9 Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protectors

Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protectors

The recently launched iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with a very vibrant and bright screen. The flagship project of Apple presents us with a 6.7 inches OLED display. And although this brilliant screen comes with a ceramic shield, it is best to avoid any potential damage to our precious phone! You’ll still need the best iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protectors to guard this precious device against everyday wear and tear.

The tempered glass screen is probably the best solution for all problems of the screen. It gives an extra layer of protection and ensures that it stays away from regular wear and tear. And the best part? Even after going through a hard fall, your screen shall remain intact and without a scratch! 

The tempered glass would bear all the burden, and the original screen would be as good as new! And if you tend to be either clumsy or prone to letting your iPhone fall, then this might be your savior. Easy replacement with no hassle is the epitome of screen protectors. 

And if you are looking for the best screen protectors that you can rely on to keep your iPhone 13 pro max safe, then you are at the right place!

Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protectors

1. Ferilinso Screen Protectors

The ferilinso protection kit comes with 3 protective glass screen protectors with a set of 2 lens protectors. This ensures that all the parts vulnerable to scratch remain protected. It fits snugly against the iPhone 13 Pro max build and ensures that every part is covered thoroughly. 

The screen protector is cut through a laser machine to guarantee perfection. Ferilinso Screen Protector is impact and shockproof. It will require quite a fall to bring damage to just the protector, let alone our actual screen. It also maintains the true touch feature and maintains the fast response time offered by iPhone. 

The camera lens protector comes with a unique “Night Flash Circle” and Electrostatic Adsorption that gives perfect night light pictures. The flash remains constant during the night due to the addition of this feature. 


  • Maximum coverage of the screen
  • Precise cut
  • Case friendly
  • All-around protection


  • It does not come with an installation kit

2. Spigen Screen Protectors

Spigen has been a well-known brand for creating iPhone cases. They have brought forth their expertise in glass protectors as well. The self-applying screen protector is equipped with a Glas. tR EZ Fit. The durable tempered glass comes with a 9H hardness level.

The installation kit that it comes equipped with requires you just to place the glass over the screen and let go. It would fit the screen perfectly. The bubbles can be removed gently through the fingertips. 

The Oleophobic coating prevents any fingerprints from lingering and keeps the display clean. 


  • Self-applying kit
  • Oleophobic coating
  • 9H hardness


  • The glass covers the front camera notch

3. Mkeke Screen Protectors

Mkeke protector kit comes in a set of screens as well as lens protectors. It is very flexible and can be bent at will. The build ensures that no bubble sneaks inside the case and gives you trouble later. 

It is prone to touch sensitivity and enhances the response rate. It carries out its basic tasks quite thoroughly and ensures that the main screen remains safe and protected. The accompanying lens too is surrounded by a black circle that prevents extra light from entering the camera. This prevents the increase of saturation in dim lighting.

The protector is anti-fingerprint as well and does not leave any mark behind. The protectors are carefully cut to fit the screen and lens snugly without hindering any functions. 


  • Touch-sensitive
  • No fingerprints
  • Precise cut


  • No installation helper

4. Hiwill Screen Protectors

The Hiwill screen protectors are known for their straightforward protection. These protectors come with a cut edge build, covering the entire screen. It provides complete protection against scratch, scape, and bump. 

Due to the build and lightweight structure, it lets the iPhone 13 Pro Max carry out all its functionalities without a hitch. The response time is even, Face Id works fast, and Haptic Touch technology gives its best performance. 

The clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating prevents any water damage and fingerprint residue. This ensures that the screen always remains clean to use. 


  • Clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating
  • Extremely responsive
  • Lightweight


  • No installing guide

5. UltraGlass Screen Protectors

UltraGlass makes the most precise and easy-to-install screen protectors. A no-touch apply feature ensures that no bubbles, fingertips, or dust enter the screen’s surface.

