The Best Macro Lens for iPhone Photography: Don’t Skip

Best Macro Lens for iPhone Photography

If you are interested in capturing the tiniest details of nature, you must be familiar with macro photography. If you own an iPhone, you can make use of its high-quality camera but using a macro lens for iPhone, just attach it while capturing pictures.

Although it can be quite difficult to choose the best iPhone macro lens, I had a word with my friend Matt, who clicks mesmerizing images using iPhone and macro lenses, to curate a list for my readers. 

So here it is, our top pick of macro lenses for the iPhone.

1. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone

The Xenvo Pro lens serves as a perfect tool for macro photography. With this iPhone macro lens, you can get visuals that are absolutely clear from pole to pole. 

The high-quality optical-grade German glass ensures that you won’t find any dark corners in your clicks!  This macro lens for iPhone is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and supreme quality optical lens. 

Thanks to the excellent material, this iPhone macro lens is sturdy and provides you with crystal clear picture quality. The Xenvo macro lens comes with a 15x zoom and 0.45 wide-angle view.

The Xenvo macro lens for iPhone includes additional glass elements. Thanks to those wide-angle lenses, you don’t face any undesired lens distortion. Thus, your click includes the exact straight lines as the subject! 

Attaching these macro lenses on your iPhone is easy. You can use the clip to attach it to the in-built lens of your iPhone. Moreover, you don’t have to remove the iPhone cover; this iPhone macro lens can fit even over your iPhone cases.

The Xenvo macro lens comes with a complete kit. You also get a rechargeable glow clip. So you don’t have to worry about the lights while clicking in the dark as it will illuminate your object of focus.

The glow clip provides you with three modes of brightness: low, medium and high so that you can adjust the light according to your needs. The Xenvo pro lens is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, tablets, etc. 


  • Highly durable
  • 15x magnification
  • Glow clip
  • Can be attached over the phone case
  • Crisp picture quality


  • Lens tends to refocus 

2. KEYWING Phone Camera Lens

The Keywing phone camera lens comes with a total of nine lenses. With this macro lens for iPhone, you can get a picture quality that will let you capture award-winning pictures! 

You can use these 9 lenses by removing one lens and installing another very easily. This macro lens for the iPhone comes with a 20x zoom that lets you capture the minute objects in crisp and clear quality. 

You can reduce the Reflection and ghosting using a professional HD lens with superior lanthanide optical glass. As a result, it gives you an incredible vision with fine details and clarity.

This macro lens for the iPhone is an attractive choice if you are a traveler, food blogger if you love capturing nature, or a professional photographer. This iPhone macro lens can catch all of your subject’s fine details!

It is effortless to use. All you have to do is clip this iPhone macro lens to your iPhone over the in-built camera lens. Once installed, you can start clicking!  The clip has a soft rubber material on the inside so that your screen doesn’t get any damage or scratches. 

The macro lens for the iPhone is constructed with aluminum material. Thus, you get a strong exterior that holds up your glass optic lens and a stable focus. 

This macro lens is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones such as Samsung, Google phones, tablets, etc. 


  • Excellent zoom
  • Easy to use
  • Extreme picture quality
  • Includes nine lenses


  • The Fisheye lens doesn’t work well

3. APEXEL Professional Macro Photography Lens

Instead of the resinous lens, the Apexel professional photography lens comprises 5 glass lenses. Each lens of the Apexel Photography lens for iPhone contains 3-5 layers of coating. 

Thanks to the coated glass lens, you can experience maximum transmittance and minimize reflection. As a result, the picture quality is crisper, and the performance is more consistent. 

The most remarkable feature of this iPhone macro lens is the Bokeh effect. The bokeh effect in the background creates a soft and lifelike image. The Apexel macro lens’s Bokeh effect makes it great for portrait photography.

Thanks to the clip attachment mechanism, you can effortlessly mount this macro lens on your iPhone. Simply clip this lens over your iPhone’s built-in camera lens, and you’re ready to snap away!

To use this lens on your iPhone, you don’t need to download any apps. This iPhone macro lens also has a 10x magnification. As a result, for macro photography, this lens is like a dream come true.

There are no dark corners, distortions, or vignettes to worry about. This iPhone macro lens ensures that your images are crystal clear, bright, and brilliant.

The Apexel lens is compatible with almost every smartphone, including iPhone and Android smartphones such as Samsung note, Google phones, Tablets, etc. 


  • Excellent camera quality
  • High-resolution picture
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • The lens is heavy

4. GeToo Phone Camera Lens

The GeToo camera lens is extremely easy to use. You can mount this macro lens on your iPhone using the clip attachment. 

You may enter the miniature world with the GeToo macro lens for the iPhone, which allows you to snap extreme close-up photographs of microscopic stuff.

This iPhone macro lens allows you to capture images from 1.18 to 2.36 inches from the object thanks to the 12x zoom. Also, it offers you 0.45x wide-angle. So you can capture 45% more of your surroundings than your usual camera.  

Moreover, the macro lens for the iPhone efficiently decreases chromatic aberration, and the Extra-low Dispersion (XLD) glass offers you sharpness and colour correction in your photos. 

 The iPhone macro lens’ Super Integrated Coating improves brightness and decreases blurriness and flicker in your photos.

A 198-degree fisheye lens is included in the GeToo Phone Camera Lens. The fisheye lens creates a stunning, dynamic circular image that transports you to another world.

This macro lens is universally compatible. You can use the GeToo lens with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Note, Google Pixels, Motorola, Huawei, and many other android smartphones. 


