What to expect from apple in 2020?

What To Expect From Apple In 2020

It’s no surprise that Apple pounds up the hearts of its customers every year with its new launches. This New Year 2020 will also unveil many new launches by Apple that might be within or even beyond the expectations of its customers.

We have briefed up here the expected launches of Apple in this New Year. Get all the details in this article by reading until the end.

New Apple Products To Expect In 2020

1. iPhone SE 2

In September 2018, iPhone SE was discontinued by Apple on several complaints by freaks on the ground that it is not the cheap and small handset.

Now iPhone SE 2 will be launched most probably in the first half of 2020. This device will surely satisfy the customers’ complaints. It is a low-cost device of 4.7 inches. It will feature iPhone 8 style design, A13 processor, single-lens rear camera, Touch ID Home button, and many more. However, the actual configurations will be revealed at its launch.

2. iPad Pro

iPad Pro didn’t get an update in 2019, however, iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Air got an update this year. In 2020, you will not get just an update on iPad Pro, but a brand new iPad Pro can be expected in 2020. Customers can expect improved cameras, updated processor with this model. This new version would be featured with surprises for its customers.

3. Apple TV

Apple TV was launched in 2019. This year, the set-top-box can be expected to be revamped with major changes. Even the launch of a cheaper Apple TV can be expected that will bring Apple content to its customers.

4. iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

As per the expectations, in September 2020, Apple might announce iOS 14. It will arrive with the latest features and the next version.

iPadOS was introduced by Apple as a new operating system in the previous year, 2019. Now in September 2020, the release of iPadOS 14 can be expected with the latest updates.

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5. WatchOS 7

There are many possibilities of WatchOS 7 release by Apple in it’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. This WatchOS 7 would include many latest features supporting new 2020 Apple watch models including sleep tracking capabilities.

6. Apple Watch Series 6

So you can surely look ahead for the next-generation Apple Watch in this New Year. These watch series might feature better water resistance, faster performance, improved wireless transmission, cellular speeds, etc. Sleep tracking app might be included that will allow the user with benefits of sleep tracking capabilities.

7. iPhone 12

Going with the rumours, patrons can expect exciting and major improvements in iPhones. The upcoming features include 5F wireless chips that will raise cellular speeds, 3D rear camera with laser power that will improve AR experiences. OLED lineup can also be expected. Besides, 5.4 inches, 6.7 inches, 6.1 inch iPhones can be expected.

8. MacOS 10.16

Though the features and updates are yet to unveil, it can be expected that Apple will unveil macOS 10.26 in it’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

Final Words!                                                    

Though as per expectations AirTags, Apple Cars, AR Smart Glasses, and many more updates can come this year, the above-mentioned releases are highly expected to get launched in 2020.

Let us see what expectations would turn real!

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