11 Best Expense Tracker Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Expense Tracker Apps for iPhone and iPad

Last year of pandemic taught us the real importance of our savings. Although, some of them were saving money for their senility. And, that’s not the moment they imagined to spent on. Still, one thing is clear, everyone must learn about money management. Moreover, it is an easier task, nowadays. Especially if you have an iPhone. There are a couple of expense tracker apps that you can use on your iPhone and iPad. And, in these apps, you can easily manage your finance without carrying a big hefty register as people do 20 years ago.

However, most people are not good at money management. According to a publication, 32% of Canadian citizens don’t have a retirement plan. Also, 45% of Americans don’t save for their elders. As a result, they end up being broke after their retirement. That’s actually depressive and scary. Although, if you’re reading this article, I praise you. You have already made a significant step. Furthermore, having an expense tracker app could lessen your workload. Let’s start the process to choose the best expense tracker app for you.

What are the Best Expense Tracker apps?

Now you know how important is to manage your personal finance and expenses. Moreover, these expense tracker apps can help you to understand and follow the financial process, easily. Some of these apps are free while others come with paid subscriptions. You can choose a specific app you want according to your needs. Also, you can add additional features by paying an extra price.

If we talk about the single best expense tracker app for the iPhone, it would be Mint. It is also known as Intuit Mint. And, top tech publications mentioned it on the top of the best budgeting apps. This expense tracker app comes with several features to simplify your personal or business finance. To know all the details about Mint, you can read further. And, no worries if you already heard about the Mint but your heart’s voice is not calling for it. Here’s the solution.

Best Expense Tracker Apps for iPhone and iPad 

There are a couple of the best expense tracker apps out there. And, the financial management of every individual and business organization varies on multiple factors. Therefore, I listed the 10 best expense tracker apps in this article. So you won’t find any difficult to find an ideal one for you.

So let’s get started with #1.

1. Mint: Overall Best Expense Tracker app 


You can’t complete a list of best expense tracker apps without adding mint in it(Pun intended). It’s one of the best apps to manage your personal or professional finance as well as to monitor your expenses. You can find a couple of useful settings here. You can use them according to your requirements and achieve your financial goals. As a result, you will get personalized and actionable insights that can help you to remove redundant expenses from your targeted budget amount.

Moreover, you can add your monthly bill payments to it. After that, Mint will send you overdraft protection alerts with the specific amount you need to pay. So you will never miss a bill payment again. Alongside the bills, you can add all your cash, investments in the Mint app. Also, you can add any of your personal goals to it to manage money accordingly. For instance, Building a house, paying a debt, or saving money for retirement. Besides these features, the Mint app always keeps you update with your credit score. Also, it will share tips on how to perform well here.

Furthermore, the Mint app makes its best to keep your data private with its safety features. For instance, 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication. The big publications like CNBC, New York Times, HuffPost also talked about this app. Also, it is honored with the Editor’s Choice award from a couple of publications. At last, the Mint app has 24 million users and it is available on Android as well as iOS. And, it would be the best expense tracker app for you as a beginner, surely.

Key features: 

  • Keep you update with the Credit Score.
  • Bill tracker and reminder.
  • Manage recurring expenses.
  • Personazide and actionable insights.
  • Trusted by reputable publications and 24 million users.

Click here to install (free, in-app purchases)

2. Personal Capital

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is the second one of the best expense tracker apps on our list. It is popular and allows you to monitor your financial portfolio, efficiently. In this financial app, you can add all your financial accounts in one place. This list includes investments, IRA, stocks, etc. Also, this app allows you to see the overview of all these assets at one glance. The Fee Analyzer feature scans all of your linked accounts and reports to you about the hidden charges or overpriced fees of mutual funds.

Moreover, Personal Captial comes with award-winning investment tools that are completely free. These tools help you to manage and save money for different aspects of life. For instance, retirement, emergency, debt paydown, or personal expenses. Plus, you can arrange a talk with a financial advisor on this app. Therefore, you can easily create a personalized plan, accordingly. Built-in-investment intelligence automatically checks and compares your portfolio’s allocation with the recommended allocation. That’s how you’ll know if your investment doing well or not?

Personal Capital has more than 2.7 million registered users. Alongside, it manages more than $15 billion in assets. And, it also mentioned the website’s encryption got an A by world-renowned Qualys SSL Labs which is more secure than the major banks and brokerage.