  • Easy to yes
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Super integrated coating lens
  • 12x zoom


  • chromatic aberration while using a wide lens

5. KINGMAS Macro Clip Camera Lens

The next pick on the list from the Kingmas store provides you with excellent picture quality and is an ideal choice for macro photography. 

This macro lens for the iPhone comes with a 198-degree fisheye, a 0.63x wide-angle lens, and a 15X macro lens. The wide lens is attached to the macro lens when you receive it initially. 

To use the wide lens, you must attach it with the macro lens. With this wide-angle lens, you can capture a more comprehensive picture. It is ideal for landscape photography, or group pictures, etc. 

When it comes to macro photography, the iPhone macro lens does its job efficiently. The Macro Lens is designed for taking extreme close-up photos of small items in greater depth. 

Ideally, you should maintain 1 to 2 centimeters of distance to capture more explicit images. Also, you can use the macro lens separately. 

The fisheye lens offers you an excellent and comprehensive panoramic view.  The professional macro lens for iPhone comprises Superior Optical Glass technology. 

With these iPhone macro lenses, the reflection and glare are minimal, and therefore, you can get Crisp and Clear photographs every time you take a picture.


  • Easy to use
  • Great picture quality
  • Excellent for macro photography


  • The two joined lenses are complex to separate

6. ANGFLY iPhone Camera Lens Pro with Tripod

The ANGFLY iPhone macro lens is infused with the aspherical lens. Thus, it becomes your ideal partner during your trips or casual outings to let you click the minute details in a crystal clear resolution. 

It would be best if you used your Macro lens for the iPhone from a distance. Even with roughly an inch from the source to photograph, you can capture photos with rich colors, materials, and living creatures that our iPhones could never see previously.

This iPhone macro lens is one of the best macro lenses for the iPhone in the market. The glass design of this lens is wide enough to let you capture twice the picture than your standard iPhone camera. 

The macro lens for iPhone reduces the glaring, chromatic aberration, reflecting, ghosting, barrel distortion, etc., and provides you with crisp picture quality. You can capture the minute details of your subject with this iPhone macro lens. 

It is effortless to mount this macro lens on your iPhone. You can use the clip of this macro lens and attach it to your iPhone near the camera lens. 

The ANGFLY camera lens is compatible with iPhone, Google Pixels, Samsung note and Galaxy, and many other  Android smartphones. 

Also, this macro lens for iPhone comes with a 45- days Money back guarantee and a one-year replacement warranty, making it one of the best choices for iPhone macro lenses. 


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Excellent price-quality


  •  Blocks the top screen area

7. Criacr Phone Camera Lens

The final macro lens for the iPhone on the list is the Ciacr phone camera lens. This macro lens provides you with 15x zoom that allows you to capture everything in the extra detailed view compared to a standard lens with 10x zoom. 

It is a three-in-one lens that includes the wide, macro, and fisheye lens. You can change the lens according to your needs. You can take clear, detailed images of objects at a range of 4.1mm with the 20x zoom lens. The fisheye lenses create a dynamic panoramic image.

With your macro lens for iPhone, you may use the wide-angle view or zoom in to capture the beauties of the miniature world or use the 198° fisheye lens for spectacular spherical images.

If you are a traveler, Vlogger, photographer, YouTuber, etc. This macro lens for the iPhone is an excellent tool to have!

You can easily attach this macro lens to your iPhone, thanks to the mounting clip. Clip it on your in-built iPhone camera, and you are all set for clicking photos. 

This iPhone macro lens is ideal for the iPhone X or higher versions as well as the other android smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Google pixels, etc. 


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent material quality
  • Durable
  • Great picture quality 


  • It doesn’t work with a phone case
  • Blurry edges at times. 

What to look for while buying a macro lens for the iPhone?

Picture quality

Picture quality is an important aspect when it comes to macro photographs. A macro lens is typically composed of an optical-grade glass with a clip that will stay firmly in position on your iPhone camera. The glass-made lens provides you with a high-resolution picture.

Whereas if your lens is made of plastic, then the low-end lens will not offer you the crystal clear resolution, and you might even experience chromatic aberration. 

So, if the material from which the lens is made is not stated, it is probably the low-quality plastic lens.

Durability and Build quality

When you are buying a macro lens, you definitely want it for the long run. Thus, it is necessary to make sure that your lens doesn’t look the quality of your picture and prevent problems like chromatic aberration, ghosting, flare, etc. 

Therefore, while buying a macro lens for the iPhone, you must consider the durability of the lens and external shell. The external shell matters, as it provides stability to your lens.


When it comes to buying something, the price is always a prominent factor to decide. If you buy a macro lens for the iPhone, you should not go for the cheapest options because those products have plastic lenses. 

Plastic lenses deteriorate your macro photography experience by adding flares and ghosting in the photographs. 

An optical glass lens is a valid option to choose. However, it might cost you a bit high than the plastic lenses. Thus, you should definitely consider the price while buying a macro lens for the iPhone. 


With the list mentioned above and the what to look section, you must have a more precise picture in your mind about which lens to buy.

In my opinion, today’s winner for the best macro lens for the iPhone is the Apexel professional macro photography lens. This lens includes everything I am looking for in a macro lens kit. 

Even with a standard 10x zoom, it provides an excellent picture, with vibrant color and crystal clear picture quality. Moreover, the Bokeh effect is the icing on the cake for me! 

Let me know which lens you choose to buy and the most striking feature of that lens for you! Stay tuned for more of these exciting articles. 

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