of watchOS 7 will allow a user to share a specific watch face profile with other users. As a result, the other users will access particular features of Apple watches with the help of it.
  • Improved parental control – As we talked about the “schooltime” app in the iOS 14 section. It’ll connect to a phone and give the information of a child wearing an Apple watch. Therefore, it’ll allow parents to control, manage, and monitor the particular activities of a child.
  • Body movement Tracking – No doubt Apple is improving the fitness-focused features in its new upgrades. As we found a code of leaked version of the iOS 14 early test version. It tells new watchOS7 can track sleep quality and time. Moreover, it will come with noise detection and according to MacRumors, it has the ability to measure blood oxygen levels too.

3. macOS 10.16

macOS preview in WWDC 2019
Picture credits: Apple (Youtube)

mac 10.16 is a successor to mac 10.15, known as Catalina. This is also one product geek world monitors. Still, we don’t know about its release date. However, almost all mac 10.16’s predecessors came in either October or September. It is likely Apple may release it in September 2020. If that’s the case we can also expect to see a preview of macOS 10.16 in WWDC 2020.

We have little information about macOS 10.16‘s upcoming features. Although MacBook Pro 16 inch might come at the end of 2020, so Techradar reported it could come with macOS 10.16 pre-installed.

Here is a list that Apple/mac lover would love to see in macOS 10.16:-

  • FaceID Recognization:- Right now mac is using “iSight cameras” which are able to do better than average. As a result, users started a desire to have a function of FaceID reorganization like a smartphone. That you just have to sit in front of it and it started working on, automatically.
  • Better Battery Performance:- Some people work while traveling or in places like a coffee shop. Users like them want a better battery performance in a new mac. There is already a rumor that Apple is improving the battery performance of the upcoming mac version. There is a catch- it’s more focused on gaming and multitasking.
  • Siri Shortcuts:- As you know in iPhone and iPad Siri automatically creates the shortcuts of applications, we frequently use. We would love to see this function in mac 10.16 too.
  • Better messages features:- Users would experience some features like retract messages, tag a user in a group chat, and mark as unread. Also, it’s rumored to have a filter function like who will receive getting added notification by only including your name or other group members too. Still, it’s rumored, and we can just make a presumption about it.
  • Less memory consumption:- Above all features, most users are willing to experience less primary memory consumption of macOS. A Reddit’s user- “The_Wraith98” told about memory consumption of Catalina while comparing mac with windows 10. Windows 10 consumed 1GB and a few more to complete a bootstrap. On the other hand, Catalina uses more than twice a memory to do that.

WWDC 2020: Other Products

Above all these products and updates, we can expect to see some hardware products too. iPhone 9 is one of the most awaited of them. It is rumored to have an iPhone 8 similar design with improved features like A13 bionic chipset, single-lens camera, and 4.7 inch LCD screen.

Apple is working on a useful feature of Apple Pencil. This feature will allow users to convert any handwritten text into standard text before sending it to someone. Certainly, User has written in any text input field using Apple Pencil.

However, there are rumors about the new iPad Pro too, but due to COVID-19 Apple loses its production development pace. Consequently, there is a 50 50 chance to see a hardware product especially if we talk about Apple TV, tvOS 14, AirTag, and maybe Homepad 2.

Moreover, we can expect the new iPhone 12 and most awaited product of apple-  Airpower.

In addition, here’s a walkthrough video on WWDC 2020 by Everything Apple Pro.

Let’s know in the comments what you’re expecting from WWDC 2020. Also, share this article with your loved ones who are pretty excited to know Apple’s updates.

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