How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text iPhone & iPad

How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text iPhone & iPad

We love our friends and family. It’s fun when we all gather together and talk, may it be offline for some event or family get together, or online over groups.  

But then it’s only fun when it happens once in a while. Moreover, if it is over the group chats, the phone’s constant buzzing is just irritating!

Imagine working on a deadline, and suddenly your mobile just starts jingling. The constant jingle is from the messages because some overly enthusiastic person from the group just wants to keep talking.

At times like these, you feel I should just leave this conversation! So how can you remove yourself from a group text on iPhone?

Before the iPhone 8, it wasn’t really possible to remove yourself from a group chat. Thankfully, Apple understood our problem and decided to act on it.

If you are not yet accustomed to this feature, don’t worry. We are here to pull you out of misery, with a detailed guide on ‘How to remove yourself from a group text on iPhone.’

How to Remove Yourself from a Group Text

Step 1:- Open the constantly buzzing Group.

how to remove yourself from a group text iphone

The first and foremost thing to do here is open the iMessage and open the group that is bothering you with spamming messages. Once

Step 2:- Click on the info button.

You will find a small arrow pointing downwards under the group icon or the group name. When you click on that arrow, you will see an additional taskbar below the group name or icon. This taskbar includes an info button. Go ahead and click on the info button.

Step 3:- Click on the Leave this Conversation option.

how to remove yourself from a group text iphone

The iMessage will guide you to the group’s details page upon clicking on the info button. Here you will see several options, such as Hide alerts and Leave this Conversation. Click on the ‘Leave this Conversation’ option when you see them.

Once you do that, you are free of the constant jingles of your notifications.

Why Can’t I Leave Group Chat on iPhone?

If you can’t leave a group chat on your iPhone despite following these steps as there was no Leave this conversation button.

There are two possible reasons for that. The first is that someone in the group doesn’t have iMessage on. The second reason could be that they are not using it on the latest version of the iPhone.

If that’s the case, you can just do one thing: mute the alerts from the group chat.

How to mute a group text message

If you are unable to leave a group chat on an iPhone, then the next thing you can do to save yourself from those irritating notifications of the group chat.

To hide the alerts from the group, you have to follow the same procedure. You can open the group chat and click on the downward pointing arrow below the group icon. Then you have to click on the same info button, which will show you a couple of options on your display.

Now you have to click on the hide alerts button. Once you turn the hide alerts option on, your iPhone will prevent buzzing whenever there is a message on that group chat.

In this way, you can preserve your peace without removing yourself from a group text.  


Spamming messages can be bothersome at times, but I bet now you know how to deal with them. Just follow these steps, and you can remove yourself from group text on your iPhone.

The process of leaving a group is almost identical to every other app when it comes to leaving the group. So if you face the same issue with any other app such as WhatsApp or Facebook groups, you can just follow these steps, and you are free from the barrage of texts.

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