7 Best Mac Mini Mount: Top Picks

Best Mac Mini Mount

A neat workplace makes you feel happier and more productive. Now imagine the opposite. A completely cluttered workplace with wires running around and limited space for you to actually work.

The wires will keep distracting you hence reducing your productivity and the space to keep other things like your books, notebooks, and other nicknacks will also get reduced.

Mac Minis are one such component on your desk that despite being small and compact deal with a lot of cables.

This can lead to several cables connecting the Mac mini to your keyboard, speakers, and other devices to run across the desk and make it seem cluttered. The best way to avoid this issue efficiently is by using a mount.

Not only do they reduce the visible cable but also ensure that your device remains safe from any bumps, damages, and potential theft attempts.

So now that you have understood the need you need to look out for the best apple mac mini mount.

Thankfully not too far as we have brought for the absolute best mac mini mount on the market that promises to deliver on all the aspects. So, without further ado let’s get on with our list!

7 Best Mac Mini M1 Mounts 

1. Sabrent Mac Mini VESA/ Wall Mount

The Sabrent Mac Mini Mount is the perfect mount that won’t cause you a fortune. Priced at a very affordable price, the mount never compromises on quality and build. It will hook your Mac Mini on either your wall, desk, or VESA mount safely without denting your pockets.

Due to its unique build, the installation is a very easy process that would hardly require more than a few minutes with a couple of screws. After installation, it will give you complete access to all ports and buttons!

A special coating of silver powder covers it, which ensures that all lingering scratches from bumps and falls stay away and the Mac Mini always stays protected. It also helps in the creation of a design that is flexible to attach to your Mac Mini.

It supports all kinds of mounting which includes walls, desks, and VESA. The VESA holes are 75mm and 100mm each and can handle almost all monitors on the market.

Given the price, the mount is incapable of advanced security features but it certainly takes the crown in terms of value when compared to other options on the market.

A complete kit is provided by the company to make the process even more accessible and easier. It includes Screws, drywall anchors, and an easy instructions manual.


  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to install build
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Special silver coating to prevent scratches


  • The VESA arms and stands are blocked due to the VESA mount

2. Rackmount.IT RM-AP-T1 

The Rackmount.IT RM-AP-T1 is a complete Apple appliance kit including Mac Mini, on which you can easily store all your Apple devices. The 19 inch gets attached to the desk or wall as per your requirements!

Thanks to its structural build and screw holes, the two methods are by the VESA standards.

The frontal part of the rack features an easy-to-slide-in build. Just push your Mac Mini on the tray, attach all your required wires and you are good to go!

An elevation on the front will prevent the Mac to slide off the tray under any circumstances. And the best part? It supports the functionalities of two Mac Minis side by side!

It has relevant ports on the back and a placement area on the front that backs this claim.

So if you happen to own different ones and want to access them at the same time then this will be perfect for you!

But just remember that once attached to the wall you will lose all access to the ports. So make sure to insert proper wires in their designated spaces!

Never attach this mount in a closeted or tight-knit space or you will also lose access to the power button!


  • Extremely easy installation
  • Supports connection with two Mac minis
  • Complete port selection


  • Not suitable for tight spaces

3. HumanCentric Thin Client Mount Bracket

Humancentric Mac Mini mount is the perfect VESA mount that you must have been looking out for!

It is compatible with your small device but in case you want to insert a bigger device then it can support up to 11 pounds.

It is convenient as well owing to its adjustable body and power buttons on the sides. You also get a choice in the mounting – behind the monitor, under your desk, and attach to a pole.

Due to its compact nature, the mount will hardly take up any space on your desk and ensure that your desk remains clutter-free.

It has a very futuristic look and its adjustable body ensures that in the future if the size of Mac increases you can still use the same mount.

The mount features option between two mounting surfaces – one surface attaches to the desk, wall, or poll while the other gets attached to the supported Mini PC or the Monitor stand.

The bracket can easily equip itself against PCs with size 0.65 – 2.55 inches depth and 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100 mm VESA mounting patterns.

To hold your device securely you get an adjustable plate and a strap. The package will consist of complete installation hardware including screws, a strap, mount bracket, pole, and nuts.


  • Three mounting options
  • Adjustable build
  • Compatible with VESA mount
  • Comes with a security strap


  • Compatibility issues with thicker PCs

4. HIDEit Mounts MiniU Mac Mini Mount

Just like the name suggests, the hideit mount for Mac Mini hides it behind the PC and removes any potential clutter.

Designed especially for Mac Minis, you can expect the mount to fit seamlessly on your device. It retains the capability of supporting all Macs from the 2010s to the latest versions.

The mount comes with an exclusive ‘inch-perfect design’ that ensures that the mount wraps around the Mac Mini snugly and gives perfect access to all the ports.

And depending on how you attach it to your PC, the wires will either go up or down. It currently offers three distinct types of mounts- wall, monitor (VESA), and desk mount.

The mount works with 75mm and 100mm VESA patterns if you are looking particularly at the monitor attachment.

The one difficulty that you might face while using the monitor is the inaccessibility to the VESA monitor arm while mounting the Mac Mini on the monitor.