Key features: 

  • Add all your financial accounts in one place.
  • Over 2.7 million registered users and managing $15 million assets.
  • Automatically detects overpriced and hidden charges.
  • Use Award-winning investment tools for free.
  • Built-in-investment intelligence.
  • Create a Personalized financial plan with the help of a financial advisor.

Click here to install (free, in-app purchases)

3. Money Manager Expense & Budget‬

Money Manager

If you will search for the best expense tracker apps on your iPhone, this app will show up at the top of the list. It is a well-optimized and trustable application for personal finance management. The brand mentioned it is for people who think household account management is complicated for them. So we will help them to make things simpler. Maybe, that’s why this app has 4.8 out of 5 stars ratings on the Apple store.

Moreover, you can enter financial data in this app without any frustration. Also, you can create budget categories as well as subcategories to manage your money in s simple way. This app is simpler at its default settings. Although you can change them accordingly after getting used to them. Moreover, you can add and manage your all bank accounts in a Money manager. After that, you can view your statistics according to your spending tendencies.

The Budget Management function allows you to read your expenses and cash flow in a detailed graph. Therefore, you can understand where you’re spending most of your money. Also, you can easily backup your data in Money Management. Later, you can restore all the data through E-mails, iTunes, and iCloud. Besides these, features like the Card management function, Payment Profiles, calendar view, and double-entry bookkeeping makes this app one of the best expense tracker apps.

Key features: 

  • Manage all your financial accounts.
  • Calendar view.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Well-detailed graphs and charts.
  • Check statistics on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Click here to install (free, in-app purchases)

4. Pocket Expense 6

Pocket Expense 6 is a simple yet incredible finance app that you can download on your iPhone. If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward app then this is the one. You won’t find a website for this app. It’s only available on iOS, Google Play Store, and macOS. Moreover, like the previous apps, you can add multiple accounts to them. And, after that, you can monitor the overall characteristics of these accounts on a monthly, yearly, or daily basis.

Pocket Expense 6 is available in multiple foreign languages, such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian, etc. Also, you get nifty tools like payer, payee management, and transaction search in this app. Alongside, this app has password protection and a complete word currency list. This could help you while traveling to a foreign country. Also, you backup the essential financial data that you can restore using a WiFi connection. Moreover, this app helps you to set custom alarms for your future bills. Therefore, you would never miss any important bill payment.

Furthermore, this app has a calendar view that helps you to look out for the essential things without any complication. At the end of the day, if you need a report for all your transaction, you’re ready to go with Pocket Expense 6 in a few clicks. Concluded, it is a simple, useful and straightforward expense tracker app to manage your finances.

Key features: 

  • Simple and straightforward interface.
  • Multiple foreign languages.
  • Password protection login.
  • Useful Nifty Tools
  • Get reports of all your transactions
  • Effortless backup creation and restoration.

Click here to install (free, in-app purchases)

5. Expensify

This is the app you found on the App store praised by every big publication. For instance, Forbes, PCMag, Wall Street Journal, etc. According to Business Insider, this is the Best Business Travel App for you. Expensify app allows you to track your personal and business finance. Also, you can scan receipts, and book your travel in the same app. You can scan an unlimited number of receipts using Expensify’s SmartScan technology. And, this technology helps you to captures every detail of a single receipt.

Moreover, if you want to obstruct the frustration of receipts forever, just get an Expensify Card. And, you can use this card for contactless payment by linking it with your Apple Wallet. Also, you can use this app to book your flights, hotels, and cars within one simple chat. And, this corporate travel assistant service is available 24/7. The Expense management feature helps you to submit business expenses for easy approval, next-day reimbursement. Further, it automatically syncs with accounting software.

Furthermore, this app has a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating from over 90,000 users. And, it supports receipt registrations with trustable and popular brands. For example, Uber, Lyft, Hotel Tonight, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and more. Additional features like Multi-level approval workflows, Mileage tracking, Automatic credit card import, and Automatic currency convertor make it one of the best expense tracker apps. Especially if you travel a lot from one place to another.

Key features: 

  • Recommended by prominent publications.
  • Book all of your travel needs.
  • Do all contactless payments with Expensify Card.
  • Corporate Travel Assistant service for 24/7.
  • Supports receipt registrations with popular brands.
  • Advanced tax tracking.

