How To Find Mac Address On iPhone: Multiple Ways

How To Find Mac Address On iPhone

There has been an exponential rise in the usage of the internet in the past few years. As a result of this, data servers now store a lot more data than before.

The growth of the internet has also given rise to online thieves, a testimony to which is the increasing number of cases of data breaches we get to hear.

The safety and security of our data online have become a primary concern. “Privacy” has become essential to people.

Firewalls and VPNs are preferred methods of online safety while browsing. You often need to enter your MAC address manually on these applications.

The problem is that many users do not know how to find the MAC address on iPhone.

To help people in finding the MAC address of their iPhone, here is a tutorial guide on how to find device MAC address on iPhone.

What is a MAC address, and what are its uses?

To connect to a wireless router, every device must have a unique address or code by which it proves its identity to the network.

The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique identifier that allows administrators to track each user’s network behavior and region of use over time.

MAC Addresses are 48-bit hexadecimal computer hardware codes incorporated in network cards (also known as Network Interface Cards) during the manufacturing process.

The first 24 bits are for the OUI (Organization Unique Identifier), while the remaining 24 are for NIC/vendor-specific information.

It functions on the connection layer of the OSI model’s data. It is supplied by the device’s manufacturer at the time of manufacture and is integrated into the device’s NIC, which should not be modified.

A logical code is linked to a MAC address under the ARP convention. A network device’s MAC Address is also known as its Physical Address.

While knowing your device’s MAC address will not be required most of the time, there are situations when you will have to know the MAC address of your adapter.

You can recognize the device and set permissions for networking on the router this way.

The primary use of MAC addresses is to provide a unique identity to your device. Also, it prevents tracking of your device via this code through randomization.

Is the WiFi address the same as MAC address?

Your device increases privacy by utilizing a separate MAC address for each Wi-Fi network, starting with the latest versions of iOS.

The private Wi-Fi address of your iPhone is the MAC address. It is unique, meaning the device uses it for a particular network.

A lot of people confuse the MAC address with the IP address. The critical distinction between MAC and IP addresses is that MAC addresses are needed to confirm the computer’s physical address.

It is used to identify the devices connected to a network uniquely. Contrary to this, IP addresses are used to determine the network connection with the device that participates in the network.

Here’s How to Find MAC Address on iPhone

Many people know the conventional way of finding out the MAC address on their iPhone but did you know there are as many as five methods to do so?

Here is a list of all the methods on how to find the MAC address on iPhone.

Network Settings.

The best way to find out your iPhone’s MAC address is from the Network Settings. You just have to navigate through the iPhone’s Settings, then to WiFi, and then choose your active WiFi network. You will have the MAC Address in front of you.

Network Settings

This is an excellent method. There is not much chance that this method will fail. However, if you want another source of finding the MAC address, there are more following.

Router’s Application.

If your router provides an iOS application, you can check your MAC address from the app. The exact route to find your MAC address via the app depends on its application.

You must try to open the list of devices that have access to your router and choose your iPhone from there.

You need to check for an alphanumeric code of twelve characters on the page or a column that says “MAC address.”

Don’t forget, you must keep the application updated. Otherwise, there might be issues like your iPhone not being detected or the app not showing past data.

Router’s Application

If you can not find your iPhone in the list of connected devices, you need to disconnect your iPhone to the router, disable WiFi, and then retry connecting it to your router by enabling WiFi again. You can also reopen the application and check.

Web Browser.

Next on our list of how to find MAC address on iPhone is by using a web browser. The administrative controller on your router provides you control over how devices connect to your network.

You may adjust your network controls, decommission the internet supply, and find the MAC address of all the linked devices, among other things.

To discover how to access the admin panel, consult your router’s user manual or contact the person in charge.

You will need to utilize your web browser to access a specific IP address and input the router’s administrator credentials.

To see the list of devices that are linked to the network, go to “Wi-Fi,” “Wi-Fi Status,” or “Device Management” after logging in. Find out the MAC Address of the iPhone from the list.

how to find MAC address on iPhone is by using a web browser

The exact procedure would be different for different routers and internet service providers.

The basic steps, however, remain the same. You might even ask your Internet service provider about how to find MAC address on iPhone.

Info Menu.

This is the second simplest method on our list of how to find the MAC address on iPhone.

You need to navigate through your iPhone’s Settings, click on General, then to About. Scroll down, and you will find your iPhone’s MAC address in a field labeled “Wi-Fi Address.”

Smart Home Application.

Last on our list of how to find MAC address on iPhone is by using a Smart Home Application.

You can easily find out the MAC addresses of devices linked to your router if you have added your router as a home device to your smart home app.

The “Device Information” area shows the MAC and IP address of all the devices that are linked to your Wi-Fi router.

You need to connect your iPhone to your WiFi and then go to the intelligent home software’s “devices connected” or “devices using the router” list.

How To Find Mac Address On iPhone using Smart Home Application

Suppose, for some reason, your iPhone is not detected by the application.

In that case, you can reconnect your router to the application, turn off WiFi on your iPhone and reconnect again, or restart your WiFi router.

Your iPhone will be displayed in the list again, and you can find out the MAC address of your iPhone.


Here we conclude this tutorial guide on how to find the MAC Address on iPhone. Generally, people need to know the MAC address when they work with the safety and security of their network.

Many firewalls, VPNs, and defense systems require manually entering your device’s MAC address.

Also, while running network diagnostics on your iPhone, you need to enter your MAC address.

Finding the MAC address on your iPhone is not something everyone knows about since it is not commonly used.

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