10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

Best Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone and iPad

Do you also want to invest in Bitcoin now? But you don’t know about the best cryptocurrency apps for your iPhone and iPad in 2021. Don’t be anxious. This post will help you to find an ideal cryptocurrency app for your iPhone.

Just a few days before Elon Musk, the owner of an electronic car company named Tesla added #bitcoin in his Twitter profile. Moreover, Elon Musk bought bitcoin worth 1.5 billion. According to him, Bitcoin is a controversial yet popular currency. And, he also informed Tesla that might start accepting payment in Bitcoin soon. As a result, Bitcoin got a tremendous hike in its price. This decision might change your life to an immense extent or you might end up in a steep downfall. Although, no one knows its future.

However, confusion begins when you don’t know how to get into cryptocurrency. As Bitcoin got a price hike, tons of new cryptocurrency apps popped up. But you can’t signup on to any random app on the internet to start crypto trading on it.

To lessen your overwhelming, I already created a guide for people who’re new to cryptocurrency. You’ll get an idea of what is a cryptocurrency app as well as things you should look into a cryptocurrency app. Also, I have compiled a list of the 10 best cryptocurrency apps for iPhone and iPad to download in 2021. So you can easily buy and sell various cryptocurrencies without much frustration.

So let’s get started.

What’s a Crypto App?

No one owns Bitcoin. Not the government or a particular organization. Just no one. Therefore, you need a third-party seller/buyer if you want to start crypto trading. Well, that’s how a cryptocurrency app came into existence. Moreover, you can buy/sell bitcoin as well as various crypto coins through a cryptocurrency app. You only have to install a cryptocurrency app from an app store. After that, you can sign up on the app to start crypto-trading.

That’s it.

Furthermore, a cryptocurrency app can help you to access various aspects of crypto trading. For instance, to know the up and downs of a crypto coin, or to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. Today, I am going to discuss all the various types of these cryptocurrency apps. So you’ll get a better grasp of what kind of and how many apps should I install to get into crypto-trading.

1. Exchanges

This is the first, popular, and most significant type of cryptocurrency app. An exchange allows you to sell, buy, and trade various crypto coins. And, this is the first step of starting crypto trading, practically.

Now, you’ll see two types of crypto exchange available in the market.

The first type of exchange allows you to add your bank account or debit/credit card to them. After that, you can buy your first Bitcoin by paying money through your bank account. Although, you can only buy a few particular coins on these exchanges. For instance, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. Meanwhile, the exchanges from the second type won’t allow you to buy Bitcoin through your bank account. For example, Binance. But you can trade other coins simultaneously by adding Bitcoin first in them.

In conclusion, you need the first type of exchange to buy bitcoin through your bank account. And, the second type of exchange if you want to trade bitcoin with other crypto coins.

2. Wallets

After buying your first bitcoin you can leave it lying for a few days. But if you’re seeing Bitcoin as a long-term investment then you need a crypto wallet. In a cryptocurrency wallet, you’ll get more encrypting/signing information functionality to execute a task.  Thus not anyone could be able to access or interrupt your cryptocurrency transaction. Meanwhile, you won’t get that high-level security in the crypto exchange. Therefore, you can get peace of mind when you store your cryptocurrency in a wallet as compared to storing it in exchange. In short, a crypto wallet works as a locker in the crypto world. And, you can store your crypto coins in a crypto wallet for the long term.

Furthermore, every crypto wallet comes with different kinds of cryptocurrency storage support. Therefore, you have to choose your crypto wallet according to the cryptocurrencies you purchased before.

3. Trackers

Suppose, you have purchased a few crypto coins through a trustable crypto exchange. Also, you made an account in a reliable crypto wallet. Now, either you’ll put all your cryptocurrency here and won’t look at it for at least 1 year. Rather, you put all your cryptocurrencies here and check them back at it every 7 days.

Well, if you’re following the first approach then you’re good. Meanwhile, I won’t suggest you check your wallet every week just to know the current value of your acquired cryptocurrency. You can use a tracker app to know they sell and buy the value of the Bitcoin. A tracker app helps you to aware of the real-time information on cryptocurrency. Therefore, you can keep a strict eye on almost every cryptocurrency coin on the market. And, after that, you can withdraw your crypto coin accordingly.


Cryptocurrency exchanges work like stock markets. And, they remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, you can install a news app solely based on cryptocurrency updates. Also, you can turn the notifications on to get all the important updates. Even, when you’ll be offline.

How to Find the Best Cryptocurrency App?

Now you know the types of all cryptocurrency apps. Also, you know what kinds of cryptocurrency apps you need to start crypto-trading. However, you’ll see tons of cryptocurrency apps with a single google search, such as “best cryptocurrency apps.” But which is the best one to choose from all these top x lists?

