7 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Yes, you can protect your new iPhone with iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors without losing your swag. And, these tempered glasses won’t cost you more than a hamburger meal.

Apple launched iPhone 12 Pro Max last year. And it becomes popular with users in a matter of days. If you’ve got a new iPhone 12 Pro Max, I congratulate you. Since the new iPhone 12 is quite expensive, you must add a better security layer to both elements, hardware, and software.

Today we’re going to talk about how to protect hardware parts of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Especially the most sensitive ones, such as the iPhone’s screen.

6 Best Ways to Protect your iPhone Screen 

The new iPhone 12 Pro Max is a feature-less phone with a gorgeous body. And, no one wants to have a single, even a tiny scratch on that body. Now, I am not saying you should stop using your iPhone or put it into a museum glass. However, there are some cautions and ways I want you to recommend that can help you to keep your iPhone as a new one for the long run.

1. Get a Sturdy Back Cover

Now don’t say you’re expecting something out of the box. There is a difference between something experimental and interestingly new and something old and boring but the working one. Having a sturdy case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is an old one but it works great if you want to protect your iPhone. However, there are multiple kinds of cases available in the market, both online and offline. And not, in any case, is great in protecting your iPhone.

Some cases come with screen clearance. These kinds of cases come with raised bezels that surround the screen from every corner. And, these bezels won’t let your iPhone’s screen touch the ground when it drops face-down. Moreover, the rubber cushioning technology works great to absorb the drop impression when a phone falls. OtterBox and Spigen are two trustable brands that made these kinds of phone cases. Although, they all come with an expensive price tag.

2. Use A Skin Cover 

If you’re not going to buy these protective yet expensive cases, you can use a skin cover. Obviously, you’re not going to get that level of protection with a skin cover. Still, it is better than nothing. Also, you can save your iPhone’s back from getting scratches. Moreover, you will get a better grip while using your iPhone with a skin cover. So, there are fewer chances of your phone’s falling even if you’re using it while laying.

Plus, you can give your iPhone a stylish look with your favorite color and creative patterns. I think these are enough benefits to get you a skin cover. However, I recommend you apply a skin on your iPhone’s back before buying a back cover for it. Therefore, you can prevent having congealing dust on your iPhone’s back. And, don’t forget to cut skin for the Apple logo to get a mirror selfie.

3. Buy A Pop Socket

At the very first thought, you’ll think about how a pop socket can help you to protect your iPhone. But it can. Although in an indirect way. With a skin cover, you will get a minimal but better grip as compared to holding an iPhone without a skin cover. Meanwhile, a pop socket can give you a solid and flexible grip to hold an iPhone. You can freely move your iPhone while walking, taking a selfie, etc. Also, you know, it prevents your iPhone to fall on your face while you’re surfing the internet on it laying on your bed.

It is my personal favorite phone accessory to buy for multipurpose. You will love this accessory if you find difficulty in using your phone with a single hand. Moreover, these come in different designs and color options. Therefore, it is best to give your iPhone a new and unique look. And, like the skin cover, it also doesn’t come with an expensive price tag.

4. Use A Car Phone Holder

If you’re travelling a lot in your car, having a car phone holder is a necessity for you. Especially if you haven’t gotten a guard or skin for your iPhone. Suppose, you get into the car and don’t draw your phone out from your pocket. That’s not how things work. Mostly, you get into your car, pull your phone out and start using it anyhow. For instance, to play the latest pop song, or to find out the way of a newly opened restaurant in your town. And, in between these tasks, you can easily drop your phone and end up having a cracked screen.

On the other hand, a car phone holder is the best place to make your phone secure while you reach your destination. Although, I don’t know about your driving skills. But you can enter your car and place your phone on a cardholder to use it accordingly and securely. Also, it makes your tasks hassle-free and straightforward. Therefore, buying a car phone holder is actually a good option.

