iPhone hotspot not working? Fix now

iPhone hotspot not working? Fix now

iPhones provide an option to share your phone’s mobile data with another device using the mobile hotspot technique. It turns your phone into a router, and thus, you are eligible to share your internet with other gadgets. In times when you do not find WiFi nearby, your iPhone’s private hotspot will serve as a savior.

Sometimes, you might face the iPhone hotspot not working problem. You do not need to panic as more often than not, it is just a software bug and can be resolved by a few straightforward steps.

Continue reading if your iPhone is unable to establish your private hotspot, the iPhone hotspot is not accessible, or you are experiencing any other hotspot issues. Let us look at how to fix the iPhone hotspot not working problem.

How to Fix iPhone hotspot not working Issue

Restart your device.

It may be necessary to reboot your devices for them to recognize and join a private hotspot. Reboot your iPhone and all the other gadgets attempting to connect to the personal hotspot. After all of the devices have been appropriately rebooted, check to see whether the private hotspot is activated and try to connect once more.

Restart your device

Ensure you have switched Tethering on.

It should go without saying, but you should double-check that you have enabled Tethering, even if it was previously allowed, because you may have removed it by mistake via the Control Center, or an iOS upgrade may have switched it off without your awareness. Your iPhone hotspot will not be accessible if it is switched off.

To see if your private hotspot is turned on, go to Settings, then move over to Cellular. You will find a Personal Hotspot there. Make sure the slider is turned on. Underneath, you should notice a notification that states Now Discoverable, including the username of your wifi connection.

Once you are in the hotspot options, double-check that your hotspot passcode is secure and reliable. By pressing on Wi-Fi Password, you may modify the hotspot passcode.

Ensure you have switched Tethering on

Turn your Mobile Data off and on again.

A private hotspot turns your iPhone into a wireless hotspot by utilizing mobile internet. Other devices that access your hotspot and surf the internet consume mobile data from your mobile data plan. Switching off and on mobile data might sometimes resolve a minor technical bug that prevents your iPhone’s private hotspot from operating.

Turn your Mobile Data off and on again

If you do not see Tethering Options.

Some providers block hotspot connections on their iPhones for not-so-obvious reasons. The issue is most common on restricted devices bought straight from a particular store, but it can also occur on unrestricted phones bought from authentic Apple Store.

This problem expresses itself in a variety of ways. You may discover that the tethering choice in the Options menu is completely greyed out, or you may get a visual notice that says Contact [carrier] to activate the private hotspot on this account. Usually, it is accompanied by a rotating wheel.

Occasionally, a brief check of your provider’s FAQs may resolve the issue. Submitting an SMS to your provider to activate the option could be the simplest solution.

APN data that is lacking might potentially be the source of the problem. If you have the credentials, go to Settings, then open Cellular. From there, you need to move to Cellular Data Options, then Cellular Network or Settings, then Mobile Data, and then Mobile Data Options. Here, you will find Mobile Data Network, and you should enter the credentials there.

Conversely, the carrier may have permanently removed the choice on your profile in some cases. You will have to call your provider’s support staff and discuss the problem with them for additional info.

Check for Provider Updates.

Your telecommunications company and Apple issue network configuration updates frequently to enhance your iPhone’s capacity to link to your provider’s network. To check for a new service provider settings upgrade, go to Settings, then touch General. You will find the About option here.  A pane will emerge in around fifteen seconds if an update is available. If no pop-up occurs, a carrier configuration upgrade is most likely not forthcoming.

Check for Provider Updates

Try another connection technique.

Most folks think that using a private hotspot necessitates the usage of a Wi-Fi network. That is not correct. To join, you can either utilize Bluetooth or an old-fashioned USB cord.

By experimenting with different hotspot connection techniques, you can find an issue with your device’s Wi-Fi circuitry. To utilize an alternative connection type, you must still activate your private hotspot, as previously mentioned.

If you want to utilize Bluetooth, you must first link your iPhone with the smartphone or computer you want to share the connection with. On an iPhone, this entails going to Settings, then Bluetooth, and tapping on the iPhone’s name.

The procedure on the other gadget will be dependent on its OS. Consult the handbook or instructions on pairing your mobile phone to a PC through Bluetooth for further information. If you’re connecting the other device for the first time, you might have to go through a PIN authentication phase.

