Why is My iPhone Overheating? 10 Ways to Cool Down a hot iPhone

How can I stop my iPhone from overheating

Is your iPhone overheating? Well, here are some fixes that you should try to avoid overheating.

If your iPhone is getting a little hot while you use it, no need to worry as it is quite normal.

This heating on the metal of the phone acts as a diffuser and helps to keep the phone in moderate condition without the help of any cooling device or fan installation on the iPhone system.

If your iPhone is getting a little warmer then you don’t need to worry, but if it heats up more than usual then you can try these ways to cool it down.

The metal casing covering the phone acts as a kind of diffuser of heat when your phone is working hard regularly; and it is pretty effective, as Apple’s advanced technology is used in this as a heat-sink to allow your devices to operate without any kind of fan or another cooling system in place.

The transfer of electricity to your phone from charging might cause it to warm up a little, not a big deal. You don’t have to panic or overthink in such a situation.

But if you’re dealing with a constantly overheating iPhone that’s suddenly too hot to handle, and are seeing the dreaded “iPhone needs to cool down before you use it” then you should surely check this article to find your way out.

So that it can cool down and gain the normal level.

No need to worry, we are here to guide you through some tricks to cool down your iPhone for this time and also prevent it from overheating further.

How to fix iPhone Overheating in simple steps?

You need to check these solutions to find the best way out for your iPhone overheating issue.

You simply need to follow the steps patiently to get the best results and protect your iPhone from overheating by safeguarding your device from basic wrong habits which can be avoided.

1. Act Fast-

You should immediately try to cool down your overheated iPhone as soon as you realize it, even though the pop-up hasn’t arrived. You don’t need to wait for the message or notification to take the required action.

Quick action can help you get rid of some major issue occurrences on your iPhone. Take immediate steps to cool down your device as soon as you notice symptoms of overheating, even if you haven’t received a warning message yet.

This is important to protect your overheating iPhone from further such situations.

It is a kind of prevention that you need to take as soon as you feel something abrupt on your iPhone. Hence you need to follow all the further steps quickly to get the best results.

2. Turn off your Phone

If your phone is overheating right this second, turning it off will prevent further overheating and reduce damage to your internal components. Immediately turning off your overheating iPhone at the same point of time can save it from any kind of long term damage coming on your way.

Immediately switching off your mobile is a very effective quick solution to get rid of any kind of malfunctioning on your iPhone. Overheating iPhone is also one of that kind.

As soon as you feel the heat of the phone, you need to immediately switch off the iPhone for protecting it from all upcoming problems.

3. Keep it Shady

Overheating can also occur in summers while your iPhone is directly exposed to sunlight. It may heat up at double speed because of the metal body which receives direct sunlight. Don’t leave your device in direct sunlight, or anywhere with extremely high temperatures (like your car in summer).

Apple recommends not allowing an iPhone to operate in temperatures above 103, and the glass/metal combo can heat up quickly on a sunny day if left in the wrong spot.

Direct sunlight can immediately overheat your iPhone without any kind of internal issue, but this Overheating can definitely create an issue later for your iPhone.

4. Keep it out of the cold as well

You must also make sure that your iPhone is not at a very low temperature, as some user keeps their phone in the freezer, in order to cool them quickly. However, this can be harmful to your iPhone and may lead to severe internal problems.

Some users have stuck their phones in the freezer after receiving a high-temperature warning in an attempt to fix things. But think about it. What happens when you put a hot glass into the freezer?

Frost… And condensation. Rapid temperature shifts aren’t good for your phone. The resulting dampness can spell disaster. Keeping a very hot thing in a very cool place can result in adverse situations.

5. Close your apps

At times it happens that there are multiple applications running in the background of the iPhone.

If you have a ton of apps running, especially ones requiring advanced graphics or location services (like augmented reality or a live map), it can strain the processor and lead to overheating.

It also explains why your phone might shut down if you try to run Snapchat, Maps, and Pokemon Go at the same time. This may overburden the software of the iPhone which may further lead to overheating of your iPhone. In such a case make sure to force stop applications on your device.

6. Take off your case

You should quickly remove the case of your iPhone so that the contraction of your iPhone can be released, with which the heat of the phone will also release.

If you are dealing with a red-hot phone, remove the case. The metal casing of your phone is created to dispel heat, and it can do so more effectively without an extra covering.

Also, the case will suffocate the heat and it will not able to release with that much ease. You need to take off the case of your phone quickly as and when you realize that your iPhone is overheating.

7. Avoid charging and using your phone simultaneously

how to avoid iPhone overheating

When the phone is on charging mode it is already heating, if the screen is lightened and lots of functions are going on the phone, it will automatically overheat than usual.