5. Buy A Protective Case  

If you’re going to travel for straight 8-10 hours, I recommend you add an extra security layer to your iPhone. However, you can let it rest in your jeans pocket if it is old and already have a back cover and a screen glass. But if it is new and you haven’t installed any kind of protection on it then you must buy a protective case to carry your iPhone easily. Moreover, there are various kinds of protective cases available in the market. You can buy according to your preferences and budget.

However, you should buy a protective case with waterproof capabilities alongside padded surroundings. Therefore, you can ensure your iPhone security even if it will get dropped or a water splash.

6. Apply A Good Quality Tempered Glass

This is the last but not the least way to protect your iPhone. Moreover, it’s the essential one. A phone’s screen is the most important and sensitive element of its body. Also, the replacement cost of the screen costs you around $300. On the other hand, a good and sturdy tempered glass costs you only a few bucks. Also, it gives you peace of mind to use your iPhone freely.

In short, the first two things you should do after buying an iPhone have a back case and a screen protector. After that, you can buy other accessories such as a pop socket and car phone holder.

7 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protectors

As you can see a single search of the best iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors can bring up tons of results in front of you. However, it makes it hard to choose a single and perfect screen protector for your iPhone 12. To help you, I already spent hours doing research and finding the perfect product for you. So you won’t end up wasting your precious time and still having the wrong product.

I compiled a list of 7 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Tempered Glass Screen Protectors with their’s specifications and features. Therefore, you’ll get an idea or of which product you should go for. However, I want to make a confirmation that I did not give any rank to one of these products. For instance, number #1 is great and number #7 is just fine. Every one of these products has its capability, price, and features. Therefore, I advised you to choose according to your preferences.

So let’s get started with the number #1.

1. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max [Glas.tR EZ Fit]

Spigen is one of the famous brands when it comes to the tough tempered glass screen protector. This tempered glass is made for iPhone 12 Pro Max with a screen of 6.7.” Moreover, this product has 4.8 out of 5 stars ratings from 9782 users. And more than 88% of these users gave 5 stars to this product. Well, you can assume the level of fulfilment from this product.

Spigen tempered glass comes with the durability of 9H hardness. Therefore, you don’t worry about getting scratches on your phone screen, even if it gets hits from sharp objects. For instance, keys, coins, pens, etc. Moreover, the Oleophobic coating will prevent your screen from getting fingerprints and smudges with daily usage. The seller also mentioned you won’t see any difference in viewing quality even after applying this tempered glass on the screen. 

Furthermore, you’ll get two screen protectors with this pack alongside an auto-alignment installation kit. This kit includes tools that help you to apply the screen protector on your iPhone reliably and flawlessly. Also, the brand told us that this screen protector is compatible with every Spigen case.  So you won’t have to worry about case compatibility after applying this protector on your screen.

2. amFilm OneTouch Glass Screen Protector Compatible for iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7″, 2020) (2 Pack)

Like Spigen, amFilm OneTouch is also a well-known brand that manufactures the best screen protectors for various electronic products. This product has 4.6 out of 5 stars ratings from 888 users. Also, Amazon honored this product with its “Amazon Choice” tag.

Moreover, the film OneTouch screen protector features ultra-clear high definition with 99% transparency. Therefore, you get a natural and consistent viewing experience. The ultra-thin thickness of 0.33mm gives you a reliable and smooth touch sensitivity as before. If we will talk about the protection, this screen protector comes with a surface hardness of 9H. Therefore, you get a longer, durable, and scratch-resistant performance with this screen protector. Alongside, the oleophobic coating is here to prevent your iPhone’s screen from irritable fingerprints and smudges.

This pack comes with two screen protectors including two applicators, Dust Removal Stickers, Wet Wipes, and Easy Installation Use Guide. Therefore, you won’t find any trouble applying this protector to your iPhone’s screen.

