iOS 14: Release Date, Features, Compatible Devices, and Rumors


Apple is going to launch its updated Operating system- iOS 14. And as expected every geek wants to know everything about this new Operating System. Yes, Apple hasn’t officially announced anything about iOS 14. However, they allegedly confirmed to make it better than its previous version iOS 13. It would provide glitch-free performance, upgraded features, and better camera quality.

As you know that Apple’s previous latest version gets leaked. And this would be helpful for apple lovers and geeks to make some strong assumptions about iOS 14. Still, it’ll be hard to say anything accurately because of the spreading rumors about it.

igeekfunnel researched a lot about it through all the trusted resources. And finally created a comprehensive article on release date, new features, devices and everything we know about this upcoming iOS 14.

iOS 14: Release Date

Apple hasn’t announced anything about the released date of iOS 14, yet it’s not a new thing. Apple usually doesn’t announce much detail about the future release of its product and its iOS updates. However, Apple has been following a constant pattern from the previous years to release the new Devices and iOS. From iOS 6 to the recent iOS 13, every update announced in June and get a released in September. So we can expect to hear the announcement in between these same months.

We also can’t neglect the fact that the whole world is conflicting with the coronavirus crisis. So it’d not be a surprise if they postpone the actual date to the next few months.

We can also expect to see the first preview of Apple iOS 14 at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Specifically, this year Apple is holding WWDC online. It’s because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a large number of gatherings are not allowed to be held.

You may have noticed too that Apple usually releases an upgraded device in between the announcing of a new iOS. So, we can also expect the release of an updated version of the iPhone 11- obviously the iPhone 12.

Chances are Apple will announce the new operating system alike the previous released pattern. We still have to wait about two months to see the first preview of iOS 14, but an early test version has already leaked. Although this is an early test version and not a final operating system. So there is a certain definite that you’ll see some refining and changes in the features in the final version. However, it’s still better than a plain guessing about the new features of iOS 14.

iOS 14: New Features

Transition wallpapers

The first feature we found in the early test version of iOS is Transition wallpapers. This feature allows you to set a live wallpaper that will change accordingly the day/night of a particular place you live. Suppose, if you have a wallpaper of a sun, you’ll see the sunset or rising the stars/moon on your phone when the day will end.

Also Apple may add a feature of downloading and installing the 3rd party wallpaper pack in iOS 14. A user can easily do by visiting the wallpaper section in the settings. It is also rumored that a user will get different categories of wallpapers to choose from.

iOS 14 custom wallpaper concept by donglebookpro

Besides this, it will come with a dark appearance dims wallpaper setting. After turning this setting on, your iPhone will dim the lights depending on your ambient lights.

Multitasking User interface

That feature could be extremely beneficial to you, especially if you’re a multitasker. In the current version of iOS, when you try to jump from one app to another app, you have to swipe a bit to find that particular app in the recent app screen. In iOS 14, Apple may introduce you to a new multitasking interface. That feature displays four open apps at once. So it will be less overwhelming and less time consuming for a multitasker to jump from one app to another.

Use apps without downloading them

Apple will introduce a new “clips” feature that will allow a user to use specific parts of a third-party app. As 9 to 5 mac has analyzed, this feature API works on the functionality of scanning a QR Code.

“The Clips API is directly related to the QR Code reader in the build we have access to, so the user can scan a code linked to an app and then interact with it directly from a card that will appear on the screen.”

Android has a similar feature called Slices, which works the same as the “clips” feature in the upcoming iOS 14. The only difference between both of these software’s is that the “slices” feature shows parts of an app in the Google Search results and Google Assistant. In opposite, what we saw in the early test version of iOS 14, the “Clips” feature only works by QR Code.

iOS 14 New List app View

Another change we can expect to see in new iOS 14 would be a “List app View“. As apple watch already supports this feature, it’s obvious, iPhone users can expect the same in the new iOS version. Based on 9 to 5 mac reporting Product marketing lead and BuzzFeed designer “Parker Ortolani” made an “appreciative concept” around this allegedly upcoming feature. He also visualized how a folder would see in the list and how it will show all the containing files. According to this concept a user will see list sort in three ways- list of apps according to names in A-Z order, a list of recently used apps and a list of only important notifications with a one-line summary. For example a Whatsapp notification with a one-line summary of “2 messages to read.”

iOS 14 new list view concept by Parker Ortolani

FITNESS app and features

Apple always helps you to monitor your health and fitness metrics. Mostly Apple watch users use it for the same reason. According to a “MacRumors report” Apple is working on a new app rumored to be called “Fitness“. It will supposedly let you download exercise guides and walkthrough videos. Besides, it also allows you to track your progress on apple watch. Also it supports all the Apple operating systems like watchOS and tvOS. And also you’ll be able to see the progress and your fitness metrics on your iPhone and iPad.