Here are a few things you must consider before installing a cryptocurrency app on your iPhone:

1. Security

Like I already told you, no one owned Bitcoin. Thus, it is hard to trace Bitcoin and any cryptocurrency transaction. Just make your mind first before making any transaction. because you can’t cancel your transaction after making it. Either, you won’t get your money back once it is transferred to someone or any wallet. Also, it is almost impossible to tell who owns a specific wallet. Therefore, once you get scammed by a hacker or scammer, you won’t be able to do much.

Therefore, security is the first feature you should look into a cryptocurrency app. Before downloading a specific cryptocurrency app you can check out the company’s safety features and other essential guides. Also, you can look for the other essential safety features of that cryptocurrency app. For instance, 2-factor authentication and back-end encryption. In that way, you can ensure the safety of your cryptocurrency coins.

2. Simplicity and Usability 

If you’re new to cryptocurrency, you’re already feeling so overwhelmed. And, choosing a complicated cryptocurrency app could make the process more complex. Hence, choose a cryptocurrency app with a simple-to-use interface. Also, make sure that it doesn’t come with overfilled menus all over the screen.

Moreover, you can read the reviews about a particular cryptocurrency app before downloading it on your iPhone. You will know a lot more about it after reading at least 2-3 articles about it. Also, check about the usability of that cryptocurrency app. Does it give you a smoother running experience? In how many days you can get verified? Do withdrawal and deposit is an easy process? How much time does it take to complete a transaction? Do you think it will delay transactions?

By knowing the simplicity and usability of a cryptocurrency app you can easily save yourself from a frustrated and unsatisfactory crypto trading experience.

3. Features

You can read the features list of a specific cryptocurrency app before downloading it on your iPhone or iPad.

Does it support all the basic features you need to do crypto trading? Such as real-time data about your portfolio and the market. Would it send a notification whenever you’ll make a transaction on this cryptocurrency app? Does it support some extra features, such as “Bitcoin Paper Wallets?” Does it support a particular coin you want to do trading with? How is the customer support this app providing to its customers?

Make a list of all the important features you want to have in a cryptocurrency app. After that, you can choose a cryptocurrency app, accordingly.

4. Cost/Service Charges

Don’t worry. You can open an account in almost any cryptocurrency app. And, most of the time, it won’t cost you a single dime. However, every time you’ll buy or sell a bitcoin or any crypto coin, it will charge a small amount fee for its services. For example, right now, if you’ll search the price of one single Bitcoin, it will show you its costs around $56840. On the other hand, on a famous crypto exchange Unoicoin, you’ve to pay $57063 to buy a single Bitcoin.

Furthermore, every crypto exchange charges a distinctive fee or uses a different payment pattern. Thus, it depends on you what kind of crypto exchange suits all your crypto trading needs alongside the budget.

5. Availability 

As crypto trading still is a controversial topic. And, some of the countries and states have banned it, legally. Therefore, some of the countries don’t support a particular number of cryptocurrency apps. So before creating your crypto trading plan around a particular crypto exchange first make sure if it is available in your country or not? Also, don’t forget to check if a particular crypto coin supported on that crypto app that you want to invest in early?

These two questions can help you to find if this is one of the perfect cryptocurrency apps you’re looking for or not?

Best Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone and iPad

So you’ve grasped enough knowledge to get into crypto trading through a Cryptocurrency app. However, as a newbie, finding the best cryptocurrency app is still a daunting task. To help you, I already compiled a list of 10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone and iPad you can use in 2021. Therefore, you won’t have to waste your time researching and finding one.

So let’s get started with the number #1 cryptocurrency app of the crypto world.

1. CoinBase: Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

CoinBase Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinbase is one of the leading cryptocurrency companies that comes with great features. It is based in San Francisco, CA. And, it has exchanged over $20 billion of its customers’ US dollars for cryptocurrencies. In short, it is a well-known digital asset company in the business.

Moreover, you can use US dollars to buy Bitcoin from Coinbase. All you have to do is linking your bank account or using your credit card. Also, you can use this crypto exchange to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other 120 major crypto coins. Therefore, it is a great place to start crypto trading as a newbie. Also, it comes with a wallet with a great security solution which is Enclave and biometric authentication technology. So you can expect a better security performance from a crypto exchange.

Furthermore, you can check the prices of almost all the major crypto coins. Also, you can learn about cryptocurrency through their informational videos. Alongside the iPhone, you can also install this cryptocurrency app on Android, and a Windows PC.

2. CoinCap: One of the Best Cryptocurrency apps to updated with all Crypto News

CoinCap One of the Best Cryptocurrency apps to updated with all Crypto News

CoinCap is an ideal crypto app to monitor the ups and downs of all cryptocurrencies. It features real-time information, charts, various display mode, and search filters. These features allow you to track various crypto currencies through CoinCap.

