Macbooks are used in almost every place where someone needs to complete an activity or work. The devices are made in such a way that they are very convenient for individuals who are always on the go or students who use their laptops at school.

These laptops are portable and lightweight. In fact, the Macbook weighs only three pounds, which is far lighter than most notebooks available on the market today. They come with a full-size keyboard that allows you to type easily and comfortably.

The screen size of a Macbook is smaller than an average laptop out there. It has a 13-inch screen. However, this does not affect its performance or use at all.

In addition to being lightweight and having a smaller screen, the Macbook also uses very little power. The battery life is approximately ten hours, and the newer models have around 1hours of battery life, which is huge. Therefore, if you are studying for most of the day, you don’t have to stay near an electrical outlet to charge the laptop.

Well, enough introduction of the product that you have already seen hundred times in advertisements, let’s come to the point and find out more about MacBooks.

Which Macbook Should I Buy?

MacBook has various models, and that’s where the confusion starts. But wait, let me simplify this for you.

The MacBook models are divided into two types: Air, and Pro.

Now you can easily identify which one is better, of course, the Pro models. The old models come with an intel processor whereas the newer models come with M1 chipsets, that are made by Apple.

M1 chipsets are more powerful and offer better performance as compared to intel. Here’s a quick comparison of M1 Chip Vs Intel Core i1165G7.

Intel Core i7 1165G7

Last year, Apple unveiled its most anticipated laptop, the Apple MacBook Pro – 1inches with an upgraded chipset, the M1 Pro, and M1 max, which is so far one of the fastest chipsets ever made.

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