Rajesh Jhamb


Rajesh Jhamb is the Founder of iGeekFunnel.com. He is a young Entrepreneur who is managing iGeekFunnel & Also an aspiring blogger and Chief Editor for iGeekfunnel. He is an Experienced Blogger, SEO Expert, Inbound Marketer, Certified HubSpot Expert.

Jaskaran Singh


A freelance writer and a keen observer. Besides his work, Jaskaran loves to spend a good time with his closed ones. In his free time, He likes to read books, gain knowledge around digital marketing, and watch anime. He also created an entertaining portal, reviewcouch.com that eventually got shut down for several reasons yet taught him some valid lessons.

Rohini Bhattacharya


Rohini is a writer at iGeekFunnel. She writes about Apple News, Mac, iPods and more. She is an aspiring model and a travel enthusiast. She writes poetries, is a melophile and loves dogs.

Sumit Bagga


Sumit Bagga is a former music producer, writer, journalist, blogger, and aspiring Digital Marketer. At iGeekFunnel.com, he is contributing as a Journalist and content writer. Sumit love cats and has a dream to open up a shelter for them in future.