3. Belkin iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector Tempered Glass Privacy Anti-Microbial

Belkin is a well-known brand that has been creating consumer electronic products for 35 years. You can also trust this brand for its quality tempered glass. Like the previous product, this product also has an “Amazon Choice” tag. Also, more than 2300 users were given 4.4 out of 5 stars ratings for this screen protector.

However, this screen protector is 3x costlier than the previous ones but Belkin featured some extra features in it. Belkin mentioned that this screen protector has an anti-microbial coating. This particular coating reduces the bacteria’s growth on your screen up to 99%. Moreover, this screen protector features a privacy coating. Therefore, you don’t have to worry anymore about your privacy from stranger sightseers. Also, these screen protectors work great against daily wear and tear. And, it protects your iPhone’s screen from scratches and strokes that your iPhone will get after rough usage.

Furthermore, the Belkin screen protector has enhanced resistance that prevents your iPhone’s screen when it bumps or getting an impactful stroke. Also, this screen protector doesn’t affect your screen’s clarity as well as its touch sensitivity. Besides, Belkin provides 6 different types of tempered glass with its unique capability. For instance, Privacy tempered glass for private your screen or ultra glass to get twice the strengthen of standard tempered glass. Although every tempered glass comes with different price costs. Also, this tempered glass is available for all variants of iPhone 11 alongside the variants of iPhone 12.

4. PerfectSight Medical-Grade Anti-Glare Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inch

Nowadays, many of you are social media addicts, online gamers or a worker who have to use your phone all day long. And, as a result, you get irritable problems like dry eyes, eyes itching, etc. If you’re looking for a simple solution to these problems then this glass might help you.

The perfectSight has a store on Amazon that manufactures eye care products. For instance, blue light eyeglasses, blue light screen [protector, etc. Moreover, this screen protector is an NMPA Class 1 Medical Device that has 55% Anti-glare, about 70% Anti Electromagnetic Radiation, and 65% Low-reflection. Also, the anti-blue light filter reduces eye fatigue. Therefore, you get high-quality sleep. The gorilla exploring-proof glass has high strength and 400℃ tempered with a touch protective layer. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about getting scratches from sharp and metal objects.

Furthermore, it is a 2.5D curved-edge design to enhance safety and compatibility with various back cases. Although, the brand mentioned that it won’t fit with the Otterbox Case. Also, this glass works great to prevent fingerprints and smudges on your iPhone’s screen. Meanwhile, PerfectSight provides you with a 30-day no-hassle refund or a replacement if you see any defects, cracks, or bubbles on it within 90 days. However, it costs double the price of the previous screen protectors. Still, with the features, it could be one of the best iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors for you.

5. QHOHQ 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max

QHOHQ is a well-known brand on Amazon that manufactures screen protectors and back cases for various devices. The screen protector we’re going to talk about is one of the popular iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors on Amazon. This protector has 4.5 out of 5 ratings from 10,511 users. There are not enough screen protectors for iPhone 12 Pro Max with that much user base. Also this QHOHQ product ranks #6 in Cell Phones & Accessories and #4 in Cell Phone Screen Protectors.

Moreover, this is a combo product of a screen protector and the camera lens protector. You’ll get 3 screen protectors and 2 camera lens protectors. Therefore, if you also want to protect your camera lens alongside your iPhone’s screen then this is a great deal for you. Although, who doesn’t want to protect his camera lens.

Moreover, both the protectors come with quality tempered glass. If we talk about a screen protector, it features an oleophobic coating treatment and anti-fingerprint. Plus, it comes with an ultra-thin (0.33m), a curved design, and an arc edge of 2.5D. Therefore, you get a smoother touch experience without having any blemishes on your screen. Also, the high-strength nano-elastic impact and explosion-proof effect give your iPhone’s screen complete protection against any physical accident. However, this screen protector doesn’t come with an alignment tool. Still, QHOHQ uploads an installation video tutorial to help you install the protectors, accurately.

