macOS Monterey Install or Update Problem? Here is How to Fix

macOS Monterey Install or Update Problem

Are you facing macOS Monterey Install or Update Problem? In this guide, we have shared all the best fixes to macOS Monterey install issues.

Before we start, you may experience a slowdown after installing macOS. There might be a need for a tool that can help you clear up RAM and fix performance issues.

Scripts that run maintenance are run, your storage is optimized, and your Mac is sped up.
The Mac OS Monterey update has been very much anticipated by all of us.

In addition to many cool new features, this version introduced Shortcuts, Universal Control, and improvements to FaceTime, as well as other important changes.

Unfortunately, macOS Monterey does not run flawlessly because of its new update. The good news is that there is usually a fix for almost every Mac OS Monterey problem.

In this article, we’ll break down some common macOS Monterey issues and how they can be resolved.

macOS Monterey: Problems & Solutions

We will discuss some common MacOS Monterey problems and issues. Jump to the section you’re interested in if you’d like to fix a particular problem:

Problem: macOS Monterey won’t install

The following steps can be followed if your macOS Monterey installation fails while you are updating your Mac:


Make sure you have enough space.

macOS storage free- macOS monterey problems and solution s

Apple recommends that you have at least 20 GBs of free space on your hard drive before installing new OS updates.

Go to the Apple menu > About.

This Mac to find out how much free space you have. On the Storage tab, you can see how your storage space is allocated.

If your hard drive has less than 20GB available, click Manage and follow the tips to optimize it.

Check your Wi-Fi connection

The macOS Monterey update may get stuck because of problems with the internet connection.

Changing the network or using an Ethernet cable will resolve Wi-Fi connection problems.

Check Apple System status

If Apple’s servers are down, all Mac users may experience issues updating their operating systems.

Go to the System Status page to find out how the servers are currently doing. The “macOS Software Update” status indicator will be green if everything is working fine.

If there is an issue, “Outage” will be displayed alongside a red dot.

Problem: Time Machine is stuck on backup

Time machine stuck on backup- how to fix macOS monterey install solution

Time Machine may take longer to prepare a backup if you last backed up your Mac some time ago. Just give it a few more minutes.

But, if it’s been stuck for a while, you might want to stop the backup in progress. You can do this by unchecking the automatic backup checkbox.


Click Options then press “+” to add files to exclude the large files you don’t need from the backup.

If you must start the backup over, make sure Time Machine isn’t interfered with by your antivirus: exclude the external drive from the scanning or turn off your antivirus while backing up.

Problem: Mac is slow after the update

The update to macOS Monterey has caused some users to experience performance issues. Your MacBook can be fixed by an app if that’s the case.


With CleanMyMac X, you can clean and optimize your Mac and speed up your computer.

CleanMyMac X- reset screen time passcode for iPhone

Your Mac is speeded up by disabling background processes, freeing up RAM, and showing exactly what is causing it to slow down.

With CleanMyMac X, you don’t have to run all these commands in Terminal. You should try CleanMyMac X – it’s notarized by Apple, so it’s a safe and quick way to fix your slow Mac.

Problem: Mouse/Trackpad input is laggy

In the early days of macOS Monterey, some early users reported input delays of 5 to 20 seconds every five minutes.

Currently, Apple does not have a fix, but we anticipate it will be included with the next update.


For now, here are some possible workarounds:

Disable conflicting apps

  • Conflicting programs can cause your mouse or trackpad to lag. The Force Quit menu is available by pressing Option-Command-Esc.
  • You can launch it by pressing Option-Command-Esc to open it. Start by reopening every app one at a time.

Downgrade to macOS Big Sur

  • Consider downgrading to the previous macOS version if you are unable to use your Mac normally. The following details how to roll back to macOS Big Sur from macOS Monterey.

Problem: Wi-Fi not working


You can try forgetting the network first if your Mac’s Wi-Fi has stopped working after an upgrade:

  • In System Preferences, select Network.
  • Choose Wi-Fi and click Advanced.
  • Press the “-” button next to the network you want to forget.
  • To confirm, click the Remove button.
  • Try reconnecting to the network again. In case it didn’t work, updating your Wi-Fi preferences might help.
  • You should restart both your Mac and your Wi-Fi router. Wi-Fi should be working after we rebuild the preference files.

Wi-Fi can also be problematic because we tend to use several different networks, not realizing that some are free and unsecure.

By reconnecting to that unsafe network, your Mac can expose your data to further risks. Hence, removing those networks is the best option. You can do that using CleanMyMac X,

which lists all open networks you’ve previously connected to and deletes them.
For more control and security, you can also explore other Privacy features.