Moreover, it has a unique security feature named “Alert Manager.” This feature sends you a warning system for various volatile cryptocurrencies. So you won’t lose a chance to earn a profit through your crypto portfolio. Although, you’ll get only a single that kind of notification throughout the entire day. Also, you can’t change the specific settings of this feature. Furthermore, you’ll get information about the manners of almost every major crypto exchange. Therefore, you can easily decide what kind of crypto exchange you should follow to buy a bitcoin?

You can download this crypto app on both, Android and iPhone.

3. CoinTelegraph: One of the Best Cryptocurrency apps to track the Crypto world

CoinTelegraph One of the Best Cryptocurrency apps to track the Crypto world

Don’t get overwhelmed by the crypto business vibes after opening this website. CoinTelegraph is an app that helps you to be aware of all the happenings around the crypto world. No matter, if it is about how much Elon Musk invested in Bitcoin or when Ripple get registered as a Wyoming business. Also, this crypto app guides you on which coin you should keep an eye on, weekly or monthly. Moreover, this app has a particular section named “CryptoPedia.” This section explains everything you want to know about Bitcoin alongside the other popular coins. For example, Ethereum, Ripple, BCH. In short, this magazine is a must for someone who wants to be aware of almost everything in the crypto world.

Moreover, this app allows you to sort news according to your particular interests. For instance, categories and release date, etc. Besides, this app supports 10 foreign languages including English. For example, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese. You can install this app on your iPhone, Android. Also, you can use the CoinTelegraph website on the PC of every system. After that, you can turn on the daily notifications to be updated with the latest crypto news. Also, you can subscribe to their Youtube channel to get informational videos about the Crypto world. It has the same name as this app- CoinTelegraph.

4. Exodus: One of the Best Cryptocurrency wallet app

Exodus One of the Best Cryptocurrency wallet app

“Exodus is the kind of product you “fall in love with” the first time you use it, and that’s quite rare in the cryptocurrency world.”

These are the words said by a famous crypto website named 99 bitcoins. According to 99 bitcoins, Exodus is one of the simplest and secure crypto-wallets. And, you can use it to store your crypto coins without having any technical knowledge. Even a newbie can use learn it in seconds and can use it with no frustration. Moreover, Exodus only has 3 categories- Portfolio, Wallet, and Exchange.

You can get an overview of your crypto assets in the Portfolio section. Exodus supports 100+ cryptocurrencies that you can store in it. Also, Exodus shows all the market movements on the go. The wallet section is here to send and receive particular coins. Alongside, Exodus also features a built-in-exchange. You can use it to trade various crypto coins without leaving the Exodus wallet. Exodus is also compatible with the Trezor hardware wallet. So you can send/receive your assets on Trezor hardware wallet or vice versa.

You will get 24/7 quality support whenever you get stuck. Also, FAQs, tutorial videos, and slack chat are here to get your questions answered related to the crypto world. Also, some publications mentioned it as a crypto wallet specially designed for Apple users. Therefore, it is one of the best cryptocurrency apps you can use on your iPhone and iPad.

5. BlockFi: One of the Best Cryptocurrency apps to earn interest on Bitcoin


We talked about 3 types of cryptocurrency apps at the beginning of this article. Although, BlockFi doesn’t come into one of these categories. Then what it is and why you should install BlockFi on your iPhone or iPad. At the very first glance of some of the BlockFi features, it seems like a Bank to me. You can deposit your money in it and earn interest up to 8.6% APY. You can visit their interest rates page to know rates for various coins. Also, you can borrow cash, buy and sell your cryptocurrency on BlockFi.

Moreover, BlockFi allows you to get a loan at a rate of as low as 4.5% APR. Also, they mentioned on their site you don’t have to sell your Bitcoin to get a loan. BlockFi also said they are going to launch BlockFi credit cards. And, don’t worry if you’re new to the crypto world with complications and questions in your mind. BlockFi client service managers are here to help you with their expertise and knowledge of the crypto field.

Furthermore, BlockFi takes the responsibility to return the same amount of crypto with the interest to the person who deposited it. Also, BlockFi is backed up by top-tier investors from the crypto industry. For example, Morgan Creek Capital Management, Coinbase Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Winklevoss Capital, and more. Some big publications like Forbes and CNBC are also talking about BlockFi. Moreover, storing your crypto into a random exchange is not an appropriate thing. And, I am not saying to trust this app, blindfolded. But there are not enough websites like BlockFi that come with these kinds of features.

6. Cash App: Best Cryptocurrency App to Manage Crypto-Finance

Cash App Best Cryptocurrency App to Manage Crypto-Finance

If you don’t have the Cash app on your iPhone or iPad then just install it. This is the most popular and useful cryptocurrency app that most users already have on their iPhones. On the Apple store, it has a #1 rank in the finance category with 1.5 million ratings. Also, these users gave that app a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. You can imagine the popularity and versatility of the Cash app.

