How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

Is your phone lost? Are you worried about sensitive information on the device? Apple activation allows you to protect your phone in case of theft or to lose your phone somewhere else. The hardware would be of no use to the person stealing it as an Activation lock would protect everything on your iPhone or iPad. 

But what if you forgot your credentials? There are times when you want to know how to pass the activation lock on iPhone or iPad. It is very much possible that one can forget the credentials. The human mind can hold only too many times. Some things can just slip from your mind. Do not panic. We have covered how to bypass activation lock on iPhone or iPad and additionally which tool you can use.

All About Activation Lock:

In simple terms, an activation lock is helpful in times if a phone is stolen or lost. The activation lock is activated via iCloud, and voila, your sensitive information is safe by all means. 

It allows you even to track your iPhone or iPad. If your phone is being used by someone else, the activation lock tracks your phone via the WiFi network, which the theft might use. With this unique application, you can be aware of the whereabouts of your phone all the time. 

But what if you have to erase all the data in the most stringent scenarios?  You get full assurance with this feature and do not have to fret about leaking your precious pictures and sensitive information. 

Let’s get you started with the step-by-step guide to bypass the activation lock.

How to Bypass the Activation Lock on iPhone or iPad


iCloud Bypass Guide : 5 Methods Given (3 Are FREE)

In order to begin the process of getting around activation lock, few terms need to be kept in mind. These are as follows:

  • Learn your passcode: you need to remember the lock screen passcode to bypass the activation lock on your iPhone or iPad. Remember, it will be one of the pre-requisites. 
  • Email and Password: the process of bypass activation is not as complicated as it sounds. Sometimes, it is as simple as logging into your device. In order to do that, you need to remember your credentials. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Bypass Activation Lock:

Follow these steps to know more:

  1. Switch on your device
  2. Set up the device by filling in basic information like language, Wifi network, etc.
  3. Now the option will appear on your scared, “sign in with Apple ID.”
  4. Enter your details and click on “continue.”
  5. Complete the “setup” process. 
  6. Now open “settings.”
  7. Tap on the user’s name at the top of the settings app
  8. Now at the bottom of the screen, you will find the option of “sign out.”
  9. “Sign out” by entering your Apple ID passcode again.
  10. Now the “turn off” option will be on the top right corner. 
  11. Tap on it to turn off “find my phone.”

And it is done. Pretty simple, right? Let’s move on to “how to bypass activation via iCloud.”

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Safely and Effectively


Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone

Now you have the charge of a phone of a complete stranger. You want to return it. iCloud can be helpful in removing the iPad or iPhone’s activation lock. You will be bedding all the necessary details to log in. Here is how you bypass the activation lock on iPhone or iPad via iCloud. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Bypass iCloud Activation:

Free Bypass iCloud Activation Screen Lock on iOS versions: 7 & 10

  1. Open iCloud site on any browser “”
  2. Enter all the credentials of the owner’s ID. 
  3. You may need to verify via the owner’s iPhone or iPad, whichever is associated with the account. 
  4. Now tap on the option of “find my phone.”
  5. A map would appear with a blue dot on it. The blue dot signifies the location of the phone, obviously. 
  6. Tap on the blue dot and now select “erase iPad or iPhone.”
  7. Finally, tap on “remove from the account”

Remove iCloud Activation Lock with Tenoshore 4MeKey Tool:OFFICIAL]Tenorshare 4MeKey - Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password/Apple ID

Bought a locked Apple device? Forgot to ask for the credentials? Tenoshore 4MeKey Tool is your friend you can turn to. You can easily unlock the phone and bypass the iCloud activation lock. 

Let’s jump right in:

Step by Step Guide to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on your iOS Device:

  1. Firstly, you have to download this software on your computer. 
  2. Once installed, run it.
  3. Now a screen would appear with “Downloading apple driver” on it. 
  4. Now there would appear the precautions. Read it carefully.
  5. Accept the “terms and conditions” to proceed further. 
  6. Now connect your phone to your computer. 
  7. A screen would appear with “jailbreak your device.” 
  8. Follow the steps and click on “next.”
  9. Wait for a few seconds till the process is completed. 
  10. And it’s done. The iCloud activation lock is removed successfully. 

