How to Print Screen on A Mac? Here Are 5 Ways To Do It?

How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

If you are searching for the idea of How to print screen on a Mac. This is because you have recently started using a shiny Mac, and you do not have any idea about where to find the print screen button.

Moreover, if you were using other desktops or laptops, you had quickly got this button present. Although there is some exception yet, you will find the button easily in almost all types of windows. But you will not get those types of a button on a Mac.

Furthermore, it does not indicates that you will not be able to take screenshots. Moreover, you will be able to get better screenshots, but the method is a little bit complicated.

You may find it challenging to memorize the full process for a few days. But when it comes to getting what you want and when it is about getting more flexible output, then Mac is the best.

Why screenshots are important?

People take screenshots because this is the simplest way to highlight their new program,
point out the bug, and also they do this to save the picture on Facebook to their camera

These are the quickest and easiest way to keep anything from the screen.
Furthermore, these are the most integral part of our work life. Because of this reason nowaday’s every operating system have some kinds of screenshot tools.

But taking a screenshot is not at all a simple task. If someone is not careful enough while taking a screenshot, then he may expose some of his private information or cut that part of the website, which is needed to share. Moreover, Built-in screen capture tools often get hide behind secret keyboard shortcuts.

Screenshots play a vital role in our daily work as well as social life. Furthermore, we are
visual communicators. And like my writing, my visual communication should be apparent
and concise. Screenshots will help you in managing your digital life.

You will need to take a photograph of something which you need to share or to save it for future use. Other benefits of taking screenshots.

Benefits of taking screenshots

Moreover, with the help of screenshots, you will be able to avoid any documents without
actually downloading it. It does not matter what you are taking, whether it is a cute
Facebook posts or some deleted Tweets from an influential person.

But it is not only about taking random screenshots. You need to make quality screenshots. This is because low-quality screenshots will not work when you are using for work or your customers

There are five different ways that you can follow to get the best screenshots on a Mac.
Moreover, you can follow three various types of approaches that will provide you two
different types of output.

But many persons in the world uses only two best methods which they feel suitable for them. And they are taking thousands of beautiful screenshots. With this process, you can take plenty of screenshots with very ease.

This article will help you out if you are facing the same problem or do not know how to make a print screen on a Mac?

Now let me explain to you the five different ways to
take screenshots on Mac

1. You can capture the entire screen

If you are using macOS Mojave or later version, then you have to follow these following

  • First to press the shift command five on your keyboard to get the onscreen capture controls.
  • You have to capture the full screen; then you will see the pointer will get changed to a camera.
  • Then you need to click anywhere on the screen of that display. Because of this
    process, you will see a thumbnail of the screen will get shown on your filters corner. Then with the help of the thumbnail, you can edit the screenshot.

Moreover, macOS all versions will provide you another easy way like you have to press
shift command 3 to capture the screen, and that screenshot will get saved to your desktop.

How to print screen on a Mac

2. How can you capture a window?

  • Let’s start with macOS Mojave or later version first.
    You have first to press shift command 5. This will get you to onscreen capture control.
  • You have to press click capture selected window; then you will see your pointers get changes to a camera.
  • In this step, you have to capture that window. The process now is the same as
    previously, a thumbnail of the screenshot will get a display at the corner of your screen.
  • Due to this reason, you will be able to edit or move your screenshot. After that, your screenshot will get appear on your desktop.

3. Capturing window in all macOS versions

Furthermore, in all macOS versions, the process is less complicated. You have to press shift command 4 in your first step.

Then you have to press the space bar, and you will find the pointer will get a chance to a camera. After that, you have to click a window to capture your desired window. Then you will see your screenshot on the desktop.

How to print screen on a Mac

4. How to capture the selected portion of the screenshot?

  • If you are using macOS Mojave or later version, then you have to follow these following steps,
    First to press shift command 5 to get onscreen capture control.
  • In this step, you have to capture a selected portion of the screen you want.
  • You have to drag the area of the screen to capture. Due to this process, you will be able to move the entire selection, or you can also pull the shot from within the range.
  • In this step, you have to click capture, and you will also see a thumbnail will appear at the corner of the screen. Likewise, this will help you to edit or move the screenshot, and also you will see the shot on your desktop.
How to Print Screen on A Mac? Here Are 5 Ways To Do It?
How to Print Screen on A Mac? Here Are 5 Ways To Do It?

5. Capturing selected portion all macOS versions

Moreover, in all macOS versions, the process is straightforward. Because you have to press shift command four, and then you have to follow the drag process.

Then at the last step, you need to release your mouse or trackpad button, and you will find your screenshot getting displayed on your desktop.

How to capture a menu?

As per macOS Mojave or later versions are a concern, you need to click the menu to get the contents. Then you can take the screenshots of the list by using any of the methods discussed before, like using shift command 5. And as per macOS, all versions are a concern. The process is the same as above. You have to start with press shift command 4.

How to print screen on a Mac
How to print screen on a Mac

How to capture the touch bar?

If you own a Mac with a touch bar, then you have to follow a simple process. Moreover,
you have to press shift command 6 to capture to take the screenshot of what has been
displayed on the touch bar. You will get the screenshot on your desktop.

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