iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max

After waiting so long, we are finally ready to get our hands on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Both of these are the high-end iPhone ranges launched at the 2021 Apple convention. Equipped with all-new features, design, and build, we are ready to see what all the new iPhones have got for us.

The Pro and Pro Max iPhones have always been a fan favorite amongst iPhone users. Given its nature, these have attracted more fanatics who want to experience everything Apple has to offer. Be it the ever upgrading chipset, cameras, and the environment of iPhones, and Apple always tries to do something new.  

But are these two variations of iPhones, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, worth the hype? Or should you save some bucks by resorting to the old model? Are the specs going to live up to the promises Apple has made with the new launch?

If you find yourself conflicted over the heaps of choices, you are at the right place. We have penned down a comparison between iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The differentiation was done based on some of the most important specs of the iPhone makes all the difference!

Design & Display

If you were a fan of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max’s build and design, then you are in for a treat. Apple will retain the same build and product dimensions except for a tiny difference in the notch. They have significantly lowered the size of the notch than the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. 

The looks, however, are the same. Complete with the Ceramic shield display and flat edges around the iPhone, you would be getting the same feel. This means the same durability and protection accompany the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. 

Once on your hands, you would also notice the noticeable difference in weight. The iPhone has increased its battery size and hence added to the weight. The iPhone 13 Pro weighs 6.7 ounces, while the Pro Max weighs 8 ounces as compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max. So you are getting an increased battery life by compromising on the weight! 

And colors! We are getting all new colors with our latest iPhone 13 Pro. While iPhone 13 Pro Max is going ahead with the old colors, iPhone 13 Pro will include a very soothing shade of Sierra Blue which would be added to the existing lineup of graphite, gold, and silver.

The brightness, too, has significant changes with the new lineup. With an enormous increase of 28% in brightness, you can expect the iPhone 13’s Pro models to give you up to 1000 nits of brightness!  

But it is the exclusive new feature of the iPhone 13 Pro models which takes all the cake in the display. For the first time in Apple, models come with the ProMotion displays. This fantastic new feature has only been made available to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. 

The feature dynamically changes the refresh rate between 10Hz and 120Hz according to the specific usage. It is beneficial as an added feature as it reduces the performance according to the content. It saves battery consumption to give your iPhone a longer usage time. So get ready for a sharper, more transparent, and responsive screen!


Cameras of the Pro models have seen drastic changes as well. So want even better selfies and group photos? Apple has got you with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. The lens strength inherently remains the same: three lenses with iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. 

iphone pro series

The sensors are the biggest they have ever been. The primary sensor’s size is increased dramatically to induce more light and work better under darker conditions. And in contrast to the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, which had an aperture of f/2.4, iPhone 13 Pro Models have an ultrawide lens with f/1.8 wider aperture. 

This increased aperture implies the pictures clicked from the camera would be cleaner and sharper. And photos under very dark conditions? You have got it! The pro models also come equipped with a 77mm telephoto lens which offers you a 3x optical zoom, an increase of 0.5x from the previous models. 

Night photography is also made easier with all three cameras supporting the night mode. And instead of just Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro has also been aided with sensor-shift stabilization.

All of these are massive changes for a new product range, and we can’t wait to see for ourselves how well the pictures turn out!


The Pro models- iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max- come equipped with an A15 Bionic Chip. A14 was the fastest chip available on the market amongst all phones. So, we can imagine the power that A15 packs inside itself. 

And unlike the regular iPhone 13 with the 4 core graphics processor, the Pro Models comes with 5 core GPU. This makes the Pro models a pro gaming powerhouse that swiftly handles all the hardcore gaming graphics. So, instead of switching to a laptop to play games, you can play it right on the iPhone 13 Pro models!

Even in terms of 5G compatibility, while the iPhone 12 pro models supported it, the iPhone 13 pro model promises to include even more 5G bands. 

Battery Life & Charging

Apple is yet to reveal the battery size of the iPhone 13 models. But given the significant increase in the weight, we can assume the sheer increase in the battery size. A larger battery would last for a longer time. 

iPhone 12 models, except the Pro Max, gave subpar performances, which was pretty disappointing. But with the new upgrades, we are expecting some significant improvement in battery life. 

The pro models are all set to deliver around 2.5 hours of extra battery life. That translates to iPhone 13 Pro max to have the best battery life amongst all the available phones on the market. 

The charging port and speeds have remained unchanged and have come down to a lightning port with 15W MagSafe wireless charging and 20W wired charging. The 20W charging can bring the battery life up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes. Both the Pro models would also support the Magsafe and Qi wireless charging.

As with every other model, iPhone 13 pro and pro max do not come with a charger present in the kit. 


One of the most exclusive and never seen features that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max would come equipped with is storage. The iPhone 13 Pro Models’ comes with a storage of 1 TB, which is massive. Even if you tend to download many materials, this storage is enough to last you quite a while.

Compared to the iPhone 12 Pro models, whose storage stopped at 512 GB, this is a significant improvement. 


The debut prices for both the Pro and Pro Max remain the same. The iPhone 13 Pro starts at $999, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1099. 

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max – Should You Upgrade?

After the thorough discussion and evaluation of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max vs. the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, we have a clear winner with us. In terms of all the specs, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max emerge victoriously. 

Be it the powerhouse chipset, massive storage, battery life, or camera, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are better than the iPhone 12 Pro models. And if pricing is an issue for you, remember that while iPhone 12 Pro models might cost less today, you would still be investing in obsolete technology. 

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