10 Best Email Clients for Mac to Simplify Your Life

Best Email Apps for Mac to Simplify Your Life

You might use Gmail to talk with your online friends, sometimes. Also, professionals use it to share needed documents, and links with their clients/co-workers. Yes, for an individual and a new small business, Gmail is fine. Moreover, if you’re serious about your business, you must try a dedicated email client. A dedicated email app is more convenient and comes with advanced features. As a result, you can enjoy more benefits as compared to online email services such as Gmail. For instance, stable integration with other system applications, multiple email accounts. Moreover, a couple of email apps for Mac are available for you, if you’re into Macbook. Although most of the apps support all the major system platforms. So you don’t have to worry about compatibility much before choosing a specific email app.

Moreover, Apple has designed MacBook very considerably. And, it could be a greater device that you’re willing to use email apps in it. However, you’ll find tons of search results after searching a single query on Google like “best email apps for Mac.” And, if you’re new to finding the best email apps for Mac then it could be a little overwhelming to you. Many questions will arise in your mind such as Which email app for mac is best for personal usage? Or should I buy an Email app with some specific features? Is it worth it? Which email app will be best for non-tech savvy users?

Lots of questions and tons of confusion. To lessen your burden and save your time, I’ve already created a top 10 list of best email apps for mac. I’ve also added a little information and features below the applications’ name. So you can choose accordingly which suits you best

Best Email Apps for Mac: Our Top Picks

1. Apple Mail: Simple and Best Email apps for Personal Use

Apple Mail

Apple Mail is the default email client that you’ll find in every macOS. In MacBook, you’ll find this app as the Mail app. As this app is made by Apple, it has characteristics like a simple, and polished look. It helps you to streamlines your emails in an organized way. Also, features like search filters and support for multiple email accounts will make you more productive, in an efficient way.

From the macOS Sierra version, the Mail app started supporting Siri. You can read your emails and send an instant email just by using Siri. A useful feature to make your life easier and prolific. Apple Mail is a simple, intuitive, and reliable app that comes by default in every MacBook. Moreover, the iOS 13 update gives some extra features to its users such as Makeup Menu, Reply Menu, or Pop-up Commands.

It’s one of the best email clients for Mac. And, you don’t have to find any other mail app unless your Macbook hasn’t sufficient requirements. Also, if you’re looking for some particular features in a mail client.

2. MailTrim: One of the Best Business-Centric Email Clients for Mac

MailTrim One of the Best Business-Centric email apps for Mac

If you’re looking for a business-centric mail client that you can use for professional tasks rather than a personal conversation.

MailChimp is known as one of the reliable email apps that you can use to manage your business teams. The intelligent inbox of this email app helps you to keep things organized. Also, you can use a customized view and filter out feature to filter out the unnecessary messages. As a result, you’ll easily find the message you’re searching for.

Moreover, you can store your important data in a centralized archive. Later you can use this storage to search and retrieve messages in an instant. Besides, this email app supports major third-party integrations such as Google Drive. With features like a simplistic view, Enterprise level security, great integrations it will be the best email apps for mac for your business.

3. Mozilla Thunderbird


Mozilla Thunderbird was released in 2004 for the first time. And, within the 10 days of the relating date, more than 1 million people downloaded this email app. Right now, Mozilla is not developing Thunderbird anymore. Although, it is still one of the top email apps for Mac that comes in free.

Thunderbird is easy to get started with and provides you with tons of useful features. According to some publications, it’s a personal information manager that has SS reader, IRC chat, and supports major extensions. One-click Address Book allows you to add contacts just by clicking on the star button on the message you received. The attachment reminder reminds you to add an attachment if you used the word attachment in the copy.

Moreover, you can use the dark theme to read email messages at night. Also, you can customize the look and feel accordingly. Other features like Smart Folders, Add-ons Manager, Phishing Protection, and bugs-free experience make it an awesome pick.

4. HEY: A Creative Email client for Mac


This app is from the developers of a famous team management app Basecamp. Lots of publications recommend the Hey app to users who want to switch over from major email apps such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. For me, it’s an email client that has some unique features. Especially, the interface.

Also, the Hey app decides the person who’ll send you an email message. For the first time when you’ll use the hey.com account, it’ll receive emails in the Screener. After you can decide by checking if you want to let them through to your inbox or not? The Imbox feature allows you to receive messages from only people you want. Moreover, it has features like read receipt blocking, email screening, reply later reminders, and lots more. HEY is one of the email apps for mac that includes fun into emailing and made it creative.

However, if you want to use Hey, you’ve to buy a specific plan for it. For a personal plan for a year, you’ve to pay $99.

5. Nylas Mail: One of the Best Free and Open Source Email apps for Mac

Nylas Mail

Nylas Mail is another free, open-source email app for Mac. This email apps gives you powerful communication capabilities. You can bidirectional sync with your users’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts. Data Extraction & Parsing extracts relevant data from unstructured sources like emails, attachments, images, and PDFs. Therefore, you will get a productive workflow to complete your tasks.

You can choose a different view according to your preferences. You can choose between a Gmail-like view and an Outlook-like view with a side panel. Nylas Mail has an excellent composition panel and contacts. You can’t tell much about the person with just an email address and a name. Moreover, you can automate the communications from your users based upon criteria such as date, time, and recipient. Also, the smart scheduling and calendaring feature allow you to book with conference links and room resources.