Click here to install (free, in-app purchases)

6. Monefy


Monefy is another straightforward process to manage your personal finance. Like the traditional way, you don’t have to keep a journal with yourself to write down everything you spend. With Monefy you can easily understand and add all the transactions of your spending. It is a beginner-friendly app and comes with no time-consuming setup process. Therefore, you don’t need to read any kind of manual before using Monefy.

Moreover, you can customize this application according to your preferences. For example, the currency you use, or the convenient language. Meanwhile, you can start adding your expenses without typing them manually. Just choose the preferred category and choose the expense you just spent. Also, you can create a Google Drive or Dropbox account and link it with a Monefy account. Later, you can link the same account in Monefy on another device to synchronize all the data in it.

Furthermore, you can see your expenses on well-detailed charts or graphs. Also, you can sort them to know your spending alone in a specific category. The Monefy app will add some handy widgets on your phone’s locked screen. Later, you can use them as a shortcut to attempt a particular action. Besides, it supports a dark theme, in-built calculator, multiple accounts support, passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID protection. For me, it is one of the straightforward expense tracker apps with all the required features.

Key features: 

  • Simple and straightforward setup process.
  • Choose preferred currency and language.
  • Easily Synchronize with a Google Drive or Dropbox account.
  • backup and export data in one click
  • Touch ID, Passcode, and Face ID protection.
  • Supports Dark Theme.

Click here to install (free, in-app purchases)

7. Wally


Wally is an easy-to-use app known as a smart personal finance assistant. It comes with a tagline- “Get insights on your spending, set goals, and increase your savings.” And, you can easily create a budget and a finance goal here. After that, you can use Wally to track every expense you made in a day/week/month. Moreover, personal finance experts and popular publications like Economic Times recommend Wally over 150 times.

Furthermore, you can sync your savings, checking, credit cards, and loan accounts in it. Later, Wally shows you instant insights alongside the cashflow pattern and how you spend money. Also, you can watch out for real-time updates on your recent spending, budget, and upcoming transactions. Wally automatically categorized your expenses and transaction to simplify your financial being. The simple and clutter-free dashboard makes it easy for you to understand your cash flow and account balances.

Wally allows you to create a budget according to different categories such as groceries, entertainment, home, and more. Also, you can scan and upload bills, receipts, warranties to save in your phone, securely and for a long term time. The Bill reminder feature will always remind you before the overdue date of bill payment. This app is great but it’s only available for iOS devices.

Key features:

  • Easy to understand dashboard.
  • In-Depth insights for two years.
  • Sync all your accounts, and credit cards.
  • Interactive graphs and charts.
  • Real-time updates on your spending.
  • Recommended by big publications over 150 times

Click here to install (free, in-app purchases)

8. PocketGuard

Like the previous apps, PocketGuard is also featured by influential publications. For instance, Time, Forbes, The Simple Dollar, etc. It is an easy-to-setup app that easier your money management. This app promotes its simplicity as well as the ability to track your spending. You can monitor all your expenses on its intuitive dashboard that comes with a couple of helpful features.


Furthermore, you can activate push notifications in it to remind yourself of future bills. PocketGuard has a unique feature that identifies unwanted subscriptions and suggests you cancel them. Therefore, you can cut down your unnecessary expenses in a few clicks. Also, PocketGuard sends weekly reports to its users via email. The report you will get shows you 5 categories where you spent the most. Also, you’ll be notified of how you’re tracking your targeted budget.
However, you can’t create custom spending categories in the free version of PocketGuard. But you can still track all the transactions you’re making here and there. Like other apps, you can add all of your accounts to it. And, with the security features like 256-bit SSL encryption, PIN code, and biometrics make it one of the secure expense tracker apps. Moreover, you will get online technical support if you feel stuck somewhere.

Key features:

  • Easy to set up for first-time users.
  • Weekly In-depth reports.
  • Straightforward and intuitive dashboard.
  • Supports 256-bit SSL encryption, PIN code, and biometrics.
  • Push notifications for upcoming bills.