Pairing to a hotspot via USB connection is as straightforward as attaching your smartphone to a pc and choosing the hotspot from the choice of accessible networks. USB also has the advantage of being the quickest method of connectivity. This is the ideal option if speed is crucial to you.

Reset Network Configurations.

iOS includes an in-built method for erasing user information and restoring configurations to factory defaults. Nonetheless, you may take a more comprehensive strategy by deleting only specific data types.

If your iPhone’s private hotspot isn’t working, all you have to do is remove the network configuration. Go to Settings open General. Find and tap on Reset then Reset Network Settings to do so. You will have to input your password first, and then you can advance.

The resetting procedure will erase all of your Wi-Fi and cellular preferences, as well as your personalized iPhone identity. This will provide you with a clean slate to ensure that an incorrect network setup did not cause the hotspot issue.

Reset Network Configurations

Log out of your Apple account.

Some folks have also stated that signing out from your Apple profile can fix a broken mobile hotspot. It is unclear why this will resolve a network problem, but it is worth a chance if no other thing has worked.

Navigate to Settings, then tap on your Username. You will see a Sign Out option to log out from your Apple account. To enable your Apple account again, sign in to your profile.

Log out of your Apple account

Update your iOS.

The private hotspot is available on iPhones running iOS 7 or later if provided with your prepaid service. Obsolete iOS editions can cause a range of software issues, so it’s critical to keep your iPhone updated at all times.

To see whether there is a new iOS upgrade available, go to Settings, General, and find Software Update, and if there is an iOS upgrade available, select Download and Install.

If you own an iPhone 12 or newer, enable Maximum Compatibility.

The iPhone 12 and newer range of smartphones contain various new networking abilities and possibilities over previous models, including 5G. These settings can occasionally cause issues when older models access them. To resolve this, navigate to Settings and then open Personal Hotspot. Here, turn the Maximize Compatibility indicator to the on position.

Maximum Compatibility

Reset your iPhone.

The last resort is to delete the device data and all of the user information and restore your whole iPhone.

To start the procedure, navigate to Settings and look for General. Here, you will find Reset and then Erase All Content and Settings. However, you should always create a backup beforehand.

Put your iPhone in DFU mode.

A DFU restore can cure software issues by completely deleting the code, causing your trouble. The code is rebuilt as if the iPhone is brand new, hoping that the software issue will be rectified.

Consider it as a house with defects in the core. Rather than addressing the flaws, we are building an entirely new core.

If feasible, backup your device’s data before performing a DFU restore. When you execute a restore, it deletes everything on your iPhone. Nonetheless, after the reset is complete, you will be able to retrieve all of your previously backed-up data on your iPhone.

  • Connect the iPhone to your system’s USB port using a Lightning cable.
  • If you have a Mac running Mojave, open iTunes. Assume you have a Mac that is running Catalina; start Finder. It doesn’t matter if your iPhone is switched on or off.
  • If you have an older iPhone, long-press the Home and Power buttons. On a recent iPhone, hold down the power and audio down buttons.
  • After eight seconds, release the Power Button, but maintain pressing the Power Button or the Volume Down Button, depending on your iPhone.
  • Release the power or audio down buttons after the device has been identified in iTunes or Finder.
  • If you successfully activate DFU mode on your iPhone, the screen will be completely dark. If it isn’t, start over from the beginning.
  • To fix your iPhone, use iTunes or the Finder.

Contact an Apple Store.

If you’ve called your provider and discovered that there is not anything problematic with your mobile phone service, it is time to contact Apple.

You may reach out to Apple support on the internet, via your iPhone, or by scheduling an appointment at a physical site closer to your home.

An antenna within your iPhone may have gotten broken, prohibiting you from utilizing mobile data as a private hotspot.


Thus, the article on the iPhone hotspot not working issue concludes here. I have tried to design this article to include all the primary steps an iPhone user can take to ensure that his mobile’s hotspot starts functioning again.

It includes easy solutions like restarting your device and reconfiguring your settings to a bit of complex but doable-at-home solutions like resetting your iPhone or putting it in the DFU mode. With the step-by-step guide, you will undoubtedly find these options simple too.

I hope this article helps you. Do share it with the people around you who face the iPhone hotspot not working issue.

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