iPad 9 (2021) Released: Everything You Should Know

iPad 9

After almost an entire year of break, Apple is back with their latest iPad 9 and iPad Mini. Under Apple’s “California Streaming” all the new ranges of products were unveiled including the iPad 9th generation and iPad Mini 6.

The company has gone all out with the latest; the iPad 9 is equipped with an A13 Bionic chip. It promises to deliver a 20 percent faster performance on CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine. 

As with every other Apple iPads, the latest iPad 9th generation, too, comes with an option between Wifi only or with cellular connectivity. The newly launched series is an upgrade in specifications, with improved cameras, display, network compatibility, and more. They specifically appreciated features from iPad Pro and to the iPad 9. 

Scroll down to read everything new that Apple is bringing out with their range!

What’s Good About the Latest iPad 10.2?

Apple has geared the new iPad 10.2 with some of the most solid upgrades. Equipped with advanced features like the True Tone, and Centerstage, we have a lot of expectations from the device.

Compared to the last model, the iPad 9th gen has an A13 Bionic chip, something that was only available in iPad Pro. 

They have also gone all out in the other specs. Although both, the old and new models, have a 10.2-inch retina display, the iPad 9 comes with an added light sensors. The light sensors, also called True Tone, adjust the device’s brightness according to the room temperature. 

Thanks to the bionic chipset, the iPad 9 gives a 20 percent faster performance in terms of GPU and CPU.

The other essential we are seeing with the iPad is the increase in storage space. Compared to the 32 GB and 128 GB options, the iPad 9 comes with 64 GB and 265 GB options. 

The iPad has an upgrade in-camera settings as well. While the iPad 8 came with a 1.2MP on the rear, the new one comes with a 12MP ultra-wide camera. 

New Features of iPad 10.2 


If you thought that pictures from iPad 8 were perfect then you’re about to be awestruck! 

The iPad 10.2 is completely changing its game with an all-new camera setup. The rear camera features an 8-megapixel camera module complete with an aperture of f/2.4 takes exquisite pictures with fine details being specifically highlighted. 

For the front,  the iPad 8 is giving us a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera with a large field view of 122-degree. Group selfies are a treat from this camera!

The company has decided to continue with the Center Stage feature introduced on iPad Pro. The feature that seeks to always keep you in the frame and track you was a favorite amongst the users.

It’ll constantly keep YOU in focus. So be ready to be the center of attention quite literally!

Design and Display

If you are a fan of sleek modern design with an attractive build then this one’s for you!

The new iPad 9 features a thin design, simply a glory that while being lightweight would go right with your modernistic office and workplace. With a 10.2-inch retina display expect a huge space to take notes or attend your meetings. 

ipad 9 design

It has thin bezels on the sides with two large ones on the others that add to the look, instead of making it appear bulky. Apple is continuing with its 500 nits bright display without any reflective lamination. 

And we are getting an exclusive never seen before feature as well. The true tone feature is the real deal of iPad 9 that makes it so special! 

The True Tone equipped display, produces and brings out natural colors on the screen. This newly upgraded ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display according to the current color temperature. So given the adjustment, your eyes would be safe from a sudden onslaught of bright light under dim lighting. 


A smooth user-friendly experience is the selling of the iPad and we can’t say that iPad 9 is lacking in that department.

Equipped with the A13 Bionic chip, the iPad 9 would give you a faster CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine. With over 20 faster response times than its preceding model.

This added performance boost makes it way faster than the existing Chromebook and Android tablets. So if you plan to play Fortnite or practically open hundreds of tabs at the same time, then you can without any hesitation!

It is one of the most affordable iPads launched by Apple that can smoothly run and launch all the advanced applications. The added bonus of Neural Engine present in the Bionic chip itself comes with sophisticated machine learning capabilities. 


As a long-time iPad user are you worried that you might have to shift to another port? But worry not. The new iPad has continued with a lightning port and doesn’t switch over to the USB C type. The cellular connectivity iPad supports a 4G connection. GPS and LTE, too, have made an entrance in the latest model. 


Apple accessories are the very essence of iPads that makes the user experience even better and easier. And as part of this experience, Apple is going ahead with two extremely important accessories: Apple Pencil (1st generation) and Smart keyboard. 

Both the items are supposed to be bought separately. The Pencil can be bought separately at the price of USD 99. And probably the most fun part (and the safest) is that it sticks to the side of the iPad. So you don’t need to worry about ever losing it!

The smart keyboard that supports over 30 languages like Chinese Simplified, German, French, and Spanish can be also be bought as separately at USD 159. 

Other features

Worried about losing your storage space while saving all those songs, videos, and movies? Then we have a piece of excellent news for you!