Click here to install (free, in-app purchases)

9. Money Lover

Money Lover

Honestly, from all the above expense tracker apps, I like this app the most. It’s not because it has something out of the world. But it has a unique and creative interface that works actually smoothly. Moreover, this app makes your money management simpler by recording your daily transactions in seconds. Also, you can categorize all these transactions into different expenses, such as Shopping, food, entertainment, etc.

Moreover, you can set budgets according to your financial goals and based on your spending habits. Also, you can create several sub-categories to level up your money management. Plus, you can add all your money-related accounts to it. After that, this app will show your cash flow and spending patterns with easy-to-read graphs. The built-in-calculator allows you to do tricky calculations without leaving the app.

The Bank accounts report feature keeps you updated with where is your money going. Also, you will get bank-level security to keep your personal data secure. Moreover, you can synchronize this app across all your devices. The recurring transaction feature reminds you of your upcoming bills and recurring transactions. The auto-process and organize the scan receipts mode as well as travel mode to keep you updated with transactions in various currencies make your traveling easier.

Key features: 

  • Create sub-categories of your expenses categories.
  • Built-in Calculator.
  • High-end security.
  • Recurring transactions reminder.
  • Easy-to-read graphs to monitor your cash flow.

Click here to install (free, in-app purchases)

10. Goodbudget


Goodbudget is known as Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA). These words refer to digitilizes the “envelope method” of budgeting. This is a budgeting method where you can create a budget with a specific amount of income to spend on expenses. Also, you can create various categories to keep a better understanding of your financial management. Now, this process seems complex but here’s what Goodbudget does. It makes this complex process easier for you.

Moreover, you can’t sync your bank account in Goodbudget. All you have to do is manually create “envelopes” and customize them according to your preferences. This app could be a tedious one for you if you’re not much into the “envelope method.”  However, you can go for it if you want to limit data sharing. According to a couple of publications, Goodbudget is a great app for couples or families.

Goodbudget launched in 2009. But it introduced a new feature in 2021 after experiencing the pandemic time period. This feature allows you to prioritize your envelopes based on your personal or business preferences. Furthermore, Goodbudget free version provides you with 10 regular envelopes, and 10 annual envelopes. Also, you can sync across two devices to share your budgets with your known. For some people, this app doesn’t sound good but if you already a big fan of the “envelope method”, this app could be one of the best expense tracker apps for you.

Key features: 

  • Best for the envelope method users.
  • Sync and share your budgets.
  • Well-detailed graphs and charts.
  • Best to save money for hefty expenses.

Click here to install (free, in-app purchases)

11. Spendee


Spendee is another one of the top expense tracker apps to manage your finance, perfectly and precisely. You can simply add your bank details, crypto wallet, and E-wallet to it. After that, Spendee shows you an overview of all these accounts and the cash flow. Therefore, you can easily save money and use it to achieve your financial goals.

You can customize the interface of Spendee according to your preferences. You can also apply dark mode on this app to reduce your eyes stress This app also supports multiple currencies. Also, you can add a customized expense to it. So if you’re a traveler, these features could help you a lot to manage and spend your money, wisely. You can add smart budgets to prevent overspending on unnecessary things.

Moreover, this app has 4.7 out of 5 stars ratings on the Apple Store. Also, Spendee received the award for the best Mobile UX in 2017. Plus, this app is featured by Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Besides, features like simplistic insights, shared wallet, sync, and backup make it one of the best expense tracker apps.

Key features: 

  • Add Bank, Crypto, and E-wallet accounts.
  • Well-detailed and plain insights.
  • Supports Dark Mode.
  • Customized your expenses according to various locations and currencies.
  • Add Smart Budgets for Daily, Weekly, or Monthly duration.

Click here to install (free, in-app purchases)

Final Words: Best Expense Tracker Apps

Managing your finance seems a complex task to you but if you will do it properly, this could save you in your tough times. Moreover, these expense tracker apps could help you to achieve your financial goals, precisely. Although, finding a perfect expense tracker app is not a simple task too. But you can filter out the clutter by knowing your preferences. Are you looking for a free app or you’re ready to pay a few bucks? You are looking for an app to manage your personal finance or is it for a specific reason such as travelling?

So this was the list of the 11 best expense tracker apps. And, I hope this list helps you to find the ideal budgeting app for your iPhone and iPad. If it really did, let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friend who still doesn’t know how to manage your personal finance. And, searching for the best expense tracker apps for iPhone and iPad.

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