How To Use iPhone 13 Photographic Styles Exclusive Feature?

How To Use iPhone 13 Photographic Styles Exclusive Feature

Learn to use Photographic Styles on iPhone 13 only features and make your clicks look amazingly well and other camera features.

As Apple announced the release of the iPhone 13, Apple has also included adding new enhancements adjustable with Photographic styles smart filters. And if you own the best-ever phone, iPhone13, you now have access to the new camera app feature called Photographic Styles.

They can look as if they are similar to just any other camera filters, but you should know, these are so much better, and there’s enough to learn more about this newly added camera feature.

Here, in this article, we have given you the shortest guide on how you can use your iPhone 13 Photographic Style Exclusive Feature.

Sadly, the feature is not available to the previous generation devices. Hence, all that is discussed here is only applicable to iPhone 13.

Need for having to add new camera feature in iPhone 13

While Apple has given a new way of personalizing the look of the photos taken with the iPhone 13, let us not forget iPhone’s previous generations have definitely lacked.

And with many improvements, the iPhone 13 camera now has new photographic styles, allowing you to save presets for the default camera app and quick change between five filter options.

If you have just got the news of the iPhone 13 camera improvements and want to learn exclusive photographic styles in iPhone 13, we will tell you how to use iPhone 13 Photographic styles.

iPhone photographic exclusive style features

Firstly, these Photographic styles are exclusive, meaning they do not extend to earlier or previous software models, as we have mentioned before iPhone 12 or preceding models do not feature these camera improvements, and these Photographic styles cannot be gained or added to the models after software updates.

However, we can hope, shortly, these filters could get a chance to be added to the other model’s camera’s improvements. But so far, there hasn’t been any news/ confirmation of such.

What are Photographic Styles?

Photographic Styles are equivalent to photo filters. These styles use a deep semantic understanding to apply the right amount of adjustments to different parts of the photos and preserve the important elements of the pictures and leave the skin tone as is.

With these Photographic filters, you can choose to adjust the tone, warmth, and style of each photo you take.

These are Stylistic effects that are engineered to not affect the skin tone of the people present in the picture, but everything else can be shifted to their tone, style, and warmth.

It depends on your liking, in your clicked shots, how you want the surroundings to look.

There are four preset Photographic Styles-

  • Rich Contrast
  • Vibrant
  • Warm and
  • Cool.

You can learn more about these preset photographic styles to learn more on what they can be most used for and what could be your best clicks to include these Photographic filters in your camera shots later in the article.

But before that, let’s have a look How you can use them.

How to use Photographic Improvements on iPhone 13?

Before we tell you the good about the iPhone 13 camera improvements, there’s another somewhat of a downside: once you have snapped an image with a Photographic style, you can’t change it.

This, however, has a quick fix and ways in which you can learn to switch these Photographic styles on the fly while shooting.

How to use iPhone 13 Photographic Styles?

Way 1- Using and changing Photographic Styles with Camera.

The first step you should take includes opening the default camera on your iPhone 14. Here, you’d find a splash screen asking you to select a Photographic style.

iphone photographic features

  • Launch the Camera app on your iPhone 13.
  • Once you have launched the camera app, you have to make sure you are in regular photo mode, then swipe up and tap on the arrow button given at the top of the screen. This will bring up additional controls.
  • Select three square lines. This is the Photographic style button. These Photographic styles include a ‘standard style.’ You can keep swiping to see the next subsequent filer and see how each style is different from another. There are five styles: the standard style followed by ‘rich contrast,’ ‘vibrant,’ ‘warm,’ and ‘cool.’
  • To select the Photographic style, you only have to tap ‘use’ given at the bottom. Once you have chosen, you have chosen successfully preferred Photographic style to use in your shooting.
  • Once you have selected your choice of Photographic style for clicking photos, you can now easily adjust Tone or Warmth. You only have to slide your finger across the dial till you reach the tone you want in your picture.
  • You can repeat the process of selecting the tones or warmth in your picture with each Photographic style effect. In order to do so, first, you have to choose the Photographic style effect by sliding across the screen. Once you have selected the style to use, use the dial to further set the tones or warmth.
  • The final step is to take the picture. Tap on the shutter to take the photo.

Way 2- Changing Active Photographic Style via Setting App.

  1. Launch Settings on your iPhone 13 and scroll down to the Camera.
  2. Locate Photo Capture and select Photographic Styles.
  3. Swipe through the four different photographic styles using your fingers and select the Photographic style you want to use for taking pictures.

Also, Photographic styles work only in the default camera app on the iPhone 13 smartphones when using photo mode.

These Photographic styles are described by Apple as:

Standard- The style includes the default look generated by the iPhone camera. Standard style I balanced and true to life.

Rich Contrast- This style includes Darker shadows, richer colors, and stronger contrast to generate dramatic looks within your clicks. With Rich Contrast Photographic Style on your iPhone 13, you can click pictures that include richer colors and stronger contrast that goes perfectly for abstract photography and astrophotography.

You want the natural shine of the colors to pop up while still maintaining darker shadows and stronger contrast.

Vibrant- As the name concludes, this photogenic style includes wonderfully bright, intense, and vivid colors. You can use this photographic filter to create brilliant yet natural looks within your pictures.

Vibrant Photographic Style can give your photos rich contrast, which mostly goes with the clicks where you want the images to stand out as dramatic and wherever you want to showcase darker shadows.

Vibrant feature style should be indefinite use where you require wiggle room to increase color and contrast in your photos. You can happily use the vibrant Photographic style to add a golden undertone to your pictures and use cool for the blue undertones.

Warm- warm filter tones are perfect for making your click gain suitable golden hues and golden undertones. Use warm photographic style on your iPhone 13 camera in pictures that include natural-light portraits and landscapes as they most benefit from warm lighting and warm color tones that have red, orange, and yellow hues.

Cool- Blue undertones create a cool look. These filters include the use of cool colors, including green, blue, and violet. Regardless of whether you have been working on your photography skills or if you want to take your passion for photography and turn it into a profession.

Leaving behind cityscape photography or staying unwilling to capture landscapes, city skylines, or sections of the metropolis, you have to have a good choice of photography styles to work with.

Choose the cool style over your iPhone and get ready to capture the best of the sky, be it in the magical golden or blue hour or everywhere in between.

Final words

We hope our article was an excellent help to you. Once you have understood and learned to apply and use these photographic styles in your iPhone 13, you’d see your pictures have a difference of night and day.

One of the fantastic things about these filters, they are a skill to learn!

Once you have set a Photographic Style, it will remain set unless you decide to change them again.

If you want to change them again, simply press the reset button given on the right of the sliders. This will return the sliders to the previously set values for each style.

If we have left you with any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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