The entire process of installation will hardly take you 5 minutes with three minimalist steps.

It already includes screws and drywall anchors, so you won’t have to spend more money.


  • Simple and sleek design
  • Three different mounting options
  • Build specifically for Mac Mini
  • Complete access to ports and cables


  • VESA arms and stands are inaccessible due to monitor mounting

5. HumanCentric Mac Mini Mount

The Humancenntric Mac Mini Mount is another perfect VESA mount, made specifically for Mac Mini.

The mount perfectly suits the Mac and grips it tightly so that it doesn’t fall any under circumstances.

In fact, you will find that the case made from plastic also prevents any scratches on its surface while protecting it during fall.

The mount opens seamlessly in the back to give access to all the ports. The openings are large enough to not let the cables get obstructed or damaged due to tension.

The mount also provides a special covering around the power button to prevent any damages. You can affix the mount anywhere that you desire.

This includes- under your desk, behind the monitor, or even on your wall. It is completely compatible with your VESA holes.

Installing it is a very simple process as well! Just mount the bracket in your required position and click your Mac Mini inside it.

To secure the bracket in its place you get drywall screws and anchors and for the monitor mounting, you get VESA screws.


  • Extremely installation process
  • Affordable price
  • Three mounting options
  • Comes with vents to let the heat flow
  • Complete access to cables and ports


  • VESA arms and stands are inaccessible due to monitor mounting

6. Satechi Type-C Aluminum Stand & Hub

Satechi is your one-stop towards a device that works as a Mac mini stand as well as a USB-C hub.

And it functions accordingly using just a single USB type C connection.  Besides being a holder for your Mac Mini, it also comes with three USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C data port, a 3.5mm headphone jack port, and micro/SD card readers. This ensures convenient access to all your peripherals.

The mount provides proper air vents for the heat to pass through and avoid any potential damages from overheating.

It also elevates the mac mini above the ground to let the fans do their job properly! The stand does not offer compatibility to all Mac Minis, so you need to look out for the specific model.

This is because it works with USB type C which got introduced with the 2018 version. It offers a very sleek and futuristic design that will go right with your modern setup.

It hardly takes any space around your table and you can place it right behind your monitor to give the perfect access to all the ports and cables.


  • Frontal USB access
  • Complete fan ventilation to avoid overheating
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Extremely simple installation process


  • Lights are very dim
  • Not compatible with the 2017 version or older

7. Jingchengmei Mac Mini Mount

Do not want to spend a hefty amount of money on a mount? Well then check this out! Priced at a very affordable range the mount gives all-around protection to the Mac while mounted.

Equipped with grips on all three sides it allows the Mac to comfortably rest on the mount while avoiding inflicting any scratches on it.

The grips are made from rubber instead of plastic so you need not worry about any damages from them!

In fact, their friction will prevent the device from sliding off! You get a space of 7.84″ x D 1.45″ x H 5.9 to insert the Mac, which is just enough for the Mac Mini 2018 version and above.

So, unfortunately, if you own an older version then it won’t work with it.

But with the 2018 version and newer, it offers versatility in terms of mounting options.

You can install it behind your PC, on your desk, under your desk, or even on the wall. With its structural build, you can expect compatibility with the VESA mount.

You won’t require any complicated installation with drills- simply follow the three-step process with provided screws and drywall anchors.


  • Easy installation process
  • Mounting options
  • Works with VESA mount
  • Rubber grip for extra protection


  • Not compatible with 2017 or older models

Things to Consider while buying a mac mini m1 mount

There are two absolute things to keep in mind while buying the best mac mini mount. These include:


First and foremost make sure that your mount can actually support your Mac Mini. There are plenty of models of Mac Mini and so their mounts are different as well.

If you do not get one that matches your Mac in dimensions and hold, then it would simply be a waste of money.

So before buying attest that your mounting bracket fits against the mini PC while buying offline. If the purchase is online then just compare the dimensions.

You would also be required to check out the supported weight and ensure that the aces towards ports and buttons are properly covered by the mounting hardware.

Mounting Options

Mounting is not just a straightforward term. It is pretty ambiguous and you need to understand all the types that it encompasses under it.

It includes an under-desk mount,  wall mount, and monitor mount. Remember that if you require a mounting behind monitor then you will need a mount specifically designed with VESA mounting holes.

Besides that, the regular mounting patterns are 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm.

Other than these two important aspects the other things that you need to keep in mind include airflow vents, security, and build quality.

If you purchase a mount with poor material and build quality, it will harm, damage, and scratch the surface of the device, and leave permanent marks on it.

You will require proper Airflow to avoid any heating or thermal issues.


Our favorite pick as the best mac mini mount is – HumanCentric Thin Client Mount Bracket. The mount is extremely versatile on all terms.

Not only does it offer you freedom in terms of mounting options but also in Model compatibility. Due to its adjustable nature, you can use the mount from any version from 2010 to the newest ones.

And since it is adjustable you can also tighten it around your Mac Mini to give a more snug fit. And yes, you might have to pay a few dollars extra but it shrinks when compared to the benefits.

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