Running applications, turning up the backlight, and letting your hands keep the screen from cooling while your phone is plugged in can easily overwhelm an older battery. The mechanism is that the iPhone is over-functioning which leads to overheating.

Charging a phone itself generates heat, over it if the applications are also running then automatically the heating mechanism increases which leads to an overheated iPhone. Make sure you never use your phone while it is on charging.

8. Keep an eye on all apps and their battery usage

Turn off iPhone battery usage- iPhone overheating

It is as necessary as charging your mobile, you should definitely keep checking at intervals of time to make sure that there is no such app that is consuming a lot of battery usage though you use it very seldom.

That could be because the application must be running or working in the background like it may update itself without your permission if it’s open and using your phone battery, then it can surely end up overheating your iPhone because of maximum battery usage by multiple apps.

To do this, open “Settings,” tap “Battery,” and take a look at which applications are using up the most power.

Applications use battery power, and some take up more than others- especially if they’re using location services. Many apps use a “Background Refresh” that uses up unnecessary battery power even when the application is closed. You can turn this option off in Settings.’

9. Turn off Bluetooth mode

If not required keep your Bluetooth off, all the time.

Only turn it on when required otherwise it consumes a lot of battery which will again lead to the problem of overheating the iPhone.

turn off bluetooth in iphone to avoid iphone overheating

If you’re not currently using a Bluetooth device, deactivate Bluetooth to save your battery and help keep things cool. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of your home screen and deselect the “Bluetooth” icon. It’s the symbol directly to the right of your internet icon.

If you have an X-series iPhone, same steps; just start off by swiping from the top-right instead. So make sure that the Bluetooth is not on unnecessarily on your device and try to use it when required.

10. Don’t tuck it under your pillow

You should never keep your mobile under the pillow, especially when it has overheating issue.

Doing so can block the air and decrease the flow because of which the cooling process slows down. Tons of us are guilty of charging our phone under a pillow or a pile of clothes.

But don’t! Blocking airflow can prevent your phone from cooling properly as it warms up during normal use; especially when it’s on the charger.

It is also dangerous in case your phone is overheating can lead to a dangerous situation, because accident doesn’t happen daily.

It’s a thing of once in a while, and no one knows, since your phone is already having the overheating issue in that case prevention is better than cure, so make sure you do not keep your mobile under your pillow, either it has the overheating problem or not.

You should try out and find signs of overheating the iPhone, do keep an eye while it’s charging if the charging is slow or the phone stops charging.

If your face lock app crashes at the time of unlocking your phone, or your screen fades out or turns black.

Do keep a not of basic misbehave to avoid the worst situation. Look for symptoms of your phone overheating ahead of time.

If charging slows or stops, the display seems to randomly dim or go black, your favourite selfie app keeps crashing, and/or your flash stopped working, it’s likely that your phone is getting too hot.

Even if your phone isn’t showing a temperature warning yet, overheating can impact day to day performance.

There are a few things you can keep an eye out for that might clue you in on an overheating issue ahead of time so you can prevent further damage to your phone.

If your phone display is going black or unresponsive randomly, or if it’s not charging properly (or not charging at all), you may be dealing with a hardware or software issue that’s roasting your internal components.

If you don’t keep a not, it may lead to some internal part damage to your iPhone because of overheating. If you want to prevent such an upcoming situation then don’t wait for the heating message to confirm the issue but start taking action before that.

Final Thoughts

If you counter any malfunctioning in your iPhone definitely try the above ways to fix the issue asap. The above ways are effective at the initial stage of overheating the iPhone, if the issue is severe do look for a trained professional to get the issue resolved.

Also, definitely check the charging process. If it has changed or slowed down with time. It could happen that it is a battery issue on your overheating iPhone.

Make sure your battery is working properly as well. If you’ve noticed other issues with your device and it seems to overheat all the time, it could be a sign of a faulty battery that needs to be replaced by an expert.

Do check the flow of functions on your iPhone and check with the expert regarding the battery issue.

If your iPhone overheating is still heating, after following all the above ways to get your phone in place, the overheating iPhone issue is not resolved.

Definitely look for an expert nearby or visit your nearest iPhone service centre or any other mobile repair shop before the problem gets severe and the damage increase because of delay or negligence. These tricks can be super helpful if you’re dealing with a simple, one-time issue.

But there are a lot of reasons an iPhone may overheat. If your iPhone is frequently getting too hot to handle, it might be an indication of an internal issue that requires an expert repair.

So if the tips outlined here aren’t enough to get things running properly again, don’t risk your precious phone on an at-home fix. Drop by your local mobile phone repair shop today to get help from a trained professional.

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