iPhone Reminders not working in iOS 15? 8 Ways to Fix It

iPhone Reminders not working in iOS 15

iPhone Reminders not working in iOS 15? These possible solutions may help.

You expect your device to nudge you to accomplish a specific task at a specified time when you set a reminder.

When it malfunctions, you may forget to do something, fall behind on a task, or be late for a meeting.

This can be an undesirable situation if your life is organized by reminders.

Why Reminders won’t work in IOS 15?

Usually, the reason Reminders don’t work on iPhone is due to mute settings, incorrect notification settings, or unexplained iCloud issues.

In some cases, your iPhone’s system files or Reminders App are corrupted.

This article discusses a few ways you can troubleshoot iPhone reminders that aren’t working properly.

1. Check Reminder Settings

If you have set the reminder alert to none, you may not hear the reminder. Let’s begin by checking this first.

iPhone reminders not working on iOS15
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The steps are as follows:

  • First, go to Settings and select “Sounds”.
  • Tap on “Reminder Alerts” on the left side of the screen.
  • The third step involves choosing one of the many alert tones available so that the next time your reminder “reminds” you to do something, you will hear what it is reminding you to do.

2. Turn Off Reminders App from iCloud

If you are using iCloud, you can turn off the reminders and then turn them back on again.

iphone reminder apps turn off

Usually, by doing this the reminder app will behave normally again after getting rid of some bugs. The steps are as follows;

Step 1: Tap on iCloud in the Settings app.
Step 2: Toggle the “Off” switch under “Reminders.”
Step 3: Turn it on again after a few seconds.

3. Removing reminders from widget notifications

Reminders can also be removed from widget notifications.

You will see the “Edit” button on the top of the screen once you scroll down from the top of the screen.

The “Reminder” app will appear in the app list when you tap on the “Edit” button.

The third step is to tap the red (-) next to it.

4. Reinstall Reminders App

Deleting reminders from iPhone15- iphone reminder not working

Reminders App might be corrupt, causing the problem. By deleting and reinstalling the Reminders App, you can resolve this issue.

1. Find the Reminder App icon on your iPhone’s Home screen.
2. Select the Delete App option by holding down on the Reminder App icon.
3. Restart your iPhone once the Reminders App has been deleted.
4. Install Reminders App back on your iPhone by opening App Store > Searching for Reminders App and finding it there.

5. Restore factory settings on your iPhone

In some cases, resetting your iPhone to factory settings is the only solution if none of the other methods above work.

As a result, all settings and content on the device will be erased. It works because you might not be aware of a setting that affects your Reminders.

It may be necessary to erase the settings and contents in order to remove this problematic setting and restore your device to normal operation.

Below is how you can do this;

  • Start by opening your device’s settings app.
  • Tap “Reset” in the General section.
  • Then tap “Erase Content and Settings.
  • The device can be set up from a backup if you had one.

6. Restore your iPhone

The device can also be restored from an iTunes backup. There is a good chance that this process will fix just about any problem your device may have.

The steps are as follows:

  • To begin, connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cables and launch iTunes.
  • When you see “Summary”, click “Restore Backup”.
  • You may need to enter a password if you are restoring from an encrypted backup. Then click “Restore”.

7. Use iMyFone iTransor to Backup iPhone Data

iMyfone iTransor for data backup in iphone

This is the most effective way to solve the problem of iPhone reminders not working. Data on iPod, iPad and iPhone can be selectively restored using this method.

Choosing this option does not erase the previous data. The reminder is one of 20 applications that you can use to extract data.

All the latest iPhone models are supported. Using this application, you can create a backup of your iOS settings and data on your computer.

Also, it can create a backup of WhatsApp and WeChat messages.

8. Export information from iOS Smartphones

The information on your iPhone can be exported and previewed selectively.

Use iMyFone iTransor software, iCloud backups, or iTunes backups to look at the data and extract it.

Selectively and without overwriting backed up data on iPhone, such as WhatsApp, messages, and WeChat.

Tips for transferring reminders from iPhone to computer

iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter (iOS 15/14 supported) is the best tool for transferring reminders from your iPhone to your computer before restoring the iPhone to factory settings.

Apple’s iPhone data export tool lets you export any type of data from an iTunes or iCloud backup to your iPhone.

Also, it is very convenient when you want to backup all your data from your device to your computer.

It also allows users to selectively restore backup data or to perform a full restore in a single click with the pro version of this program. If you want to manage your data easily on your device, it is the right tool for you.

Problem with iPhone Reminders App fixed

You should be able to fix your iPhone’s reminder app not working with these methods. You can share this post and ask any questions in the comments section.

Therefore, these were a few ways in which you can figure out how to fix the reminder issue on your iPhone.

It can be depressing when not being able to hear a reminder prevents you from completing a task or meeting your commitments. But now, you have seven different ways to fix your iPhone reminder so that it will start working properly.

Our lives have been made easier by technology. Everything that was difficult and time-consuming earlier can now be done in a few seconds.

Why won’t my iPhone Reminders work?

Usually, the reason Reminders don’t work on iPhone is due to mute settings, incorrect notification settings, or unexplained iCloud issues. In some cases, your iPhone’s system files or Reminders App are corrupted.

Why didn’t my Reminders go off iPhone?

Disable Reminders in iCloud, then turn them back on

You must turn off and then turn on the Reminders app in iCloud. You need to access iCloud Reminders via Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Reminders. Make sure the app is turned on and off.

Why can’t I set reminders on my phone anymore?

If you are not receiving Reminder notifications, it may be due to a missing update.

Try Google Reminders again after making sure the app is up to date.

Delete any cached data. Cache data can grow large or become corrupted over time, causing Reminder notifications to stop working.

Why am I not getting remind notifications?

Make sure your phone is logged in if you use the Remind app. While logged out or after deleting the app, you will not receive messages.

We recommend double-checking all of these areas first before contacting us. If you don’t receive messages after clicking “Contact Remind” within the app, please email us.

Final Thoughts 

So, this was our detailed guide and possible solutions to iPhone Reminders not working in iOS 15.

Hope one of these fixes may have helped you.

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