How to Download Instagram Reels on iPhone: 7 Easy Ways

Want to download Instagram reels on iPhone? Read here.

We often like reels on Instagram which are somehow relevant to us and we want to share them on other social sites or directly to our friends, for we need to download them and then share them to different platforms.

If you are an iPhone user and wish to download Instagram reels there are some easy steps to do so.

When the popularity of Tik Tok was at its peak, Instagram introduced feature reels that are very similar to it and it gained popularity in no time.

This 60 minutes short video is quite engaging because of which users easily gets stuck to it for hours.

However there is only one drawback in it that it does not allow you to download reels posted by another account, also in case of your own reels you can’t download them with the audio ad on Instagram, only the video will be downloaded for your own posted reels, and it’s not allowed to download for other accounts.

Keeping these reasons in mind I have mentioned 7 easy ways to download Instagram reels on iPhone.

Before downloading these reels from Instagram you should know that you cannot share them on any other platform without the owners permission as they are protected under copyright.

What are the ways to Download Instagram reels on iPhone?

1. Through screen recorder
2. Save audio reels through third-party apps
3. Save reels using Instagram
4. Through online reel downloader tools
5. Using Instagram stories
6. Save audio reels
7. Download video reels

Through screen recorder: Downloading Instagram reels with audio

You can use the pre-installed app of the screen recorder on iPhone to record the reel from Instagram.

Moreover, you should make sure to turn on Do Not Disturb mode to avoid getting notifications while you record the screen.

1. Open control centre
• Swipe down on iPhone with your password or face I’d
• Swipe up on your iPhone with the home button

2. Tap the screen recorder button (it’s like a circle within a circle) this screen recorder will start with the count of three.

Screen recording features for Instagram reel

3. Open Instagram and play the reel of your choice, complete the recording.

4. Once completed tap the red button showing the recording time in the status bar of your screen

5. The reel will be saved and can be accessed from your gallery/photos.

If you are unable to get the audio through the screen recorder, check if you have granted microphone permission to the screen recorder or not.

If your native screen recorder crashes Instagram, you can also opt for a third-party screen recorder to perform the above steps.

Save audio reels through third-party apps:

There are multiple third-party apps that are free and offers many features. You can use Insaver: Reposter app to follow the below given steps.

1. Open Instagram and select the reel you want to download.
2. Click on the three horizontal dots at the extreme bottom right of the screen.
3. Copy the reels link and close Instagram
4. Now open the third party app, in our case Insaver, this app will automatically fetch the reel preview, without requiring you to paste the link.
5. When you select the preview option from the pop on the screen, you will further get two options to save and repost.

downloading instagram reels using Insaver

6. Select save from the option and grant the requested permission to save the video.

That’s it for this step, you can download it this way quite easily. You can follow this it in an effortless manner with predefined steps.

Moreover, the InSaver: Reposter app also add ons some offers with other features like squares, frames, round pic and repost Instagram Reels.

Also, the app lets you save unlimited Instagram Reels videos. However, be ready for those intrusive, the app’s only downside.

Save reels using Instagram: Best option for offline preview

Instagram does not offer any feature through which you can download reels on iPhone, however, you can certainly save reels for offline viewing.

It is most helpful for those residing in low connectivity areas so that you can enjoy it when the network is not available.

Below are the steps you can follow and save reels offline:

1. One Instagram on your iPhone and select the reels icon.
2. Tap the three dots available at the right corner horizontally.
3. Select save from the given options.
4. Now you need to tap similar three horizontal dots but after going on your profile
5. In the saved section of your profile, you can view those reels when offline.

saving instagram reels on iPhone offline

This is the easiest step, if you want to enjoy reels in low connectivity areas without spending much data in downloading them you can simply save them to watch them later as and when you wish to.

Through online reels downloader tool: Simple and convenient

Online Instagram reels downloader tools, helps you to download reels without depending on any application.

You can use reels downloader tool as they are super easy and require minimum steps for the same.

It will save reels for you like any other normal video in the download section of your iPhone and you can easily share them with your friends or any other social site.

1. Open Instagram and copy the link to your favourite reel.
2. Open IG downloader
3. Paste the copied link in the given place.
4. Click on download.
5. The reel will be saved in your downloaded video section.

Download instagram reels using IG downloader

The best part is that you can get the original video with the Instagram audio with much hassle through this downloader, without keeping any extra application for the task.

Using Instagram Stories: Save reels without posting

Most people do not know about this, that they can save reels through stories also without posting them. However this feature comes with a warning, i.e., it will save only the first fifteen seconds of the reel.

It would be preferable for short reels which are of fifteen to twenty seconds.

Follow these given steps to save reels with audio.

1. Open Instagram and select the reel you want to save
2. Tap on the Share button of the reel.
3. Use the pinch and zoom technique to bring the reel to your full screen.
4. Select add reel to your story button.
5. Now tap on the three horizontal dots at the top right corner.
6. Select save from the given options.

Whoa! You can access the saved reel anytime you want.

This is an effortless way if you don’t want to send your phone space for the reel you can save them within Instagram and access them when required.

Isn’t it a good idea?

Save audio reels: use them to create your own

By saving the audio version of the reel you can also create your own reels through Instagram and edit it according to your choice.

1. Open Instagram, select the reel of your choice.
2. If you link the audio of the reel, select it from the right down corner of your screen
3. Select save audio option to use it further for your creation.

Through this way you can save the entire audio and choose the part of the audio for your reel, it makes the task easy of selecting or adding audio to your reels.

You can also add these audios to any download or available video on your phone.

Download video reels: Audio is not available

Through this method, you can only save the video part of the reel without the audio. These videos help you to add audio of your choice to it and share or enjoy.

This can directly be accessed through Instagram and saved to your iPhone storage without audio:
1. Open Instagram.
2. Select the reel you want to download
3. Click on the three horizontal dots at the corner of the screen
4. Select add to story.
5. Immediately download it from there
6. Save it to your storage space

You have the video saved in your photos or videos section of your iPhone. This is the easiest way to download videos of you only prefer to see them and add other audio of your choice.


These were the seven different ways to save reels according to your choice, you can prefer any of them as required.

If you want to save only the video part, or only the audio to your storage space or want to keep it save in Instagram only. If you want to get the entire audio video reel to get saved in your storage or on Instagram.

All the ways are available and you can access them as per your choice. At times it is difficult to download reels in your iPhone since it occupies storage space, so you can store them on Instagram to you when offline.

If you wish to share them on other social platforms then download them through the downloader tool and send them anywhere. I hope this article was helpful for iPhone users who want to download reels.

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