How to Access iCloud on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the Web

How to Access iCloud on iPhone

iCloud is Apple’s cloud platform to save and synchronize data like photos, videos, contacts, notes, documents, and also store backups. If you’re not quite sure where to go to see and manage your saved data, follow along for how to access iCloud on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the web.

iCloud drive can help you access all of your data from your iPhone or iPad or your Mac. It depends on which device you are using and up to which extent it is up to date or not.

How To Access iCloud?

To access iCloud and iCloud drive, you need to know the following steps :

  • Update your iPhone or Mac to the latest ios and the macOS, respectively.
  • Make sure you have the same Apple ID connected on all of your devices.
  • At first, set up iCloud on all of your devices and then turn on iCloud Drive.
  • If you have a Windows PC, you might want to switch it to Windows 7 or higher for iCloud download.

How To Access iCloud On iPhone and iPad?

At first, Apple gives users a 5 GB worth of free storage, and then you can opt for further subscription. Keep in mind that the iCloud on iPhone, iPad or Mac is nothing but the storage for your information related to your work or your entertainment.

Again one of the main portions of iCloud is the iCloud backups. First of all, it isn’t designed so that one can see the storage on the Apple device. They are rather made as sealed packages for backups on your iPad or iPhone.

Now to access your storage, we will show how to access iCloud on your iPhone


Step 1: At first, open the Settings and enter your full name.

Step 2: Then, you need to choose iCloud.

Step 3: You will see all the apps and data connected to that of iCloud.

Step 4: Tap the mark on the right-hand side to turn on iCloud for a specific app.

Step 5: Towards the bottom makes the iCloud backups for further security.

Step 6: For this one can manage all the third party problems with this.

How to Access iCloud on the Web?

Until now, we have seen that iCloud can be accessed from almost every Apple communicating device. The iCloud is a hero who stays behind, but there is a web interface through which you can access your information and manage the settings. You can check your data, photos from the iCloud Library, files, and many other things. Let’s see the steps here:

You may be away from all of your Apple devices. But then also you can use the iCloud features.


Step 1: Open a Browser.

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Enter your login id.

Now you can access all the iCloud Web Apps like the photos, videos, data, files, etc.

As you know that iCloud is a feature that can be found in only Apple devices. With the web browser interface, you can access it from a device.

From the Settings, you can access some useful features. So, now, we will talk about how to access iCloud storage?  From the settings, check your iCloud storage. It will show you the amount left and the amount used.

You can restore all of your data, files, photos, mail everything here. Don’t worry; no one will be able to see your secrets till you do not forget to sign out from all web browsers that you have used.

How to Access iCloud on Mac

Now, we will be talking about iCloud access for MacBook. This is also very simple. Just follow the following steps.


Step 1: At first, go to System Preferences.

Step 2: Then select iCloud from it.

Step 3: You will be able to see all the apps and documents connected to your iCloud

Step 4: Then you need to click on the checkboxes on the left to turn it on/off

Step 5: There isn’t an option on your mac from which you can backup your iCloud, but you can do it with external drives.

How to Choose the iCloud Subscription Plan?

The iCloud service comes with 5GB storage service for free. But we know it is mostly not enough. For this, you can go for the best subscription plans. Just go through the following steps.

  • Open Settings.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Go for Storage.
  • Click on Select Storage Plan.
  • Choose the storage plan you are comfortable with.
  • Buy it from the Buy option on the top right corner.
  • Sign in with your iCloud account to complete your deal.

After this, you will find that your iCloud storage has increased immediately. Now you can store as much information as you want.

Final Words

iCloud is truly a great platform for all Apple devices. It keeps all your information safe and stored securely. It can be accessed via iPhone, iPad, MacBook. For iOS devices, as long as you are signed in, it will work hassle-free. You do not have to do anything for it. But apart from that, you can also use it from any web browser.

We have discussed how you can access this iCloud feature in all the devices. It is very simple and can be easily relied on. Just select your device and start using this service.

Hope this is useful to you.



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