iPhone Prices Hiked in India: Here’s How Much You have to Pay Now

iPhone 11, XR, and more prices in India hiked after GST rate increase

The tech giant Apple has increased the price of its iPhone series in India to meet the increased customs duty on the imported smartphones as well as chargers and social welfare surcharge in the Union budget 2020.

The prices have been revised for the iPhone series which includes iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 7 and the other models as well. The revised prices for the smartphones are, Rs. 1,17,000 for iPhone Pro Max, Rs. 1,06,600 for iPhone 11 Pro.

Previously, iPhone 11 Pro was available in India at Rs. 1,01,200 for the 64 GB model, while iPhone 11 Pro Max was available at Rs. 1,01,200.

Here’s a table representing the old and new prices of the iPhones that have their prices being revised.

Revised Prices of iPhones in India:

Model Old price New price
iPhone 11 64GB Rs 64,900 Rs 68,300
iPhone 11 128GB Rs 69,900 Rs 73,600
iPhone 11 256GB Rs 79,900 Rs 84,100
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Rs 1,01,200 Rs 1,06,600
iPhone 11 Pro 256GB Rs 1,15,200 Rs 1,21,300
iPhone 11 Pro 512GB Rs 1,33,200 Rs 1,40,300
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB Rs 1,11,200 Rs 1,17,100
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB Rs 1,25,200 Rs 1,31,900
iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB Rs 1,43,200 Rs 1,50,800
iPhone XS 64GB Rs 89,900 Rs 94,700
iPhone XS 256GB Rs 1,03,900 Rs 1,09,400
iPhone XR 64GB Rs 49,900 Rs 52,500
iPhone XR 128GB Rs 54,900 Rs 57,800
iPhone 8 64GB Rs 40,500 Rs 42,600
iPhone 8 128GB Rs 45,500 Rs 47,900
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Rs 50,600 Rs 53,400
iPhone 8 Plus 128GB Rs 55,600 Rs 58,500
iPhone 7 32GB Rs 29,900 Rs 31,500
iPhone 7 128GB Rs 34,900 Rs 36,700
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Rs 37,900 Rs 39,900
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Rs 42,900 Rs 45,100


The new prices have been updated today on the Apple Official website. The price revision has been done due to an increased GST rate for mobile phones which was previously 12% and now 18%. This has forced the smartphone makers to increase the actual prices of their phones for India.

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