How to Edit Your Videos Faster Like a Professional – 10 Tips

How to Edit Your Videos Faster Like a Professional

Becoming a professional video editor isn’t easy, but you can edit videos quickly and effortlessly with some practice and patience. However, creating a video is just half of the battle, and the other half is making a professional-looking video by editing it. Although, it has become relatively simple because of the numerous online editing tools as they offer multiple advanced features.

If you have just commenced with video editing, you might be baffled about what to do with so many short clips you have. Don’t worry; we have some fantastic tips that will help make the entire editing process painless for you.

Tips to Edit Videos Faster Like a Professional

Let’s know about these tips quickly so that you can increase your editing speed.


Planning is one of the primary things for editing videos quickly. A good plan is paramount for professional editing, always plan how you will narrate or create your video. Before you start shooting, have a story or script in your mind, as you will be able to take shots accordingly and make the editing work more accessible.

Use Multiple Monitors

It is recommended to use various screens because it will help you see everything at a glance and make editing quick. You can use an extra monitor or utilize an old TV that you don’t use anymore.

For timeline, you can use an ultra-wide monitor; for file management & effect videos, you can use a vertical monitor to the side and take the third screen of full size for video playback. Using these monitors can help make editing speedy as you will be able to organize things better on different screens by creating folders as per your monitor’s usage.

Select the Right Software

One of the most vital points is choosing the right software to edit videos. Before selecting a video editing software, you should check on various things: features, digital interface, usability, and fee. Choosing the editor per your requirements would be best rather than opting for the most trending and advanced editing platform.

You should always check the price and compare the worth of the software you are about to purchase. A basic or free editing tool will suffice your needs if you edit for professional purposes. Invest in professional video editing or a premium tool only when you require advanced features and have a professional budget. 

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

You should know that the more you use the keyboard, the more time it takes to edit videos. So take some time and try to memorize as many shortcuts as possible. Most editing software enables you to use keyboard shortcuts to execute various in-app editing operations.

There are numerous ways to learn keyboard shortcuts, such as reading them in the dropdown menus, checking the complete shortcut menu, or searching them on the web.


If you have too much clutter on your desktop, it will confuse you and slow your video editing speed. Therefore, organizing your footage and desktop can do this by creating different folders. For example, you can create folders by name such as music, images, graphics, footage, etc.

When you have everything organized in different folders, it will make the complete process seamless and trouble-free. Initially, it might take time to organize your footage, but it will help you find what you’re looking for much quicker in the long run.

Use Solid Hardware

A fast storage hard drive is essential for storing your footage as it will help your computer memory free, leading to faster loading and export times. While selecting hard drives, you need to keep in mind that the drive’s rotation speed should be faster, at least 7200 RPM plus, it should connect with USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt as it helps transfer files swiftly and makes video editing faster.

Limit Distractions

This is a must; include a tip for editing videos quickly; keep things that distract you away during video editing. For example, if you have any notifications of your emails, messages, social media platforms, etc., turn them off. You might get distracted and want to reply when you read them, taking away all your concentration.

Therefore, when you start editing, try using your phone less and turn off the notifications as this is not good for your workflow. You should opt for a place with less disturbance to work to give your 100% concentration and least distraction. 

Color Is Everything

Color is one of the primary design elements; therefore, you need to ensure that you use a consistent color scheme to convey every scene. The good thing is that the video editors today give you a lot of color editing options, such as color correction and color grading. These features give your video a different face and make your scenes look realistic.

Edit in Stages

Do not just start from anywhere; make a proper plan and edit videos in stages. It is recommended to start from-

  • First, work on the speaking section.
  • Now, you need to add B-roles wherever required.
  • Once all this is done, begin with the color scheme.
  • Arrange the graphics.
  • Add music and sound effects.
  • Review from the start till the end.
  • Export.

Editing in stages will make things very easy and hassle-free. So, always try to follow this pattern so the complete video-making process will become seamless.

Get Comfortable

Video editing takes time; hence, you need to be comfortable and supported. You will have to spend money on buying a good chair as if you are not comfortable sitting; you will not be able to focus on editing. Always opt for a place with good lighting and a positive environment, whether your home or any other site.

Closing Thoughts

Video editing is undoubtedly time-consuming and complex, but it can become a facile and speedy process with these tips. Along with using video editors, you need to be creative and unique for getting the best output. So keep patience as it takes to become a professional editor, but yes, by following the proper techniques, the editing journey will become a piece of cake for you.

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