Apple New iPhone SE 2020: Specs, Price, Features and Cameras

Update- The new iPhone SE 2020 is here, and it has all the ingredients to become one of the best phones for the money — especially if you prefer a smaller phone. Yes, it’s not called the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2. The new low-cost iPhone is simply named iPhone SE.

iPhones have been a huge craze among the gizmo freaks since 2007. The excitement is still on as iPhone users are eagerly waiting for iPhone SE 2. Whenever Apple launches a new version of the iPhone, people go bonkers, and they start pre-booking their iPhones. The tech freaks can go to any extent for purchasing an Apple iPhone.

iPhone users seem to have an emotional tie with the brand. It has become part & parcel of their lives. Users consider the brand Apple as a huge status symbol. It is an exp0ensive phone. Each year, users get new versions. Thus, the iPhone makes them feel rich as well as trendy. Users like to flaunt their iPhones in front of the world.

Apple enjoys one of the greatest fan bases in the world. It is highly unlikely that once a buyer purchases an Apple iPhone, he will switch to another brand. Users also love the highly interactive feature of iPhone-Siri.

It has been four years since Apple launched the iPhone SE. But iPhone SE 2 is a budget option when it comes to other iPhones. It will be much more in the budget as compared to the iPhone XR. But the main issue is regarding the release date. Apple is not clearly stating the release date. It is a hot topic of debate among tech experts.

Apple iPhone SE 2 Release Date

Will the fans ever get the budget version of the iPhone – iPhone SE 2? People have divided opinions. Some believe that the users will never get a cheaper version of the iPhone. While according to a recent report, some believe that the low-cost iPhone will be launched by March 2020.

Of late, one can notice that Apple has been losing shares in the market because of expensive iPhone models. If it launches iPhone SE 2, it will provide the users with a budget option. By launching iPhone SE 2 within six months of launching the iPhone 11 range, iPhone will be able to get that grip back in the market as the sale of iPhone 11 tends to slow down.

Update – iPhone SE 2 may launch on 15 April

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Name of the new model:

The new model of the iPhone can be called iPhone SE 2020, iPhone SE Pro, or maybe iPhone 9. According to a report from Macotakara, Apple can use the oddly neglected number 9 in its next series of launches. Earlier, Apple jumped from iPhone 8 to iPhone X and then to iPhone 11. So, fans can only make vague assumptions about the name of the model.

iPhone SE 2020 Price

iPhone SE 2 is going to be the most affordable iPhone to date. According to an initial rumor, the price of iPhone SE 2 is going to be around $450 roughly. This will be equivalent to 450 Pounds and AU$ 700. The affordability of the price range seems to be almost unbelievable.

But according to a recent price leak of Apple iPhone SE 2, it will be much cheaper. It will be around $399. Now, this is equivalent to 399 pounds, AU$ 600. A noted Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, supports these claims.

The price of the original iPhone SE 2 was $399 (379 pounds, AU$ 679). It was a 16GB variant. One can expect iPhone SE 2 to be a bit more expensive than iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2 Colors

Most probably, iPhone SE 2 will be available in just three colors – silver, red, and space grey. Again, Ming-Chi Kuo supports backs up this detail. iPhone SE 2 was available in four colors – gold, rose gold, space grey, and silver. While iPhone 11 was available in 6 shades.

iPhone SE 2 Design & Display

iphone 9 Design
(Image credit: @OnLeaks/iGeeksBlog)

According to Kuo, the new iPhone SE 2 will be similar to iPhone 8 in terms of look. Those users who do not prefer to use Face ID will love this design of the iPhone SE 2. But this also indicates the fact that iPhone SE 2 will not be smaller in size. If one has to believe Kuo, it will have the same dimensions as iPhone 8.