The sleep tracking feature

Besides the fitness app, it’s also rumored that the new generation Apple Watch will integrate with the Health app on iPhone. This app will help you to track the time and quality of your sleep. Also it provide you some recommendations on how to get a good sleep. It is an appreciative step taken by Apple because most of users use third-party applications with Apple watch to track their sleep metrics.

New messaging features

In iOS 14, Apple is introducing a new Slack-like mention system that will allow you to tag your contacts by using @ sign with their name like @karan. This feature would be helpful in a busy chat or a group having 50+members. Also it will allow to mute the conversation but still receive push notifications when direct mentions are included.

Apple’s new message app will also allow you to see who is typing in the group chat. It’ll show dots flowing on the person avatar from the list of all group members.

Apple may also add a feature to retract the message after sending them. However, both the parties will see the words “message retracted” in place of retracted messages. Also you will be able to mark a message as unread to set it as a reminder of an important message.

Allegedly, Apple is working on a Catalyst-based version of the iMessage app. In that case, if this happens, you’ll also be able to use iMessage in the Mac.

School time app

Apple is going to launch a new app named “school time” on the iOS 14 version. This app will work with the Apple watch and it is specially designed for Kids. This app will record the kids’ activities like physical movement, how much and on which app they were spending the time. Also you’ll be able to enable some certain restrictions and limited usage to particular apps and features. It could be useful for parents who are much considered about their children activity.

New Augmented Reality App

There is another rumored that Apple will introduce a new augmented reality app in iOS 14, under the codenamed of “Gobi.” According to MacRumors this app will allow you to “get some important information about the world around you” And as the name says it will work on the Augmented Reality function.

This app could be useful to find some public places like Starbucks, Apple store and also it may show the information about the products a specific place have. A traveler could use it perfectly to find some known places in a new country.

New Home widgets of iOS 14

it’s also expected that Apple will also make some major changes in the home screen of iOS 14. There could be some widgets in iOS 14 that would be very different than the current iOS 13. A user will be able to freely move The widgets of iOS 14 on the home screen. It’d be much like the app icons. Moreover, according to Parker Ortolani’s concept, you’ll be able to use widget or app in three ways– switch a widget into an icon, turn it into a live icon and edit home screen to place it anywhere on the home screen.

New widgets concept by Parker Ortolani
New widgets concept by Parker Ortolani

Also here’s a 9to5mac poll results of 8,885 participants and 6,683 participants voted for the option that says the apple would use these widgets in iOS 14. I’d like to see the same.


CarPlay Features

iOS 14 could support custom wallpapers on Carplay. According to Mac Rumors it will display the wallpapers on the CarPlay interface. The wallpapers will change from light to dark as the day will pass.

iPhone as a car key

The upcoming iOS would allow the ‌iPhone‌ to be used as a car key for a car that has NFC capabilities. This feature would allow you to lock, unlock, and start the car. A user would also able to assign the key to his known using the iMessage app.

Mac rumors reported that code and images found in iOS 14 show the settings of the i8 model of BMW. As a strong assumption, BMW could be one of the first partners with this new project feature of iOS 14.


Better Apple Products experience

The new iOS version didn’t only upgrade its software features but also create an impact on its users by giving a better product experience. According to the Toms guide reference, the previous version-iPadOS13 comes with a pretty basic and hard to find mouse connectivity ability. However, iOS 14 allegedly have better mouse support. Also it supports the gesture control and variable cursors.

Besides better mouse support, iOS 14 also supports a new Pencil kit feature. This feature will covert the written message with the help of Apple pencil easily readable, especially when the receiver received the message. This feature will be compatible with Messages, Notes, Reminders, and Mail.

iOS 14: Compatibility

Apple hasn’t announced a little about the supported devices of iOS 14. However, A website-  iPhoneSoft claimed that all the devices running on iOS 13 can run the new version too. If this is true, here is the list of iPhone and iPod devices that supports iOS 14:-

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 9 / iPhone SE 2
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 (5G)
  • iPhone 12 Pro (5G)

If we talk about the iPad, and again we see the same website. It shows all the new ipadOS works on all the devices running iOS 13 except the 2 devicesiPad Mini 4 iPad Air 2. However, if this website is saying right, here’s the list of devices that can run iOS 14:-

  • iPad Air 3
  • iPad 5
  • iPad Mini 5
  • iPad 6
  • iPad 7
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inches 2015, 2016 et 2017
  • iPad Pro 11 inches 2018
  • iPad Pro 9.7 inches
  • iPad Pro 10.5 inches
  • iPad Pro 2020 (5G)

It is noticeable, iOS got one advantage over Android reported by toms guide that all Apple smartphones get updated to the new version at the same time. On the other side Android comes with some limitations. How fast you will be able to update your android is dependable on factors like internet speed, recent version, which Android phone you’re using right now. etc.etc.

iOS 14: Conclusion

So here’s the detailed post of everything we know about iOS 14. It has already consist of dozens of new features. Still we receive a new update on these features, every day. But we’ll know what the final design consists only after seeing the iOS 14 preview on its annual WWDC.

Here’s iOS 14 Concept by Avdan:-

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