Refurbished Apple Watch: What are they and Where to Buy them?

Best places to buy refurbished Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has always captured my attention. With a slimmer bezel and a larger display, the Apple Watch Series 7 goes one step further. Although Apple’s new devices rarely come with discounts, a new smartwatch could still dent your wallet.

If I told you there was a way for you to get a huge discount on the latest Apple Watch, would you believe me? No, we are not referring to a shady Craiglist deal.

Apple Watches in refurbished condition are a great way to get your hands on one. The one-year standard warranty does not have to be renounced to save 15-30%. Continue reading for more information.

What is a Refurbished Apple Watch?

refurbished apple watch

Used or opened Apple Watches are considered refurbished. The refurbished Apple Watches come from multiple sources. Used devices and those with physical damage are available, as well as returned items. Each watch is then graded based on its condition.

Hardware and software tests are conducted after the device has been graded. Apple Watch parts will be replaced with new genuine Apple parts if needed. Nevertheless, it may have some defects, such as small scratches or discoloration in some cases.

How does it differ from used Apple Watches? Read to find out!

How refurbished Apple Watches differ from used ones?

The company refurbishes its Refurbished Apple products with such meticulous care that you’re unlikely to notice it’s a pre-owned product.

The product may have been used for a short period of time, or it may have been returned by someone who decided on a different model or make. After a period of use, if the product was returned as faulty, Apple will fix it before being sold on. In this way, the product is, essentially, new.

With an Apple Watch refurbished directly from Apple, you’ll get all the accessories and manuals that come with a brand-new Apple Watch, as well as the same one-year warranty.

A refurbished Apple product comes in a plain white box without any branding or imagery; the only difference is the packaging. It’s our guess that Apple is doing this to prevent untrustworthy customers from buying refurbished products and reselling them as new, but it’s only Apple who knows for sure. It’s cheaper, maybe?

Every refurbished unit comes with a brand-new battery and case as standard, but Apple does more than that. Each refurbished Apple Watch is thoroughly tested to ensure that it is in full working order. Apple Watches should have been thoroughly inspected and cleaned, and any parts that were defective when they were originally returned will have been replaced. 

If you choose AppleCare+ for your refurbished Watch, you can extend the warranty from one to two years. Support is provided for two years, plus 24/7 access to Apple experts and coverage for two accidents. However, there is an additional charge for repair service.

Where to buy a refurbished Apple Watch?

I have compiled a list of the 7 best places to buy the original Apple Watch. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

1. Apple-certified refurbish

where to buy refurbished apple watch

The best option quality-wise is certified refurbished. Refurbished devices have been checked and certified by Apple, so there is no need for you to be concerned. Moreover, the brand warranty is the same for both new and old devices.

New white boxes will accompany Certified Refurbished Apple Watches. There will also be a one-day delivery option. Older Apple Watches are discounted from 10% to 35%.

2. Walmart

where to buy refurbished apple watch in walmart

Among Walmart’s refurbished Apple Watches is an impressive inventory. For $134.98, you can grab a Series 3 with free shipping. It includes features such as fall detection and ECG at an affordable price. Apple Watch Series 5 at $249 is the best deal, according to me.

There is typically a 30-day refund period for Walmart sellers. To check for anomalies, check for discoloration. It is always possible to return if something is wrong. Product tags should say “Certified Refurbished.”Certified refurbished products are preferable.

3. Mac of All Trades

Refurbished applw watch- mac of all tradeas

An aggregator of refurbished Apple products is Mac of All Trades. It lists refurbished Apple Watches from various sellers. The products can be filtered according to their conditions, such as factory sealed, excellent, very good and good.

You can get a great deal on the latest Apple Watch Series 7 from Mac of All Trades. It is available for as little as $399. A one-year standard warranty is included with this factory-sealed product. Refurbished products can be afforded more easily thanks to the payment plans.

Apple Watch is put to the test in 40 steps by Mac of all Trades. In the next step, a hardware test is performed on the smartwatch. Once it has passed all tests, it is shipped.

We offer free shipping on all refurbished Apple Watches. Last but not least, some products offer an optional two-year platinum warranty.

4. RefurbMe

RefurbMe- how to buy refurbished apple watch

RefurbMe is one of the most useful aggregator platforms available. Filters and standards have been set up for different parameters, such as wear and tear, warranty policies, battery health, etc. A really great feature is the comparison process that puts the customer first.