It has a case where the iPhone is placed. A flap on the top has the screen protector. Simply remove the sticking film and let the protector slide over. And you are done! The sliding motion automatically removes any lingering bubbles. The priority cleaned screen doesn’t come in contact with fingers as well.

The screen protector itself comes with a 9H hardness capability. The glass used in making the protector goes through an ion-exchange tempering process. This thorough process makes the glass very durable and enables it to give 5x more excellent scratch resistance.  


  • Safe protector applying technology
  • Bubble and dust resistant
  • Scratch proof
  • Edge to edge protection


  • No cons were found

6. Raxfly Screen Protectors

The Raxfly screen protectors come in a set of 3 and are easily replaced and used. It comes equipped with an installation tray. This equipment makes the application process more accessible as well as effective. Its use ensures that no dust particles or fingerprints enter the screen. 

It comes with an oleophobic coat that prevents any major crack and scratch. The thick layer also prevents any harm on the main screen. The edge-to-edge build does not let any dust linger on the side. This also gives the screen protector enough space to be put on comfortably. 

It also does not hamper the brightness and visibility. It provides the best viewing experience with the safest protection. 


  • Case friendly design
  • It comes with an installation tray
  • Excellent viewing experience
  • Anti-fingerprint and scratch screen


  • No cons were discovered

7. Qhohq Screen Protectors

The high-quality tempered protectors also come with a lens protector to keep the camera safe. The Qhohq protectors are thoroughly treated with a smooth layer of coating. This makes the glass sturdy and well reflective. It reduces the chances of fingerprints and any dust residue. 

The 99.99% optical-grade light transmittance allows the enhancement of visibility. It is ultra-thin and very lightweight. It won’t add any extra weight to your iPhone. The response time is enhanced, and the fingers almost glide over the screen. Given the smoothness, the gaming experience is made even better!

The protector covers all the edges and does not let any dust enter through its seams. The side edge protection is maintained.  


  • All-around protection
  • Vibrant and bright display
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Prevents dust and water damage


  • No application equipment

8. Cubauba Screen Protectors

This is a premium tempered screen protector which comes with 2 privacy screen protectors and lens protectors. Cubauba Screen Protectors guarantees you lifetime protection from regular wear and tear. 

It has been made from quality products which makes it very durable and long-lasting. It is a ‘privacy’ screen protector, which implies that the screen is visible to the person right in front of it and no one else. This means that you would be investing in protection as well as complete privacy. 

The lens protector, too, comes with a night photo circle around it. This automatically eliminates any glare from the flash. Night photography is made easy through it!


  • Privacy screen protector
  • Anti-glare lens protector
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight
  • Smooth and responsive


  • No added equipment to apply

9. iAnder Screen Protectors

The tempered glass protector comes with an industry-level hardness of 9H. With a width of just 0.33 mm, it is very lightweight and does not add extra weight. Despite being so thin, it is scratch-resistant and prevents any scuffs or damages.

It has an added protection of HD retina clarity. It offers a light transmission rate of 99 percent, which provides a very clear and vibrant display. The response rate is excellent and does not lag. A smooth glide can be felt while working with the screen protector. 

An extra tray is available with a protector that quickly guides the entire installation process. The iPhone 13 Pro Max needs to be wiped with a wet cloth provided and placed inside the tray. Place the iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protector along the marking of the tray and let it settle. 


  • Clear and vibrant
  • Fast response time
  • Application tray
  • Thin and lightweight


  • The quality of the protector is sub-par


Screen protectors are present to ensure that your iPhone 13 Pro Max’s screen remains safe. Remember not to be swayed by fancy options that would ultimately not protect your screen at all. It is all about quality first!

Our top pick for the best iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protector would be – Raxfly Screen Protectors. The tempered glass is solid and durable and would last long days of usage. You can easily forget the daily wear and tear. And the heavy falls? Your screen would be as good as new!

The pack of three ensures that even if you tend to let your iPhone drop a lot, the on-hand protectors can be used to replace it. And the bonus of an installation tray implies that you can do it right at home without any professional help!

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