Bypass iCloud Activation lock on iPhone/iPad through DNS

Domain Name Service (DNS) transcribes domain names to IP addresses that devices use. This process is a bit tricky. Let’s dive in.

  1. After setting up your phone, connect to a wifi network.
  2. Choose the “i” option next to the name of the wifi. 
  3. Now a page would appear. At the bottom of the page, find “configure DNS.”
  4. And now choose “manual” out of manual and automatic.
  5. Choose the iCloud bypass DNS server IP address from the following:

iCloud Bypass DNS server IP addresses:

  • USA:
  • Asia:
  • Europe:
  • South America:
  • Australia and Oceania:
  1. Remove the old DNS server.
  2. Select the wifi network and enter your password. 

And now you would see the iCloud bypass page. 

Resort to Apple Services to Bypass the Activation Lock:


How to Bypass iCloud Activation Safely and Effectively

If none of the above steps work for you, you can always ask the Apple employee to remove the iPhone or iPad’s bypass activation lock. It will be based on his discretion, but you can always try. 

There will be pre-requisites that you will need before approaching the Apple services-

    1. Evidence of purchase:  Primarily, you will need the date, time, serial number, and purchase’ name. Make sure to keep the proof of purchase safe all the time. 
    2. Linkage of your phone to you: in order to seek the Apple employee’s help, you have to prove that you legally bought the phone. You can show an email, iMessage, or any other documentation that could link and prove that you are the actual owner. 

Don’t entirely depend on Apple’s employees to help you. They could easily reject your pleading. However, you might get lucky in getting the required help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are the iCloud removal tools free?

Everything comes with a price. Free softwares usually infect your device or computer as it can possibly carry some virus or Trojan horse. You should check the dependence of the software by researching enough. Avoid taking the risk in any way. 

  • Do I need to worry about purchasing a jailbroken iPhone?

Not necessarily. In jailbroken iPhones, you just need to remove the activation lock on your iPhone or iPad. iCloud can be helpful in removing the iPad or iPhone’s activation lock. Follow the step-by-step guide given above to bypass the activation lock. 

  • What is the significant difference between iCloud activation and SIM Lock?

The iCloud activation lock necessarily helps in protecting your iPhone from thieves. Its primary purpose lies in the protection of your sensitive information in case your phone gets stolen. In comparison, a SIM lock is designed to link your IMEI number to your SIM card through various contracts. 

  • Does the iCloud removal procedure work with every version of the iOS device?

Most of the time, the iCloud activation lock would be proven compatible with your iOS devices. But with technological advancements, newer versions are more secure, and the removal process might not work. But with the older versions, it is likely to work, and you can give it a try. 

  • I received a stolen device. What should I do?

Before purchasing second-hand items, always make sure to verify the authenticity of the phone. Make sure to check the details and ask for proof of purchase or any other documentation to get the proof. In case the seller fails to provide you with these requisites, you have probably received a stolen device. 

You can report it to the police or try our methods above to bypass the activation lock. And see, that works for you. 

  • Service or a tool, which one is best for removing the activation lock?

Try it with the services first mentioned above. Follow the step-by-step guide to unlock your iPhone. You can also with Tenoshare 4MeKey tool we have mentioned. See if this works out for you. Always beware of bogus software that could procure your sensitive information. Always check the legitimacy of the tool.

  • Does the iCloud activation removal be compatible with the iPad?

Essentially, the iCloud activation removal will work with every iOS device, be it iPhone, iPad, iPod device, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. It will work with every device that has your Apple ID linked. 


When your iPhone is locked, it is the worst case one can imagine. Make sure to remove the activation lock on iPhone or iPad before selling it to other people. It would help ease the way for the new user rather than being stuck in unlocking the iPhone. 

If you are in the worst-case scenario and have recovered a phone from a street or bought a second-hand device, you do not have to worry or panic. Simply follow the steps mentioned above and try if this works out for you. However, if none of this works, it is very much possible that the iPhone could be forever. 

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