  1. Dimensions: iPhone SE 2 will have similar dimensions, like the iPhone 8. iPhone 8 has dimensions 138.4 mm by 67.3 mm. Its thickness is 7.3 cm. The screen is 4.7 inches long. According to reports by Digi Times, Apple is going to launch a 5.42 inch iPhone in 2020. According to the Taiwanese supply –chain of Apple, future iPhone handsets may come with 5.42 inch, 6.67 inches, and 6.06-inch large screen.
  2. Antenna: According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone SE 2 will have an updated design for the antenna. This will help in enhancing the wireless performance. There are chances that LCP or Liquid Crystal Polymer, will be used to make the new antenna. This material provides enough stress resistance and has extremely low ferroelectric reaction times.

iPhone SE 2 Specifications

The following are the specifications of the iPhone SE 2. Let’s have a look:

  • Processor: Ming-Chi Kuo, the TF international securities analyst, emphasizes that iPhone SE 2 will have an A13 processor. According to Kuo, iPhone SE 2 will offer a 3GB RAM to the users. iPhone 11, 11 Pro as well as 11 Pro Max have the same processor. According to the reports of Tekz24, the new iPhone SE 2 will have A10 Fusion Chip.
  • Screen: It is expected that the iPhone SE 2 will have a 4.7-inch screen. Users should not expect the notch. The home button will remain on the SE 2 itself.
  • Battery: It is expected that the battery of SE 2 will have a slightly better rating, somewhere between 1640mAh and 1700mAh. This will enable us to power up the slightly larger display.
  • Camera: iPhone SE 2 will have a 5Mp or 7Mp FaceTime camera. It will be accompanied by Retina Flash. The model will also carry many other features of iPhone SE. It will have a 12 MP camera with f/22 aperture. Also, there will hopefully be no camera bump in the new model.

New features:

Users should not expect all new features in iPhone SE 2 because it will not be a flagship. Rather, the important question is which features will trickle down from top-notch iPhones.

  • Wireless charging: There is a high chance that the all-new iPhone SE 2 will offer the facility of wireless charging to its users. The rumored glass back indicates this point only. According to a very reliable source, the new model will get a glass back panel. And as a result, the new iPhone SE 2 may support wireless charging.
  • Face ID: If this feature gets added to iPhone SE 2, then users will get an edge to edge screen and no Home button at all.

Why is there a need for iPhone SE 2 for Apple?

It is true that Apple still enjoys a huge fan base. Every year, it sells a vast number of iPhones. But the standard sales have gone low in recent times. It is expected that this dip in the sales is due to the excessively expensive handset of the Apple range.

According to Tim Cook, Apple experienced lower rates of sales, mainly because of China. The trade wars and economic downturn in China are the factors affecting the sales of iPhones. The expensive range of iPhones does not suit the largely untapped and vast market. The market of China gets a grand supply of cheaper phones from the Far East’s manufacturers.

In the first few months of 2019, Apple has sold off stocks of iPhone SE 2 in surprise sales. The quick clearance of stock indicates towards higher demand for low-cost iPhone and also demand 4-inch size iPhone. According to tech experts, Apple was preparing the grounds for the launching of iPhone SE 2.

Loyal users of iPhone SE 2 have been waiting eagerly for iPhone SE 2. The model is going to be cheaper, and that’s the greatest factor that is driving every iPhone fan crazy. I hope the wait gets over soon.

Update: iPhone SE 2 Released

The wait is now over as Apple has officially announced the all-new iPhone SE that comes at a price of $399 with 64 GB storage. Talking about the design, it looks kind of similar to iPhone 8 with 4.7 inched screens, large bezels on the top and bottom, a home button and a touch ID.

The pre-orders for the device will be starting from this Friday, April 17th and the shipping will commence on April 24th. There are a total of three variants for the device, 64GB, 128GB variant, and 256GB variant. The prices are as follow:


64 GB







The device will be available in three colors, Black, White, and Product RED, and will come with a free one-year subscription plan of Apple TV plus.

Overall, the iPhone SE is a revamped version of the iPhone 8 with a lower price tag. In terms of performance, SE has a better camera and A13 Bionic chip which is also available in iPhone 11 series.

The addition of the latest processor helped in improving the camera and add some additional features to it. iPhone SE has a single 12-megapixel camera with a smart HDR that combines multiple shots in a single picture improving the lighting and minor details.

Another addition to the camera is the monocular depth sensing which uses machine learning to detect depth and faces and works only on humans. The camera also has optical image stabilization and can help in stabilizing a video and comes with 4K@60 FPS support.

Sadly, it comes with a 5W charger in the box but supports 18W fast charging, therefore you will have to buy your own fast charger. It also supports Qi wireless charging and utilizes a lightning connector for charging. Furthermore, there is no headphone jack but you will get a lightning headphone inside the box.

Lastly, iPhone SE is a device for those who don’t prefer modern large screen devices, in my opinion, the device is suitable for a businessman who prefers a device for basic operations.

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