How To Unlock A Disabled Apple ID

How To Unlock A Disabled Apple ID

An Apple ID is created to access all of our Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, Mac and many others. It contains all the personal information of the user and is primarily used to save all the contacts, the security of payment services and many more.

You can access Apple services like iCloud, the App Store, the iTunes Store, Apple Music, etc.  Remember your ID password always and use it to access all the devices.

Creation of Apple ID Account

You can create an Apple ID directly from the Apple ID web page. Provide a valid email ID and password. The password should be of eight characters which should have an uppercase alphabet, lowercase alphabet, numbers, and alphanumeric character.

Then you will get a verification mail on your provided mail ID. There will be a URL in the mail to activate your account.

Apple created another optional verification process for authentication.  As you enable this, your Apple ID needs to have one more verification step under certain conditions like a store purchase or web login when you are operating from a new device.

In this process, a code of four-digit is sent to the device which was associated with Apple ID. As you enter it, you can safely use all the features.

Modification of Apple ID

It is not that once you have set the passwords and information cannot be changed. You can easily do so by simply going the Apple ID page and clicking onto Manage Account.

While you make changes or buy new stuff from one device, all your devices having the same registered ID and password will automatically get updated.

Apple sends a verification mail to confirm the changes. It may happen that you have verified it, but next time when you buy something online it may tell you to verify you once more.

You can also change the name of the ID but for that, you need to contact the customer service.

But what if your Apple locked itself out?

How To Unlock Apple ID


Sometimes your Apple ID may get disabled. When you enter an incorrect password too many times, it shows your Apple ID has been disabled. Don’t be scared. You can easily retrieve them. We will be sharing 4 ways to as how to unlock Apple ID.

#1. Easiest One

Step-1: Go to

Step-2: Tap “Forgot Apple ID or password?” option.

Step-3: Give the email ID that you have given during the account creation.

Step-4: Give the security characters.

Step-5: Click on the “Continue” button.


Step-5: Select the way you want to reset your password into. Either by email or by answering security questions.

(We would suggest you go for email services)

Step-6:  Then hit the “Continue” button.

Step-7: Go the mail that you received.

Step-8: Reset your password from there by selecting “Reset now”.

Step-9: Click on the “Reset Password” button and give your new password.

If somehow you forget Apple ID email address then go to settings and find it out from there.

If you choose security questions to reset your password, then you have to answer a series of questions and if they are correct then only you will be able to reset your password.

#2. While Using Two-Factor Verification

For iPhone and iPad,

Step-1: Go to Settings.

Step-2: Select your Apple profile.

Step-3: Select “Password and Security”.


Step-4: Change your password by clicking on to “Change password”.

For Mac,

Step-1: Go to the Apple menu.

Step-2: Click on “System preferences”.

Step-3: Select iCloud

Step-4: Select “Account details”.

Step-5: Go to security.

Step-6: Select “Reset password”.

Step-7: Set your new password.

You can now access your Apple ID with the new password.

#3. While Using Two-Step Verification ( Unlock method)

Step-1: Go and visit

Step-2: Give your Recovery key.

Step-3: Click on the Continue button.

 Step-4: Select a trusted device according to your choice.

Step-5: Apple sends a verification code. It is mostly in the message section.

Step-6: Give your verification code.

Step-7: Think of a new password and select “Reset Password”.


Step-8: Complete it.

You can now access your Apple ID with the new password. Change the password on all the other devices and also in the settings so that you can download apps again and use it like before.

If somehow you have lost your Recovery key then you cannot reset your password. It will stop you from accessing all your Apple devices.

#4. Customer Care

Even after trying all the above methods if it is still disabled, then you should now get up and visit the nearby Apple store or the Apple Service Provider.


If you don’t have time to do so, then the only way to contact them is to visit the Apple Support website. You can then start the conversation online, give a call or send them an email directly.


So, if your Apple ID has been disabled and you don’t know how to unlock Apple ID, these are the ways by which you can unlock it right away.

Hope one of them will be helpful!


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