5 Proven Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

What if your iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen, and you do not have any clue to the reason! It’s pretty regular to linger on the Apple logo screen. We all have undergone this phase of smartphone turbulence at least once in our life. There might be different reasons for this lingering.

However, if the user doesn’t know the specific reason, it might be troublesome, because the iPhone appears damaged or almost dead in this mode.

But, thankfully, there is nothing to worry about if your iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen.

In this article, we are here with all the possible reasons behind this and5 different measures to tackle this without any technical expertise.

Why Is Your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo?


This problem can be a hardware problem, but generally, this happens because of the software of the phone or computer. Even some third party software also could be the reason for this glitch.

  • Software Problem:

There can be a plethora of software issues behind the frozen Apple logo screen. One of the most common reasons is the sudden disconnection of the phone from the iMac or MacBook.

While we connect the iPhone with the cable to the iMac or PC, the operating system might use the phone in the background for various reasons like security checking, repairing, data transfer, so and so forth. Now, if you suddenly unhook the iPhone, it might go to the black frozen screen or Apple logo screen.

Furthermore, the iPhone won’t turn on stuck on the Apple logo screen sometimes because of the phone update.  During an update, if your phone drains out all of a sudden, this could happen.  Also, when we restore the features of the iPhone from iCloud/ iTunes even that time also this problem could come to pass.

  • Hardware Problem:

The malfunctioning battery can be the reason behind your phone stuck on the Apple logo screen. Or even if the GPS navigation hardware of your phone acts up that, also you could see this logo screen or black screen or white screen. Furthermore, if you are not using the phone for an extensive period also then this might happen to your phone.

  • Jailbreak Problem:

The jailbreaking is near to a gift for those Apple users who want some more from their phone. If you jailbreak your iPhone, you will be able to enjoy more applications and functionalities, but it could also gift you great misery. Thereby, it is recommended that try not to jailbreak the iPhone without any prudence.

However, if the iPhone stuck on Apple screen, there might be several different unmentioned reasons responsible for this lingering. But we have provided you with some straightforward solutions to encounter this problem. Follow each of the procedures one after one, and by following these steps, you will possibly be able to recover your phone from the frozen screen or hanged Apple logo screen.

If these underlying steps don’t help much to get rid of the frozen screen issue, then visit the nearest Apple service center to resolve the issue.

What To Do If My iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo:

#1. Force Restart Method

The first and foremost attempt should be the restart process. Just a force restart could work well as a solution for this issue, and within some seconds, you will get rid of the frozen screen of the Apple iPhone.

To force restart, you have to press and release the volume up button and then the volume down button.

Lastly, press and hold the side button, and after some seconds, it will automatically restart.

However, you should keep in mind one thing that this process might not work in your case, and the steps to force restart your phone might differ as per the iPhone version you use.

Beneath, we have provided all the modus operandi for different types or versions of the iPhone.

  • For iPhone 6, 6s, SE, or Other Older Versions: Continuously press the power and home button on iPhone and hold the button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. After this, give some moment to your phone to be restarted.


  • For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Long press the power button along with the volume down button and hold this position as long as you do not see the Apple logo on the phone’s screen.


  • For iPhone 8, X, iPhone XS, XR, and 11: One after one press the volume up and then volume down button swiftly, then long press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. After this, the iPhone will automatically restart, and you will be able to enjoy back your phone as before.


If this measure doesn’t help you much to restart your iPhone, then our next measure might help you out to get rid of the frozen logo of Apple.

#2. Recovery Mode Method:

This process will take you a step further; you can connect your iPhone to a PC/ iMac/ MacBook and Mac Mini, which has an iTunes running. By using iTunes, you could reinstall the iOS of an iPhone and recover your all data even.

However, using the iTunes application, you can also put your phone into recovery mode, which could resolve the glitch. To put the phone in recovery, you have to follow these underlying steps

  • First: In the beginning, connect the phone with a cable to the PC and run the iTunes application. After that, long-press the sleep button and the home button in a concurrent manner.recovery-mode-iphone
  • Second: Release the sleep button once the screen of your phone reappears. Keep holding the home button of the iPhone as long as you see an iTunes popup with “There is a problem with the iPhone “iPhone” that requires it to be updated or restored.”


Note: In this way, the phone might lose all the data or content. Thus, a backup of the phone’s data is highly recommended.
  • Third: Now click onto the ‘Restore’ button, and the iTunes will automatically start downloading and restoring all the factory settings to reset the device like a fresh one.

However, once in a blue moon, this process also doesn’t work. Then we have to take the last measurement of this process.    

#3. Restore the Phone Using DFU Mode:

This DFU or Device Firmware Update mode on the iPhone requires a little expertise than all the previously mentioned steps. This process also has the risk of losing all the information on your phone. So take back up before applying this method and then follow the provided method beneath.

First: Connect the iMac or MacBook with the phone using a USB cable. Long-press the home button along with the sleep button on the phone for some while to initiate the process.

However, this process differs as per the version of the iPhone. For iPhone 6,6s and older, you can do the same process mentioned above, but then additionally, you have to do one more thing.


You have to keep holding the home button after letting go of the power button. And for iPhone 7 and further, you have to long-press the power or sleep button first. And then the volume down button and hold them both for some while. Then let go of the power button and continue with the power down button.

Second: Once you see the black screen on the iPhone screen, you are in DFU mode in iTunes. And then, you can simply follow the previously mentioned ‘Recovery Mode Method’ to restore your device using the iTunes application of your iMac or MacBook.

#4. How To Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Screen Without Any Data Loss

There are plenty of third-party software available in the market to resolve this issue without any harassment.

You can go for Tenorshare ReiBoot or iMyFone Fixppo application because these are one of the most reliable among all the available options in the market. In this article, we are here with a detailed step by step guide of using Tenorshare ReiBoot.

First: Download the software from the internet and install it on the PC or iMac or MacBook. Now, connect your phone to the PC to get access over your phone using this Tenorshare ReiBoot software. Furthermore, select the “Repair Operating System” option from the dialogue box of the software.


Second: From the next screen, you have to choose the ‘Fix Now’ option to move on to the next process.


From here you have to download the latest and suitable firmware package to complete the process. After finishing the download procedure move on to the last step to finish this entire process.


Last: Now press the ‘Start Repair’ option from the dialogue box, and this will start the process of recovery.

This process of recovery will take some while and make sure during this time no disconnection of the phone because this could cause serious software damage to the phone.


After completing the recovery process, the iPhone will automatically restart, and you will be able to access your phone back once again. For any further assistance, you can also search the official website to learn this software further.

This process is actually the easiest among all the methods mentioned above and highly secure, because this process doesn’t cost you any data loss during the entire recovery.

#5. Contact the Apple Service:

If all the four measures mentioned above do not provide any aid to the problem you face, then it is advised that you should visit the nearest authorized service center to resolve the issue you are facing.    


If you had any questions on your mind, that why my iPhone won’t turn on past the Apple logo. Perhaps you have found the answer to your question after going through the entire article. Generally, the frozen screen logo or black/white screen of iPhone doesn’t create much aggravation.

But, when it takes place, it may cause enough annoyance alongside agitation. Thus, people lose patience and take unnecessary measures to encounter this small issue without understanding the depth of this issue and spend a gratuitous amount of money and time after this issue.

So, it is advised to follow all the steps mentioned above to unravel the glitch on your own.



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