How to Remove Startup Items on Mac?

How to Remove Mac Startup Programs

If you are looking to perform a clean-up on your Macbook, you must know what to clean and what shouldn’t be removed from the system. Although there are many applications that you can download in your Mac to perform a clean-up, you will require to keep in mind certain things so that you don’t lose any useful data from your laptop or computer.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to removing startup items from your mac, first get to know about the Mac startup programs, which will further let you understand how you can remove the programs.

How to Remove Mac Startup Programs?

When you are looking forward to removing these start-up programs, you must know that there are many startup programs Mac that runs in the background. It is also essential for you to remove these programs to boost up the speed of your operating system.

There are many applications available for you at free of cost that will help you in removing these start-up programs easily. You can download these applications such as CleanMyMac and make the best use of it.


Also, in the Mac systems, you will come across a ‘Resume’ feature that opens all the unnecessary apps when you are looking into the system. It is also essential for you to disable this feature as it can slow down your system to a significant extent. You can remove these programs by following the steps that are mentioned below:


  • Download the application “CleanMyMac”.
  • Launch the application
  • Click on the optimization tab.
  • Click on various login items.
  • Choose multiple apps that you don’t require to load up automatically.

Disable the Startup Programs Mac Manually

You will require disabling mac start-up programs manually if the app that you have download doesn’t work correctly. If you want to disable it manually, then you can follow the steps to remove startup programs from your Mac laptop or computer. Moreover, you will also require to login to various items that are listed in the settings menu. The easier way to do the same is by controlling the multiple start-up items in the System Preferences>Users and Groups.


Steps to follow:

  • Open the system preferences menu from the settings menu.
  • Choose Users & Groups.
  • Choose your nickname on the side left.
  • Log into the items.
  • Checkbox the items which you want to remove.
  • You need to press the “-” button to stop the auto-launch.
  • You can also press on the “+” button on the applications that you want to auto-launch when you log into your system
  • Restart the mac device for applying the changes.

Why Stop Automated Start-up Programs?

Whenever you are launching the apps or logging into the system, there are a few applications that open up instantly. These programs are already enabled by your system to launch when you are rebooting your system. The main disadvantage of these applications is that it consumes a lot of time for you to close it manually.

Also, it slows down the operational process that occurs when you are logging into the system for the first time. So if you don’t want these start-up programs to launch automatically, then you can remove these programs or disable it by following some steps that will be explained below. It will help you in reducing the time that is being consumed and save a lot of memory that your system uses during the launch.

Moreover, these steps might seem to be a bit complicated; however, when you start following the instructions, you can easily eliminate or disable the automated start-up programs.

Fixing other issues in your Mac

When you are using an application like CleanMyMac, you can also make the best use of it for fixing any generic issues that you are placing on your laptop. You can uninstall any unwanted programs in your systems to boost up its speed and performance. Also, you need to remove the temporary files that might further slowdown the reboot process.


Steps to follow:

  • Launch Clean MyMac.
  • Choose tab says,” Uninstaller.”
  • Scroll down and choose applications.
  • If you see any application that you have deleted, check it out.
  • Also, remove all the unwanted applications you don’t want.

Once the application completes its running processes, you can use it to remove all the unwanted files from your system. If you are looking for easy ways that would help you to remove all login items, you need to use Mac utility.


Moreover, you can download CleanMyMac X, which is available for free of cost to you, helping you to remove all the unwanted and different broken login items. You should follow the ways that are mentioned above to remove mac programs in the macOS start-up.

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