iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone XR: Which One is the Best Buy?

iphone SE 2020 vs iPhone XR

iPhone is one of the most envied gadgets in this world: any people who love gadgets, dreams to own the latest version of iPhones from apple. Apple has launched numerous models pf iPhones after the first model was related ion 2007. Each of these phones has fantastic features and always charms you with their performance.

The enthusiasm for new launches and the long queue in front of an Apple store after a new iPhone has released the craze about this particular gadget. Apple has launched its latest model in this month as the gadget world is gushing over it already.

This world-famous mobile phone and electronic gadget making company has been thinking about making the iPhone more budget-friendly in recent years. SO, they have launched models in the past that are affordable and can be easily availed in countries like India. The new SE 2020 of the SE series seems to reflect this attitude of the makers.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone XR Comparison

Apple had launched its budget model iPhone XR of the iPhone X series in 2018. This model was priced at rs. 52500/-(approx). Now, Apple has launched its new iPhone SE 2020 in April 2020. This model was released from their Cupertino headquarters and is being held as the most affordable phone from this company in recent years. The SE model is the next release in the SE series of Apple.

It comes with a price tag of $399 Or Rs. 42500/-. Bith of these phones is affordable. But, the similarity ends here. Of you check the features, then these two models are incredibly different. So, the big question is, which model should you buy- The iPhone XR or iPhone SE 2020?

1. The price

If you are talking about the price, then iPhone SE 2020 is the best in the case of budget buyers. It is affordable and offers some of the latest and trusted features. A 64GB iPhone SE only costs INR 42500/- or $399. Now, if you check the price of the 2028 model XR, the same variant will cost you  INR52500/-.

The  128GB variant of SE 2020 costs INR 47800/- and the price of SE 2020 with 256 GB storage is  INR 58300/-.  The iPhone XR only has a 128GB variant other than the 64GB one, and it is priced at INR 57800/-.

So, for budget watchers, the SE 2020 is the best according to price range.

2. Available Color Options

For any phone model, diverse color options are always one of the main points. Almost everyone has a black or grey model. So, if you want to stand out, then going for a different color is a great idea.

The Apple iPhone SE2020 comes in traditional colors like black, red, and white. But if you consider the XR model, then the available colors are- Coral, blue, black, red, yellow, and white. Therefore, if you love colorful phones, then you might be tempted to buy an XR with a different color.

Now move to the main part, the features. Both of the phones come from the house of Apple. So, they have all the basic functions of the iPhone series. But, the models have their distinct features too

3. What about the design?

The design is quite different here. While the XR model was pretty much advanced, the SE 2020 model brings back the nostalgia with the Home button instead of the touch Id. This tech giant changed its design to a futuristic style in 2018 when it launched the X series. The makers opted for a clear screen with a little bit bigger size and a new camera position—this method eas followed by the iPhone 11 series in 2019.

The XR model does have an edgy look and a kind of bigger screen space. It comes with 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD IPS display. This phone uses the unique face ID method developed after the iPhone 8. This model has a wider screen, and there are no bezels in the front. So, it has a quite modern and edgy look. In iPhone XR, the camera lens is a little bigger, and the flashlight is positioned underneath. The display resolution is 1729×828 pixels.

For,  the SE 2020 model follows and takes inspiration from the iPhone 8 series. This model has the much-missed home button—Brazel’s like the iPhone 8 in the top and the bottom side. The rear camera and flash are clamped together like the iPhone 8 series. It has 4.7 inches Retina Display.

So, according to the outer appearance,  this is a nostalgic model and kind of gives a classic vibe. This model has a variety of less high-resolution display of  1334×750 pixels. On the contrary, if you want to have a modern, sleek phone with a brighter screen, the iPhone XR seems a better idea.

4. Tech Talk

Let’s move tp the features of both models side by side.

The iPhone SE 2020 model has a 40 hours battery capacity on a single change. It supports 13 hours of constant video streaming. The company has claimed that this recently launched model has the capability of a 50%  charge in only half an hour. But, the iPhone XR has slightly better battery life. A single change means a standby battery of 56 hours. Additionally, this model supports 16 hours of video streaming in a single charge. XR and SE 2020 both come with a lighting port for charging purposes.

So, if you are considering battery life or a model that offers higher battery power, then XR has a slight edge over SE 2020 model.


5. Camera

Now, comes the camera. The camera is more or less the same. Both of these models come with a 12-megapixel rear camera along with a wide-angle lens. Both models have a 5x zoom lens. The front camera is also the same- 7-megapixel retina flashes the front camera.

But, the SE 2020 model comes with an f/1.8 aperture full camera. So, it may provide a better picture. Additionally, the newly launched iPhone SE 2020 allows you to capture 4K videos in 60fps speed. Along with it, you can highlight minute details in your video or photo in 30fps resolution. This The two models offer all the necessary features like a normal and conventional iPhone.

You can take pictures in portrait mode with all the six different lighting effects. Additionally, there is depth control of 0.5 on the back and front camera. The company has also added a unique feature called “Quick Take video” that can be used to capture videos without browsing through the home screen.

So, these models might offer you the same quality photo with a slight difference. And in this case, the SE 2020 model becomes a winner for its aperture lense.

6. The processor

In this section, the new SE 2020 model is a clear cut winner. This model has the fastest processor developed by apple to this date. It comes with a powerful A13 Bionic chipset processor that has made the iPhone 11 series a powerhouse performer. Therefore, if you buy the SE 2020, the phone will not be lagging after a few updates. This processor is a great advantage and one of the most iconic features of the new model.

But, the XR model has an older processor- the A12 Bionic chipset. It is not a bad processor, But it is a bit older. So, it is not the same as the new A13.

More about features

If you see feature-wise, both the older iPhone XR and the iPhone SE 2020 have their advantages and disadvantages. The iPhone SE 2020 is undoubtedly a delight for the budget watchers who want to buy an iPhone within a medium range. This model has a nostalgic design but has all the latest processors and other features like the coveted iPhone 11. So, it was like bliss. It is technologically compact, and you never get to complain. But, this model has only the touch ID. It does not have a face ID like the iPhone XR.

Now, for the iPhone XR, this model has a modern-looking design with a bigger screen and a higher resolution. So, it is in line with the latest models that you see. It also has better security with the face recognition ID. And you get better battery life. But the price is high.

Wrapping Up

The iPhone SE 2020 may look a little old fashioned with its smaller screen, but it offers all the features you want. Therefore, it is one of the best budget premium phones from Apple. But, if you love modern design, then you can choose the iPhone XR. Similarly, if you are tight on budget, then go for the SE 2020 or select the XR model that is a little pricy. Both models are best in their way. The choice depends on your choice and preference.

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