Problem: Bluetooth not working

The new OS has Bluetooth issues: they happened in Big Sur, and now they appear in Monterey.

Bluetooth not working on MAC


Below are some steps you can take if Bluetooth keeps disconnecting or won’t connect:

Reset the Bluetooth module

  • You can reset Bluetooth by pressing Shift-Option and clicking the Bluetooth icon. From the menu, select Reset Bluetooth.
  • After clicking OK, the Bluetooth will be reset.

Reset PRAM/NVRAM settings

There is a type of memory on your Mac called NVRAM that holds certain settings. A similar type of memory is PRAM, which stands for parameter RAM.

You can reset NVRAM/PRAM to resolve sound, display, Bluetooth, and other issues. Follow these steps:

  • Your Mac should be shut down.
  • During Mac’s startup, turn it on and press Option-Command-P-R.
  • Then release the keys after 20 seconds.
  • Modify any settings altered when your Mac starts up by going to System Preferences.

Problem: Cursor stuck on Monterey

After upgrading to Monterey, people have reported issues with the Mac trackpad. For some users, the mouse is still working fine, but it seems to be turned off for others.


Update your Accessibility settings

update accessibilty on MAC- how to update or install MacOS

Click on Accessibility > Pointer control can be found under System Preferences.

Lastly, disabling the setting that says “Ignore built-in trackpad when wireless trackpad or mouse is present” is necessary.

Because of some reason, Monterey defaulted to this setting, causing the cursor to be stuck.

Problem: Battery drain on macOS Monterey

As a result of the new macOS, the battery is under greater pressure. In most cases, a misbehaving app is to blame rather than the battery itself. Many apps haven’t been updated for Monterey yet.

In the upper right corner, point and click the battery symbol before you begin. Click on Battery Preferences.

Your most power-hungry apps will appear. You can now choose between these two solutions.


Restart your Mac

80% of all issues can be resolved by following the golden rule of troubleshooting:

Check the battery’s usage history.

check nbattery history on MacOS

To view your usage history, go to System Preferences > Battery.

You should be able to see how your battery performs over time by looking at this. Find your hidden background apps.

As a result of its various background processes, Chrome is known to consume a lot of battery power.

But Chrome isn’t the only app that does this. Using CleanMyMac X, a free Mac optimizer notarized by Apple, you can see what apps are secretly running.

Reset SMC

Battery driver is one of the deep-level settings managed by System Management Controller.

By pressing a special key combination on startup, you can reset SMC in critical situations.

Problem: Hide My Email not working on macOS Monterey

In iCloud, the tool Hide My Email allows you to create random aliases for your email account so you can keep your real address private.

Nevertheless, you may see the message “Not available” after upgrading to Monterey.


  • Log out from iCloud and sign back in
  • Simply logging out often fixes this problem. It’s possible that your iCloud details have been cached.
  • Restart your computer
  • Despite its simplicity, some Mac users reported it worked. If it does not work, try again after a few hours.
  • The issue may be resolved on Apple’s end next time you log in, as they are probably fixing things on the fly.

Update your macOS Monterey

Many incremental updates are planned for macOS Monterey to fix bugs.

You can update your version of Monterey by going to System Preferences > Software Updates.

Network preferences prevent content from loading

One more email-related problem people are experiencing on Monterey. A quick investigation indicates that the problem has to do with email security settings.

Proxy restrictions may be restricting email content. You can use this panel to determine what is happening. However, be careful when changing its settings.

Problem: Mac won’t shut down on macOS Monterey

MacOS Monterey couldn’t be shut down – who would have thought? There are always apps that prevent the shutdown, often hidden from sight.


  • Use Activity Monitor to force quit running apps
  • In the Launchpad search box, type Activity Monitor.
  • Apps that are running can be found in the Energy tab.
  • You can force-quit suspect apps by pressing the Stop button.

Problem: Mac overheating after the Monterey upgrade

New operating systems are also prone to this issue, which has to do with memory management.

A Mac will get hot if the processor is clocked at its maximum capability. Obviously, apps load the processor.

Monterey optimization still needs to be done for many apps, so they can be more energy-efficient.

Problem: Screen saver broken on macOS Monterey

Screensavers won’t always work with Monterey if you use your photo as one. Does the screensaver work differently now or is there a minor bug?

I’m not able to use Ken Burns or other slideshow effects with custom photos.

After upgrading to Monterey, the directory from which the photos are taken refers to an empty or different place.

The Source link should be updated. It may be worthwhile to move your photos to another folder and set it as the source.


These were the list of all our problems and solutions after macOS Monterey Install or update.

The new macOS Monterey update is a fantastic update, but upgrading your Mac may cause problems. If you experience problems installing or using the new macOS, follow this guide.

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