iOS 14 Designs Show One of the biggest iPhone Changes in the Decade

iOS 14 Spring Kit

We came to know about the changes in the designs of iOS 14. iPhone has always been considered the Holy Grail among mobile phones. Apple has recently announced the launch of its latest iPhone 12. According to Parker Ortolani, a famous tech expert Apple has reinvented and redesigned its iOS.

This tech company was working on a project of developing a particular OS that supports widgets like android OS. This development is included in the iPhone 14 and will be included in the iPads also shortly.

iOS 14

It has a first right side swipe, which allows any user to view the current panel with the latest information like important news and weather updates. But it does not have any options to add widgets on the screen. The tech giant aims to counter this problem in the iOS14 series.

More about the update – iOS 14

The developers of Apple have used a special feature called SpringKit,” developed by Ortolani. This feature allows a user to choose the preferred version of three different styles of the icon of any app. So, users can choose from a simple image, a live icon with the ability to update itself automatically, and an extended widget with more information.

iOS 14

The iOS is facing fierce competition from Google with the new android 11 iOS. Hence, Apple aims to provide a unique OS to its users with more flexible options like widgets. But, apple can withdraw the decision of adding new widgets if they feel they can add more exciting features in their latest iOS version before they give a final touch to it.

The latest iOS 14 is will release in the exclusive online event of the WWDC in July. So, enthusiasts need to wait until Apple releases its latest wonder.


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