How To Convert HEIC To JPG On Mac

How To Convert HEIC To JPG On Mac

The need to convert the images to different file formats is in demand these days. It is needed to convert images to other file formats because certain websites support limited file formats. The article will guide you on how to convert heic to jpg on mac. Then the users find it challenging to convert the images to extensions such as jpeg, png, heic, etc. The file size can be restored these days digitally. In this article, you will learn how to change heic to jpg.

The uncomplicated interface design not only provides the conversion of pictures one at a time, but multiple images can be converted as per requirements. No compromise in quality of images while converting the images from one format to another. The resulting image is clean as the original file format of that particular image. The better the quality, the higher its size will be. The process of converting the images from heic to jpg is given below.

1. Stepwise Guide to Convert Images to Any File Format:

  1. First, decide which file format you want the original image to be converted to.
  2. On Google search in such a manner, for example, convert heic to jpg.
  3. You will find many search results on Google. Choose one of the free converters.
  4. Then upload the file you wish to change. Choose the file format for the resulting file. 
  5. Then it will show conversion process is on board. Once the conversion process ends, it will ask you to download the file. 
  6. The file name will be the same with a different extension, or if you wish to change the file name, you will have to upgrade the subscription.
  7. You will find the downloaded image in your systems download folder. You can check the extension of the changed file here in the folder.

2. Converting HEIC to JPG:

The HEIC, High-Efficiency Image File Format is a format for individual pictures and image sequences. The quality covers the transmission of files that may conjointly embrace different media streams, like regular text, audio, and video. The JPG is a digital image format that stores image data in compressed form. JPG images’ limited file size allows thousands of images to be stored in a small amount of memory. JPG files are also commonly used in printing and editing.

In this article, you will find relevant websites which allow you to convert the heic to jpg images with the desirable optional settings of the idea that is to be converted. The images can be downloaded and saved into the host systems. The pro versions are available that have more updated settings for conversion. The free version of these websites offers the best resulting images with settings such as file size.


When you search to convert the HEIC to JPG, google suggests this website on the top of the list. The user interface of this website platform is very user-friendly. The user can upload the file by clicking on the plus sign icon. Once you click on the icon, you can choose the system’s file and upload it on the platform. It can convert many heic photos at a time. Once the upload is completed, you can start the conversion by proceeding. 

The download option for these converted images is available at the right bottom of the upload dialogue box. The site also provides feedback forms where users can give feedback on image quality after converting or any other issue. The site also offers attractive background to the portal, which attracts the users to revisit it. This portal to convert the images is free of cost.


If you want high-resolution images, convert heic to jpg in mac, then you are in the right place. The website gives you the beat setting options to convert the heic to jpg in mac. To upload the file, you will have to click the button named select file. Once the file is uploaded, you can choose the width and height of the images. After that, you can proceed further to the conversion process.

The website offers image conversion from heic to jpg format and other file formats as well. You can decide to have strips or no strips in the converted image by selecting the appropriate options in the settings. The user interface is quite simple to learn. You can convert many files at a time by uploading them one by one. The question, how to change heic to jpg will be answered here. 

3. Setapp:

The demand to convert heic to jpg in mac is increasing due to the increase in mac users. To deal with the images, Setapp provides universal photo converted for mac. The app works on not only pictures but audio and video formats in mac. By using the application, you will be able to convert the images to other file formats rapidly. The following are the steps to convert heic to jpg.

  • First, get the application, download this on your system. Then open the Setapp.
  • The portal uses the drag and drop feature. Easy to operate. No need to click and upload the files.
  • Hit the conversion button and wait for the images to convert.
  • You can click on the finder to show your converted image. 
  • You can add the image settings as per preferences using the preset of the application.

3. How to Convert HEIC Images to JPG on a Mac the Easy Way:

Heic is preferred over the JPG thanks to its smaller file sizes, and it is more used in the Mac. HEIC can cause problems for a few apps. Here’s the way to easily convert HEIC files to JPG. If you reside your life on iOS, then the possibilities are pretty good that you just never really know when a picture is within the HEIC or JPG formats because, for the foremost part, it doesn’t matter.

However, after you start sharing images or saving them to your Mac for future use, you would want them in a more standard format. That tends to happen most on a Mac, so to share files, you will have to convert them into other formats. It’s excellent if there was a fast and straightforward way to do so. With Automator, you shall have a fast and straightforward way to convert heic to jpg in mac.

  1. To get started with the converting images, you will have to search for Automator using spotlight, or else, you will find the Automator file in your application folder of mac. Launch the Automator to use it for converting heic to jpg
  2. The list of templates will occur in front of you. Choose the “Quick Action” icon. After that, a dialogue box with the button name” Choose” will appear to click.

  3. Click the “copy finder,” then go to “copy finder items” to drag and drop the image that is to be converted from heic to jpg. Then choose the folder of your desired image or file that is to be converted. You can find the option such as “replace existing files”.
  4. Now to change the image, click on the “change type” that you will find on the screen’s left. Drag and drop the image that is to be converted. Mention the type of the image the resultant image should be of in “To Type”, for example, to jpeg.
  5. In the menu bar, click on save the file to save the converted image. The dialogue box will appear to name the file. You can the photo is held in the converted format on the mac.
  6. You can also go to the image that is to be converted and right-click on the heic image. After that, search for the “Quick Action” option. This will show a drop-down list of options; click on the convert to jpeg. This will convert your image quickly to jpeg without even opening the Automator in mac.
  7. The quick action can be found in mac to convert the heic to jpg in mac. It saves time and gives defined images with appropriate resolution. These altered images, jpg images are accepted by many websites now.


If you own an iPhone, you will notice that many of your photos are saved in heic format. You will find an application in the apple store to convert these images to jpg. The jpg format is easy to transfer and is larger than in size. The heic format is not super by many websites due to this smaller size compared to other formats such as jpeg, png. The settings are optional for the users to give a more lavish look to the images.

However, changing heic pictures into the JPG format is straightforward if you have got a Mac laptop You can use the above websites to convert heic to jpg in mac. The laptops will make it easy to convert many images at a time, convenient to drag and drop multiple images. The friendly and rapid conversion does not compromise the definition of images. The quality and design of the images are maintained throughout the conversion process.

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