6. TOZO iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector 3 Pack Premium

This is one of the best iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors for you if you’re running out of budget or don’t want to spend more than 10 USD on a screen protector. However, this screen protector costs you only 7 USD. Also, you’ll get 3 screen protectors for your iPhone 12 Pro Max in this pack.

Moreover, this screen protector comes with an unusual and positive rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 3,708 users. Also, 84% of these users gave 5 stars to this screen protector. That’s the reaction you won’t see for any other screen protector, easily. Moreover, this screen protector has all the amazing features that you’ll see in a 20 USD screen protector. For instance, premium tempered glass, 9H hardness, 0.26mm thickness. Therefore, you will get a smoother touch experience and last longer performance from this screen protector. Also, this screen protector is compatible with FaceID and almost all the cases for your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Test TOZO Screen Protector Passed, Successfully.

  1. 2.8 oz Steel Sphere 3.7 Feets Falls Test
  2. Steel Wire 3000 Time Friction Test
  3. Water Drops 107 Degree Test
  4. Tempered Glass 180 Degree Bent Test

Furthermore, this protector features super high transmittance and high restoring the original color of the screen. So you won’t experience any dull viewing experience after applying this screen protector. Meanwhile, Nanometer thin oil coating protects your screen from getting fingerprints and smudges on it. Also, you will get an installation kit alongside an installation frame. So you can install a screen protector on your iPhone’s screen without any irritation. 

Definitely, this is one of the best iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors that you can buy at that price range.

7. Ailun Glass Screen Protector Compatible for iPhone 12 pro Max

This product came last in the list of iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors. However, it doesn’t mean this screen protector is the least of all the screen protectors I have mentioned above. Like I have already told you that the products I have mentioned don’t rank according to the numbers I gave them. Meanwhile, this Ailun screen protector has #6 rank in Cell Phones & Accessories #3 rank in Cell Phone Screen Protectors. Moreover, this screen protector has 4.6 out of 5 stars ratings from 11,915 users. Also, 80% of all these 11,000 users gave 5 stars to this product.

Like the other screen protector, this screen protector has a 99.99% high definition clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating. Therefore, your iPhone’s screen doesn’t get fingerprints, oil smudges on it. Moreover, the seller mentioned this is a precise laser cut tempered glass and has exquisitely polished, 2.5D rounded edges. So it will be compatible with most of the cases for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Furthermore, this is tempered glass with a thickness of 0.33mm. Still, the brand told that it gives you the maximum protection from scratches, bumps, and shock it will receive from an accidental fall. Moreover, Ailun has an installation instruction video on the buy page. This video tells you how to clean dust from the screen and apply the screen protector with a correct alignment. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about bubble issues while applying the screen protector. Overall, this glass is one of the best iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors with standout features like the low price and such a great ranking.

Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors

Is the iPhone 12 Pro Max scratch-resistant?

In the Apple community, an Apple user asked the likewise question- Does the iPhone 12 scratch easily? To answer this question, some of the Apple users shared their experiences. To simplify, bad experiences. One user mentioned he hardly got micro scratches on his iPhone after a hard fall and using it for many years.

On the other hand, he told how he got some serious scratches on his iPhone 12 after using it normally for just 2 months. One user shared how he got a serious scratch on the screen of the iPhone 12 on the 5th day of purchasing. Moreover, the user told the scratch was so deep that it could fit her nail into.

And, these two users aren’t the only ones with that worse experience. Dozens of users were sharing the same kind of experiences in that discussion. Although, one user recommends using a cheap screen protector that can lessen your concern and give you peace of mind.

What is the best screen protector for the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

There are various kinds of iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors. And, every tempered glass has its capability, uniqueness, and price. For instance, if you want durable tempered glass from a well-known brand with a huge fan base then Spigen tempered glass should be a great choice for you. Moreover, you can also choose a QHOHQ screen protector and Ailun Screen Protector for your iPhone. Furthermore, TOZO Screen Protector is a good screen protector under a budget price range.

