10 Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone in 2023

Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone

If you want to save your iPhone battery so that you can work on it for a longer time, battery saver apps will help you out. No doubt that the latest iPhone’s battery should at least last as long as 24 hours with moderate usage, but streaming videos, calling, playing games, listening to music & other activities can drain your iPhone battery fast.

So it’s necessary to install one of the best battery saving apps for iPhone to give a kick start to the battery life and let your smartphone perform both smoothly and smartly.

Battery Saver Apps not only monitor the phone’s battery life but also provide a detailed description of the battery consumed by the apps running on your phone as well as offers features that help you save the battery and enhance battery life.

So without wasting a single second, let’s look at best apps you can install today to save you iPhone’s battery.

Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone

1 – Battery Saver from lin tongtong

Battery Saver from lin tongtong-Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone

Battery Saver from lin tongtong is one of the best battery-saving apps for iPhone that quickly gives you your device battery’s actual condition and stops it from getting drained out completely.

It’s a super simple & beautiful app to check your battery status & system status. The application comes with free battery-saving tips to save your battery life.

It provides an accurate battery percentage view. Plus, you can check your RAM usage & status using this app. So, this app not only helps you keep your battery level in check, but also helps manage memory and disk space.                

2 – Battery HD+

Battery HD+

Another best battery saver app for iPhone is Battery HD+. It is one of the most popular battery monitoring apps for iPhone users. The application is packed with usage and charge alerts.

Battery HD+ is a simple and beautiful app that lets you know how many hours you have left for games, video streaming, taking photos & recording videos, reading books, GPS navigation, internet browsing, video chat, etc. This feature helps users maintain their phone usage & ultimately save a lot of battery.

The app can even alert you when the battery is fully charged. Moreover, you can fine-tune your battery health level to get more accurate estimates.

It is free to use with no in-app purchases. You can also run the calibration tests on your device.

3 – Battery Life – check runtimes

Battery Life-Battery Saver Apps for iphone

Battery Life is the ultimate battery analysis tool that monitors iPhone and Apple Watch battery data quickly and accurately. The app is available in different languages and provides you with the proper status of battery usage and runtime.

It will display runtimes, and various internal as well as external battery data and keep you informed about the corresponding battery charges. Battery Life gives you notifications for both high and low battery in your phone. Also, check for the number and the battery status of your connected devices.

In addition, you can keep yourself updated about battery charge levels by utilizing notifications. The application allows you to check the battery charge levels both from the iOS and Apple Watch app.

You can also set up customized battery charging and discharging notification.

4 – Battery saver – wifi analyzer

Battery saver - wifi analyzer

Battery saver – wifi analyzer is one of the most comprehensive battery saver apps for iPhone which not only helps you with your iPhone battery but also helps you know your Wifi network.

The app exellently checks for the battery life and runtime for different apps. It provides the full details of the battery usage by each app, which eventually helps you find the app that is draining the battery.

Using this battery saving tool, you are able to know your phone battery health status. your home network, processor status etc.

In addition, it checks your RAM usage & status, disk space and offers tips for battery maintenance. The app also provides network usage status so that you will know which IP using your internet.

5 – Battery Care

Battery Care-Best battery saving apps for iPhone

Here comes another iPhone battery saver app- Battery Care. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, and one can also get some tips on how to increase the battery life of their phone to use it for more time.

The application keeps checking for total battery runtime for multiple functions. It shows battery percentage accurately without any glitches. Using this app, you can easily track the LTE and Wi-Fi browsing, talk time, audio time, video time, and so on. It provides the detailed info about the battery so that you are aware of its condition on timely basis.

The best part is that the application is available in various languages such as French, English, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Russian.

6 – Battery Life Atomic Cleaner

Battery Life Atomic Cleaner

Battery Life Atomic Cleaner is a user-friendly battery saver app where everything is logical and structured. It has an excellent interface design that makes the app more interesting. The application allows you to clean up your device and features battery animations, battery percentage, time of application usage, and device specifications.

This app is primarily designed for iPad but works on iPhone and Apple watches too. In addition, it organizes contacts, pictures, videos, and almost everything to increase the disk space and battery performance.

7 – CPU Dasher Mobile Master

CPU Dasher Mobile Master

This app stands out from the crowd due to its additional capabilities. CPU Dasher Mobile Master provides information about equipment, CPU, Memory, Battery, and Network, and allows you a quick view of widgets.

The app will amaze its users with some common tools such as heart rate test, network tool, noise test, make a decision, traffic statistics, screen test, etc.

The memory details, detailed battery, network information is updated in real time as well. Moreover, the app enhances the user’s experience and comes with ten downloadable fonts, heart rate functions.

The app has also added step count and distance widgets. After authorizing the app to obtain health data, the widget will display your today’s step count and exercise distance.

8 – Zen Battery

Zen Battery

Zen Battery is another one of the best battery saver apps for iPhone that will inform you about how many hours you have left for listening to music, watching videos, talking on the phone, and surfing the Internet.

If you touch the phone screen once, it will hide the icons, leaving only the time and the battery charge percentage on the screen.

The second touch on the screen will only leave the battery, and touching a third time brings back all the data you had at the start.

Once your iPhone battery is fully charged, the application will make a warning sound so you don’t have to worry about the overcharging. Keep in mind that the app shows the times and percentages with 5-percent increases.

9 – iBattery Free

iBattery Free

Our next favorite app in the list of best battery saver apps for iPhone is iBattery Free. It provides a more detailed output of your battery status that helps every user to find the best way to optimize their device’s working process.

The app allows you to view your favorite show with your remaining battery power. iBattery displays the current battery level of your iPhone or iPod Touch using a percentage output and a bar indicator.

It additionally shows the remaining time in hours and minutes for the most common usage scenarios such as video & audio calling, Internet browsing, watching videos, listening to the audio, and playing games.

The app also lets you know an estimated time that is needed to recharge your battery.

10 – Battery Health

Battery Health

If you want to prevent overcharging & test your battery life, Battery Health is the right application for you. This battery saving app will notify you by ringtone once phone’s battery is 100% charged even in silent mode. It will maintain your phone’s battery health and save energy.

Furthermore, the tool will keep you updated on battery charging status through always on display once you hide UI. There is a charging history option that will display 30 days charging state of your phone. It helps users learn about battery charge and battery discharge rate.

Additionally, the Charger Time State will help users understand how many percentage of battery charge on particular time that help them understand the battery charging speed.

Final Words

The underperformance of your battery can drastically affect your phone usage. So it is essential to keep an eye on battery of your smartphone.

We hope the above-mentioned battery saver apps for iPhone help you save your battery life. Share your views in the comments below.

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