Furthermore, it ensures a 99% deliverability rate. And, it supports a smart feature like Message Analysis, Filtering, and Routing based sender, intent, Linux, and Windows. Although, I think it is good for tech-savvy users.

6. Airmail: One of the Best Email apps for Mac with advanced Customizations

Airmail One of the Best Email apps for Mac with advanced Customizations


Airmail is a winner of the Apple Design Award. And, this single sentence is enough to tell you about this email app. Airmail is innovative, modern, and specially designed for iOS, macOS, and watchOS. Also, you can replace your Apple mail client with this email app on iOS 14. Also, you can access it quickly from the home screen using iOS 14 widgets.

It helps you to optimize your workflow with its high level of customizations, and custom actions. Also, it supports deep integration for a wide range of apps and services. You’re allowed to add any type of email accounts up to any number. The email clients list followed Gmail, GSuite, iCloud Mail, Exchange, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Meanwhile, Unified Box and Smart Inbox allow you to filter out the unnecessities to get to the central account you’re looking for.

Furthermore, the Security with Face and Touch ID, plus the Privacy mode will help you to add an extra layer of security to your account. Also, it features offline email access, custom global shortcuts, dark mode, cloud storage support, and more. Definitely, you can consider this app as one of the best email apps for Mac.

7. Unibox: A Fun Email app for Mac 

Unibox A Fun Email app for Mac

Well, at the very first glance of this app will make you think, “is it an email app or an instant messaging app?”

This app has a sleek, simple, and straightforward interface. Rather than the subject headlines of the messages, you’ll see a list of recent correspondents and unread messages in the inbox of Unibox. Also, it can group your messages by the sender in reverse chronological order. This app allows you to see an email composition in a single-window view. Also, you can respond to an email by using a single compose box with enough room to type your reply. Alongside, you can read the original email thread.

This application has a simple design with a unique kind of mail inbox. Although, if you want to see a standard inbox in this app, you can’t do that. Also, Unibox shows two additional views if you get a message alongside an attachment. You’ll see a small attachment preview in a beautiful grid by clicking an icon view. On the flip side, the list view shows you detailed information about the attached files in a clean table. You’ll get a free trial but after that, you’ve to pay $13.99 to continue the service.

8. Microsoft Outlook: One of the Best Email apps for Mac and Office 365 Users

Microsoft Outlook One of the Best Email apps for Mac and Office 365 Users

In 2016, Outlook was the best email client for the Mac in the category of Business email clients. And, now it got second place overall this year. For most of the users, Microsoft Outlook has a forever bond with email viruses, and corporate memos. Moreover, most of the users also not like the design of its interface. Although, Microsoft also knows that fact and consistently trying to improve it.

Meanwhile, there is nothing in the world that only comes with disadvantages. And Outlook is far better than the worse. It comes with multiple useful features that you won’t find in other email apps for mac. The ability to manage multiple inboxes helps you to be productive in your business tasks. Moreover, it supports integration with Microsoft Office and easier you work with all-in-one calendar management feature.

Outlook would be best for you or not, it is a subjective question. But it could be a better option for you if you’re using office 365 and need a more reliable experience.

9. Hiri: One of the Best Email apps for Mac and Outlook Alternative

Hiri One of the Best Email apps for Mac and Outlook Alternative

However, we’ve already talked about Outlook if you’re an Office 365 user. Still, like I already said, some of the users don’t like Outlook. For these users, Hiri could be a better option as an Outlook alternative.

Hiri is built exclusively for the Microsoft mail ecosystem. Moreover, you can use Hiri for Exchange, Office 365, Outlook.com, Hotmail.com, and MSN.com. Also, you can’t use Hiri for non-Microsoft services. Hiri has a design that allows you to see things in a minimalistic way without any unnecessary stuff on the screen. Hiri tried to lessen the distractions as much as they can. You’ll see a vertical menu to the left with no array of controls and filters at the top of the screen as you see in Outlook. It features a unified inbox to see all the messages from all of your connected accounts.

The task manager allows you to complete various tasks with drag and drop support. Also, the Skills Center allows you to turn on some of the best features of Hiri. The features you can turn on here are the Actionable/FYI split, one-click task list creation, and the ability to delegate emails. You can go for Hiri if you found Outlook complicated and overfilled with tons of features. You can use Hiri by paying $39/year or $119 to get lifetime access.

10. Blue Mail: Simple and Powerful

Blue Mail Simple and Powerful

Blue Mail is a modern, secure, and powerful email app for mac. In Blue Mail, you can add an unlimited number of email accounts from various service providers. Moreover, it has a simple, elegant, and beautiful user interface. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your workflow, even if you’re not a tech-savvy user.

Blue Mail has some essential features like unified folders, and sharing emails. Also, it supports all email protocols such as IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and Exchange ActiveSync. Furthermore, you can get started with it in just a few minutes. And, other features like Clusters, integrated calendar, Dark Mode, People switch, and group mail make it one of the best email apps for mac. Besides the mac, this app is available for Windows and Linux as well.

Final Words

Now, like every other post, I will also recommend you here to choose your preference first before going into a product. For instance, if you’re not into detailed features and just want a straightforward email app, in an instant then Apple Mail will be best for you. Meanwhile, if you use Microsoft 365, frequently then you can go with Outlook or Hiri. So, it all depends on what you want from an email app.

So that’s the list of best email apps for mac that you can use accordingly. Tell us in the comments which email app is your favorite one. And, don’t forget to share it with your friend who is looking for the best email apps for Mac.

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