Meanwhile, you can choose Belkin iPhone 12 Pro Max privacy screen protector to get some privacy while doing your personal tasks. Also, PerfectSight Medical-Grade Anti-Glare Screen Protector could be a perfect option for you. Especially, if you want to protect your iPhone’s screen from getting scratched. Also, if you want to protect your eyes from harmful blue lights. 

Therefore, it usually depends on what are your preferences?

Does the iPhone 12 Pro Max need a screen protector?

iPhones are expensive yet delicate materials. And, if you own an iPhone you already know you’re going to use it for your daily usage. Therefore, it can easily get into accidental damage, no matter how delicately you will take care of it. Applying a screen protector is one of them. You can reduce the measures of fingerprints, scratches, and smudges from 100 to nothing. If you’ll get these marks, they will remain only on the screen protector. And, your iPhone will shine like a new one when you will remove that screen protector from it.
Also, there are screen protectors available in the market that can lessen the damage of a fall. However, you don’t know how much damage your iPhone will receive from a certain fall. Still, you can reduce the result of certain damage by giving it durable protection. Hence, it does not about do your iPhone 12 Pro Max needs a screen protector? It’s just about if you want to protect your iPhone or not? And, a screen protector can help you to do that.

Does Apple recommend screen protectors?

Many users asked this same question about the iPad Pro. The user was confused because Apple doesn’t suggest a screen protector as a purchase. Therefore, he doesn’t know if he should buy a screen protector or not?

One user answered, Apple never recommends screen protectors due to its marketing strategy. They market their products as usable immediately out of the box. Although, another user said that the iPad Pro is very slim and has less screen protection because it has Liquid Retina Display. Now, iPhones have the same screen as you will see on an iPad. Therefore, applying a screen protector on it is a good idea unless you’re going to use it by wearing soft gloves on all the time.

Which screen protector is best glass or plastic?

Both of the screen protectors have their pros and cons. While plastic screen protectors are known as the cheapest in the market, tempered glass features the best quality.

Tempered glass gives you a smoother touch experience, better image quality, and a clean, smudge-free screen. On the other hand, the plastic screen protector shows haziness after some time. Furthermore, a glass screen protector is more capable to keep themselves scratches free. And, a plastic screen protector easily gets scratches on it.

Also, it doesn’t give you a pleasant touch experience as tempered glass gives. Moreover, a plastic screen protector gives your iPhone’s screen durable protection. A drop from a significant height won’t affect much on a plastic screen protector. However, a tempered glass protector can break into cracks after having a fall from a certain height.

At last, I would say the tempered glass is expensive but has some extra perks. Therefore, if you can afford a little go with the tempered glass. Meanwhile, to just pass the time you can apply a cheap plastic screen protector on your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Final Words 

Choosing a single screen protector from the best iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors is a little tough. Although, the process could be simple by creating a checklist. You should know your budget first and then your preferences. If your budget is low, and your preference is just saving your iPhone’s screen from scratches then go for a cheap $7 screen protector. Moreover, if you want another perk, the rate will be increased altogether. For instance, a screen protector with a blue light filter could cost you $50. Also, a hammer strong protector with HD clear quality costs you a few more bucks as compared to a normal screen protector. So if it’s genuine, the more you’ll spend the better quality you’ll get. So the choice is yours.

So this was the list of best iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors. Moreover, all these screen protectors have over 4 out of 5 stars ratings. And, getting over 4 out of 5 stars ratings on Amazon is a big deal. You can choose whatever screen protector you like, accordingly. At last, I hope this post answered your questions. Also, it might help you to find the ideal screen protector for you. If it does, let’s know in the comments. And, don’t forget to share this post with one of your friends that purchased a new iPhone 12 Pro Max. Therefore, he/she is looking for the best iPhone 12 pro max tempered glass screen protectors on the market.

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