Retailers with a good track record are cherry-picked by RefurbMe, the company claims. Well done! However, a 30-day warranty is included as well. Before you buy a refurbished Apple Watch, verify the warranty policy. A refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 is listed for $118 on the site.

The Apple Watch Series 7 was not in stock, which was disappointing.

5. Decluttr

Decluttr- refurbished apple watch sellers

Decluttr was founded in 2015 and performs comprehensive in-house refurbishment with up to 90 quality checks on some items. That’s why the prices are higher. All refurbished Apple Watches are also backed by a 12-month warranty and 14-day money-back guarantee.

Furthermore, Decluttr offers a number of payment options, including a student discount. Its product quality is excellent. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. In addition, Decluttr has a winter sale going on right now with further discounts.

Apple Watch Series 5 models are available for $239 on the site.

6. Geek Squad on Best Buy

There is no need to introduce Best Buy. Geek Squad partnered with the retailer to offer refurbished devices in 2002. Visit the Best Buy store nearest you to test your Apple Watch and choose the right one.

In addition, Best Buy’s refurbished products have some advantages. If you want AppleCare+ for up to two years, you can upgrade to a 24-month support plan. A 15-day return policy is also available from Best Buy.

7. Back Market

BackMarket best apple refurbished watch sellers

Back Market is a reconditioned Apple product aggregator platform. Based on the way each product looks and its technical capabilities, the platform grades it. Its listings, however, are not as extensive as those on RefurbMe. Moreover, Back Market features rigorous quality checks and reliable sellers.

As part of the standard 12-month warranty, you also get a 30-day return period. Customers can choose from multiple payment options including free shipping.

What to know before buying Refurbished Apple Watches? 

Buying refurbished products is not wrong. The reason I say this is that many of us believe that refurbished devices are defective. The product can be returned or repaired under warranty, even if it is faulty.

What to look for when buying a refurbished Apple Watch?

You can save money by purchasing a refurbished device. When purchasing refurbished items, there are a few things to remember:

  • Cosmetic defects: The condition of a refurbished Apple Watch is often like new. This description may vary from retailer to retailer. Because of this, we recommend always reading the Apple Watch’s condition before purchasing. Amazon, for example, will list the information on the product page, but you may have to look around. 
  • Warranty info: The Apple Store offers a one-year warranty on all refurbished Apple Watches. Additionally, Apple Care offers you an additional 90 days of support and further protection for your device. However, refurbs sold by other retailers are not always in good condition. Due to this, we recommend searching for the warranty information and avoiding purchasing unregistered refurbished Apple Watches.
  • Return info: There is no such thing as buyer’s remorse. It is therefore important to know your return window for refurbished devices. The returns policy of Apple, for instance, is 14 days, whereas that of Amazon is 90 days.

Want to play the waiting game?

When a new smartwatch instalment releases, the price usually drops, but if you want a newer smartwatch, you may have to wait for an anticipated launch.

Many people waited for the Apple Watch 7 release in order to get a cheaper Apple Watch 6. 

Waiting for a new smartwatch with modern features rather than buying a very old model like the Apple Watch Series 3 is common for many instead of buying a very old one. Buying a semi-recent model can still be expensive if you are waiting for a new release because companies can be vague about the release date. 

A used Apple Watch is best purchased just before, and immediately following, the release of a new version. Apple Watch users will likely upgrade to the latest version, which means selling the predecessor to cover the purchase price.

The Apple Watch 8 rumour mill has started to fire up, so it’s a safe bet you’ll see Apple Watch 7s on eBay, Craigslist, and other online marketplaces in the near future.

Also, we predict a new Apple Watch SE model will be released in 2022, so keep an eye on used SE models as well as the Apple Watch 3; a comparable model. SE 2 is likely to replace older versions, which are more expensive, with the cheaper, but more modern SE 2.

Final Thoughts: Is it worth buying a refurbished Apple Watch?

The quality of refurbished products can be just as good as new ones, and your experience will be just as good as if you were a first-time buyer. Another key reason why this is a better deal than buying secondhand or used is that the battery will be changed.

Apple is charging £82.44 for battery replacements – money you might as well spend on a refurbished model

I hope the article clarified all your questions about refurbished Apple Watches. Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have further questions.

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