Screen Recording not Working on iPhone or iPad? Try these fixes

Screen Recording not Working on iPhone or iPad

Is your screen recording not working on iPhone and iPad? This article might help you.

You can record your iPhone screen for sharing with your friends, family, or colleagues. For instance, if you want to show someone how to use an app on their iPhone, explain how to use an error that they see on their iPhone, record your gameplay, you can do so.

When your iPhone or iPad stops recording, it can be quite frustrating even when it is usually so convenient. The solution is actually quite simple.

Please be aware that not all screen recordings will work.

There are certain sections or apps on your phone that do not allow you to record the screen. You can’t do much about this.

How to fix Screen Recording Not Working on iPhone and iPad? 

  1. In Control Center, turn on Screen Recording

The following steps will show you how to add Screen Recording to Control Center:

  • Navigate to Settings and then Control Center.
  • You can add a screen recording by tapping the plus sign next to Screen Recording.

turning on screen recording in iPhone

  1. Force Restart Device

The easiest solution to any technical issues is to force restart your iPhone or iPad.

Restart your iPhone 8 or newer (including the iPhone 13) by following these steps:

  • By pressing the Volume Up button, and then the Volume Down button, quickly press and release.
  • After pressing and holding the Side button, the Apple logo will appear on the screen.
  • To see the Apple logo on the screen, hold the Side button and the Volume Down button at the same time.

Apple logo appears on iPhones 6S and earlier by pressing and holding the Home button and Side button simultaneously.

  1. Install the latest version of iOS on the device

Update your iOS version to the latest version, as Apple may have made improvements and added bug fixes.

To find out if any updates are available, go to Settings then General and then Software Update. To download and install the update, follow the instructions on-screen on your iPhone.


  1. Check Restrictions

Due to restrictions in Parental Control, the Screen Recording icon may sometimes be greyed out in the Control Center. There have been a lot of issues related to the restrictions.

To check for the blocked restriction: 

  • Go to Screen Time & Privacy Restrictions that can be found in Settings > Screen Time.
  • Then select Content and Privacy Restrictions from the Screen Time menu
  • Screen Time might ask you for your password.
  • Choose Content Restrictions.
  • To record the screen, tap Allow, then tap Screen Recording.

check content restrictions- screen recording not working

Screen recording from Screen Time is enabled by tapping the Content Restrictions button. In the Control Center, you will now find the Screen Recording icon. You can start recording by tapping it.

  1. View your iPhone or iPad’s available storage

Check iPhone storage

Screen recordings won’t save if your iPhone or iPad is low on storage. Find out how:

  • To access iPhone/iPad storage, go to Settings and then General.
  • Navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  • Your device’s space is displayed at the top of this screen.
  • If you’re running low on space on your iPhone or iPad, you can try these tips.
  1. Reset All Settings on iPhone

If all the above solutions don’t work and Screen Recording still doesn’t work on iOS 15 on your iPhone or iPad, you may need to Reset All Settings. After this, the screen recording setting will be smoothed out.

You won’t lose any files or media by completing this step, but if you do it will reset your Home screen layout, the location settings, the network settings, the privacy settings, your keyboard dictionary, and your Apple Pay cards back to their default settings.

Under Settings, select General, then Reset, then Reset All Settings.

Tap Reset Reset All Settings in General and confirm

  1. Restore your iPhone/iPad

Try restoring your device from a computer or iCloud backup if you’re still not having any luck. This step will erase your device’s data, so keep that in mind. 

Restore iPhone ipad backup

In case you’re having a problem with no sound in the screen recording, we have a solution for you as well. The solution is in the next step.

  1. Fix an audio problem while screen recording

Screen recording audio off

A microphone must be on to save audio. To use the Microphone icon, long-press the Control Center icon. The icon will turn red when it is active. In the Control Center of an iPhone, tap on the microphone icon and long press the screen recording icon.

The screen recording failed to save, do you see an error message? You may have Low Power Mode enabled. In order to conserve battery, this limits certain functions and might interfere with screen recording.

  1. Saving Screen recordings

Check the Low Power Mode toggle under Settings then click Battery.

After you know the top fixes to fix the screen recording issue in your iPhone and iPad, it is absolutely important to understand why the screen recording is not working.

So, here I discuss the top reasons for screen recording not working on your iPhone and iPAd. 

Why does my screen recording not work?

Let’s now examine some of the best ways to fix screen recording problems. Listed below are the steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check Restrictions

This feature is probably restricted if you see the recording icon greyed out. You can remove the restriction by following these steps:

  1. Select Screen Time > Privacy and Content > Content Restrictions in Settings.
  2. You can proceed by scrolling down to the Game Center section > Screen Recording. Tap the Allow button.
  3. In the Control Center, you should now see the Screen Recording icon.
  1. Check Storage

You might not be able to save a screen recording if your iOS device doesn’t have enough storage. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to find out the amount of storage available.

  1. Disable the Low Power Mode

Low power mode- how to fix screen recording issues in iPhone

The issue is most likely caused by the Low Power Mode if you receive an “unable to save screen recording” error message. It is possible that certain features won’t work until the mode is turned off.

Check it by going to Settings > Battery and turning off the Low Power Mode toggle switch.

  1. Install the latest iOS version

Security updates and bug fixes are provided by updating to the latest iOS or iPadOS version. In this case, screen recording would not work.

Go to Settings > General > Software Updates to see and install the latest updates. Once the update is available, download and install it.

  1. Check for Developers imposed limitations

5823 prevented screen recording from saving

The error 5823 may indicate that the content you are trying to screen record is copy-protected. You cannot record particular pieces of content because certain apps have limitations on functionality.

If you attempt to screen record a copy-protected piece of content, you may receive the error “Screen recording failed to save due to 5823” or you may experience the app freezing/ pausing. You are powerless to stop it, unfortunately.


1. When I record the screen on my iPhone, why does it get hot? Are there any solutions?

Ans: Try closing or disabling any apps and processes that aren’t in use if you’re getting too warm while you’re screen recording. While recording, make sure Bluetooth and GPS are off, that you close all games or intensive apps, and that you don’t charge your phone while it’s recording.

2. What is the problem with uploading screen recordings to YouTube?

Ans: YouTube might not allow you to upload your video if the file is too large or the recording is too long. Make the video shorter or compress it first, then upload it.

3. Is Screen Recording causing your iPhone to crash?

Ans: If an app is malfunctioning, it can cause your iPhone to crash when using Screen Recording. So try closing down the app that’s causing the problem to see if it fixes the problem.


You should now be able to record on your iPhone or iPad without experiencing problems. Please let us know what you think.

If these fixes don’t work for some reason, you should contact the Apple support team and ask for assistance. In the worst case scenario, you can request the device replacement.

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