How To Delete Albums On iPhone: The Easiest Way

How To Delete Albums On Iphone

iPhones are beneficial devices because of their multipurpose use. One can use his iPhone for almost everything today. One of the primary attractions of the iPhone is its easy-to-understand UI.

To manage your photos and images, iOS provides you with the Photos application. It handles your pics efficiently as it sorts your pictures in albums and collections based on different factors such as selfies, screenshots, memes, and more. Also, it gives power to many third-party applications to make albums on your iPhone.

Since the iPhones come with a limited amount of storage onboard, one of its rare demerits, one must utilize storage wisely. One of the best ways to free some space on your iPhone is to delete albums and unwanted photographs. First, let us understand the need to delete albums on iPhone.

The need for deleting albums on iPhone.

Many third-party applications build picture albums on your iPhone based on your photographs to the application. Such a thing is particularly popular with social networking applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Because images are relatively large in size, the albums made by such programs can consume much storage space.

The more photos you upload to such applications, the bigger the albums get and the less storage capacity on your iPhone. It is also required because iPhones do not allow expanded storage.

Now, we shall see the two methods through which you can delete albums on iPhone.

How to delete albums on iPhones?

There are two ways in which you can delete albums on your iPhone.

Deleting albums directly from the iPhone.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how do you delete albums on iPhone directly.

  • Open the iPhone and launch the Photos application with a color wheel symbol.

launch the Photos application

  • Locate “Albums” in the taskbar and touch it.

Locate Albums

  • Locate the “See All” choice on the right side of the display under the enormous, prominent “Albums” header.
  • Then, in the top corner, select the “Edit” option.


  • The removable albums contain a top-left symbol that resembles a red circle, including a dash. To remove an album, scroll or navigate to the album and hit the red icon.

remove albums

  • A choice should appear at the lower half of the display, asking whether you are sure you want to remove the album. If this is the case, press “Delete Album”; nevertheless, the images in the album are not permanently deleted. You may find them by going to your Photo Library.

tap delete album

Deleting albums on your iPhone through iTunes.

Here is how do you delete albums on iPhone using iTunes. However, only the albums synced to your iTunes can be deleted by this method.

  • Pair your device to your Mac with a Lightning cord and launch iTunes. Select the iPhone symbol in the top left edge of iTunes. Now, you need to pick Photos.

Deleting albums on your iPhone through iTunes

  • Ensure the circle in front of Selected Albums is ticked, then pick the collections you wish to be saved to your iPhone. All the albums you uncheck would be removed from the iPhone.
  • Once you have completed choosing which albums to synchronize to the iPhone, select Apply in the lower-right edge of the display. Your iPhone will be synced to iTunes as a result of this. Whenever your iPhone has completed synchronizing, select Done on the lower-right edge of the display

deleting albums using itunes step 1

Why are some albums non-deletable?

There might be an issue while you delete albums from your iPhone, as some are not deletable. If you’ve linked your device to iTunes, you will not be able to erase specific picture albums from your iPhone.

Also, collections created by the iOS’s Photos application, such as “Screenshots” or “Selfies,” are not deletable. Nevertheless, if you have made a collection by hitting the “+” option and manually adding images to it, you may remove it.


Thus, our article on how to delete an album on iPhone ends here. This would have given you enough insight to delete any collection in the Photos application and increase the storage capacity available for use on your iPhone.

If you want to handle the albums more efficiently, you can pair your device to iTunes and delete all unwanted albums.

In this article, we have discussed the need to delete albums on your iPhones and why some of the collections are not removable. We hope that this article was helpful. It would be great to share this article with the people around you.

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