How to Activate Night Shift Mode on Your Mac

Activate Night Shift Mode on Your Mac

Computer systems like Mac have been proven to be very useful to us. However, there are several downsides to using Mac system on an everyday basis. Mac systems or any computers can have a very bad effect on your eyes as well as your circadian rhythms.

The eye strain is caused due to the blueish light, which is emitted by the computer systems. Tired eyes can get affected even more as this light fools our brain into believing that it is still morning while its night. However, if you use a Mac system, you are in for some good news. Apple has developed a feature in its Mac systems called Night Shift mode through which the color of the screen of the system automatically changes based on the time of the day.

While it remains blueish in the morning, it starts turning into a more orangish and yellowish color by late evening. This can drastically reduce the strain to your eyes caused due to blueish light during night time.

What is Night Shift Mode in Mac System?

Night Shift is a feature in Mac systems which makes the screen color of the system change according to the time of the day. This is not a separate app which you need to download as it is inbuilt in your Mac system.

This night mode Mac feature makes use of the time on the system clock as well as the location detected by the system to change the color of the screen automatically. This way, your screen will emit colder colors during the day and warmer colors during night.

The idea behind including this feature in Mac systems is that your circadian rhythm should not be disrupted due to the light from your system. You can manually enable or disable Night Shift on your Mac System. Or you can even set a schedule for different times.

How is Night Shift in Mac System Useful

Your body clock controls the circadian rhythm and it is very crucial for maintaining the health of your body. This circadian rhythm controls the way you sleep. When you disrupt it, it can lead to many physical and mental ailments. This is why it is essential that you sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

When you use Night Shift for Mac feature, it makes the screen emit warmer colors during late evenings and night, which will reduce the hindrance to your sleep.

How to Turn on Night Shift in Mac System

If you want to know how to turn on night mode on Mac, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: From the “Apple Menu”, select “System Preferences”.

Step 2: From the available options, select the “Display” pane.


Step 3: After this, click on the “Night Shift” icon.

Step 4: Once done, select the “Schedule” menu.

Step 5: From the drop-down menu, select “Sunset to Sunrise.”

This will automatically change the colour of the screen of your Mac system based on what time of day it is.

How to Set a Customized Night Shift Schedule

If you want to set your own night mode on Mac schedule, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: From “Preferences” in Night Shift, select the “Schedule” menu.

Step 2: From the available options, click on “Custom.”


Step 3: In the given boxes, key in the start and finish time for the Night Shift activation.

This way, the Night Shift feature will be active only at the time specified by you.

How Can You Manually Control Night Shift

To control the Night Shift feature manually, follow the steps given below.

1: If in case the Night Shift feature is disabled, from the “System Preferences” go to Night Shift and enable “Manually Enable Until Tomorrow.”


2: If in case the Night Shift feature is enabled and you want to disable it, you can select “Off” from the “Schedule” menu in Night Shift.


3: The color temperature slider in Night Shift can control the degree of change in colors when Night Shift is enabled.


  1. You can even enable and disable Night Shift from the “Notifications” option on your Mac system.


  1. The easiest method to enable or disable Night Shift is by clicking on “Siri” button present in the menu bar and saying “Turn on Night Shift” or “Turn off Night Shift.”

Limitations of Mac System’s Night Shift Mode 

Night Shift can be a great feature to have when your eyes are particularly tired as the warmer light is not as harsh as, the colder lights are. However, Night Shift does make the color of your laptop screen look different.

So, it is not a good feature to keep enabled when you are trying to edit any of your videos or photographs. Also, another major drawback of the Night Shift feature is that you cannot disable it specifically for different apps or programs.


MacBook Night Shift is an excellent feature when you are trying to work after late evenings. It reduces the risk of several physical and mental ailments, which may arise as a result of the disruption of your body clock and sleep interference.

It is very easy to use and automatically changes the light of the system according to the time of the day. You can even schedule this feature according to your time.

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