Apple has decided to double up their storage than their last release. iPad 9 is now available in 64 GB and 265 GB storage spaces. And although the company is yet to release the battery type, they claim that it will last a full day of usage. So watch and stream everything you want at your heart’s content without paying heed to the battery running out. 

iPadOS 15 – What’s New?

The newly introduced iPadOS 15 packs some of the best and improved features. Apple has taken forward its already existing versatility and added improvements that make it even more capable.

ipad 9


With the new screen space, you can do so much. The improved screen has enough space to multitask with multiple apps. The new OS has the given features that enable multitasking:

  • Multitasking menu- the screen can be tapped to access the full screen which can be used to Slide Over, enter split view, and the center window, which can be used to function multiple apps together.
  • Split view- It enables the screen to split between a couple of apps. Each of them works independently and can be accessed at the same time. To use the split-screen just swipe down from the top of the app that you’re currently using. The Home menu would appear on the split part. Select the one you require and you’re done!
  • Centre window- emails, messages, notes can be opened simply by dragging and holding the notification. The new window would open in the center of the screen without leaving the current window.
  • New shelf- A new quick toggle window has been introduced by OS 15. All the open windows would appear on the bottom of the screen and can be switched through the shelf.
  • Keyboard shortcuts- The OS 15 has enabled the creation of shortcuts after the connection of the keyboard. The command key needs to be pressed and held to display the menu of all created shortcuts. 

Widgets and App library

The newly introduced OS 15 comes with a new widget gallery. The widgets that you’ll find at all points of the screen, make navigation easier. It also allows you to look at apps at a glance. 

  • New widgets- new widgets with a larger size have been introduced with the update. Contacts, Game Center, App Store, and Mail have all received their exclusive widgets. 
  • Home screen widgets- the new OS now allows the placement of widgets amongst the app on the home screen
  • App library– A feature that was exclusive to iPhone is now introduced with version 15. The app library allows you to organize apps according to the need. They can be differentiated on the basis of music, games, or social media. 

Quick Note and Notes

Notes making has never been easier! Now with a better quick notes feature, you can take notes anytime!

  • Quick Note anywhere- quick notes can now be opened over any app that you require. You just need to access the app via the keyboard shortcut and take live notes!
  • Put anything- The iPads’ notes are not just limited to words. You can add pictures, write using your fingers, tags, and mentions. 
  • Organize and notify- All your notes can be organized using the tags feature. A special tag can be added to recognize notes which can be then later accessed through the Tag browser.

You can also collaborate with friends on the same notes and view new edits on Activity View. 


Apple has made an already amazing feature, even better! With new features for streaming and listening, FaceTime is more convenient than it was ever before.

  • Watch and listen together– FaceTime now allows the streaming and listening of songs right over the video chat. The synced playback and controls give easy control over the stream. The sound is auto adjustable implying that you can talk and listen at the same time without hindrance.
  • Screen share- you can easily share your entire screen while on a FaceTime call with your friends. You can now show your latest creation or a funny video while also laughing together. 
  • Mic modes- to reduce the background noise while talking, the new OS has introduced a Voice isolation mode. But if you require the background noise to be a part of your call, the model can be shifted to Wide Spectrum

The new, attractive, and powerful operating system, iPadOS 15 would now be exclusively available for iPads from Monday, September 20! If you plan to purchase the latest iPad series then you would be getting access to the OS right away. 

All the other models that the iPadOS 15 would be equipped with include: iPad mini 4 and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, and all iPad Pro models. So, if you do own any of these models, then get ready for an amazing experience complete with new and convenient features!

Price & Availability 

After seeing the stunning features are you gearing up to buy the new iPad 9 for yourself? If yes, then you don’t have to wait long.

The latest range of products would be available for purchase from Friday, September 24 amongst 28 countries including the USA. The store is already taking up pre-orders for the new launches and you can book yourself a piece!

The newly launched iPad is available in two variants based on storage spaces. The 64 GB with just the Wifi connectivity is priced at USD 329, which comes down to USD 299 just for students. The wifi + cellular variant would cost you a price of USD 459. 

And if you require more storage then Apple iPads also come with upgrades. A sum of USD 150 can be paid to avail the LTE connection and the storage space can be increased from 64 to 256 GB by paying USD 150 extra. 

Wrap Up 

Apple has certainly stepped up its game with these amazing new features. With the iOS 15 coupled with the amazing iPad 9, you are getting yourself a steal. Apple has not shied away from including all the better parts of iPad Pro, into a budget but an effective model. 

They have sought to include features that were exclusively available with the higher-end models. So, with the boisterous specs and performance promise at an affordable price, we can’t wait to see how well they would deliver!

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