For some users, it is the easiest way for you if you want to buy bitcoin. Moreover, you can send/receive money to anyone through this app. Also, you can use this app to donate to an important cause or to send a warm tip to a professional. All you have to enter $cashtag, receiver’s phone number to send a particular amount. Besides, you can use a QR code to use the scan and pay feature.

Furthermore, you will get a cash card customizable debit card with this Cash app. You can use this card to do online shopping and buy stuff from stores. And, the Cash app rewards you by giving you a discount on particular deals. Also, you can easily sell or send your Bitcoin to someone on the Cash app in a few clicks. Like Bitcoin, you can use this app to invest in Stocks too. Some publications mentioned it has the lowest fees as compared to fees from several Bitcoin exchanges. Also, it has a set automatic purchase feature. This feature allows you to set a purchasing amount, precise time, and date to buy bitcoin automatically. The simplicity and the uniqueness of its features make this app an excellent cryptocurrency app for iPhone.

7. Voyager : Best Cryptocurrency app to do Multiple trades


Voyager is one of the cryptocurrency apps that you can use to do multi-tasking related to the crypto world. Most of the publications don’t recommend it to the user who’s new to the crypto world. Meanwhile, if you’re an intermediate user this app could work best for you. Moreover, you can do multiple trades and invest in cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Furthermore, you can earn up to 9.5% interest APR on stable coins and 6.5% on Bitcoin every month. Also, there is no hidden fee, lockups, or limits to get these benefits. Also, Vyoger is a commission-free exchange and supports all the major coins. Therefore, you can use it to trade your Bitcoin with other crypto coins. Vyoger also features a news feed related to the crypto world to keep you updated. Alongside, you can use auto-invest to buy a particular stock on a scheduled day and time.

Vyoger is a cryptocurrency app with an exchange, wallet, and tracker with advanced features. Also, it features a variety of tools that can advance your crypto trading. And, it is the cryptocurrency app you must’ve if you’re serious about crypto-trading. Moreover, it is free and gives you a $25 bitcoin credit as a reward for signing up. Unfortunately, you can’t use it if you’re living outside the U.S or in New York.

8. Delta: One of the Best Cryptocurrency App Tracker 

Delta One of the Best Cryptocurrency App Tracker 

We talked about Bitcoin exchanges and wallets. Let’s talk about the best tracker app for cryptocurrency. There are lots of cryptocurrency apps out there to monitor the value of your coin. Although, either some of them are too complicated to understand or you can’t track every coin in a way you want. Moreover, the Delta app allows you to track over 7000 altcoins in real-time. Also, you can customize the chart and price according to your understanding. For example, the currency of your choice, etc.

Furthermore, the Delta app is free to use. And, alongside the iPhone, this app is available for Android phones too. Also, you can connect your crypto exchanges and wallets with this app. After that, you can see the transactions and exchange fees of the exchanges and wallets on the Delta app. This app also helps you to sharpen your trading skill by providing valuable data around the crypto world.

You can sign up in Delta exchange in just 30 seconds. Later, you can add multiple portfolios to your Delta app’s account. Also, you can sync up to 2 devices with it. Personalized notifications, a detailed overview of the market, and deep trading analysis are some of the standout features of the Delta app. Moreover, the Delta app has an information training video to uplift your crypto trading. And, you will get a $100 bonus after sign up and first deposit in it.

9. Changelly Exchange: One of the Best Cryptocurrency apps to trade Crypto coins


Changelly is simple, fast, and a genuine exchange that you must check. No matter, if you’re a newbie or an intermediate in the crypto world, Changelly is a must-have app for you. While other cryptocurrency apps are showing their worth by adding the extra number of menus, Changelly is focusing on simplicity. If you’re in hurry to exchange your acquired coins for others, choose Changelly.

Moreover, Changelly is in the market since 2015. And, you can exchange more than 170+ crypto coins using Changelly iOS app. The list consists of all the major crypto coins of the market. For instance, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Dogecoin, Digibyte, and many more. Alongside, the iOS, you can install it on an Android device. Also, you can use the website on any OS to exchange your obtained coins with the desired ones. Moreover, if you’re an online influencer, you can earn up to 50% of Changelly’s revenue. For more details on terms of a use affiliate program, you can visit their official page.

Moreover, you can buy and sell bitcoin and other crypto coins through Changelly. The chat support performs amazingly in Changelly. And, most of the time whenever you need, the chatbox shows online. Changelly is a trustworthy app with 2 million users and the partners like Exodus, Coinomi, and Binance. So you can definitely go for it without any worry.

10. Coinomi: One of the Best Cryptocurrency apps to store Crypto coins


This is the bitcoin wallet I used personally when I invested in Bitcoin. I am talking about around the year 2017. I bought various kinds of crypto coins then. And, it was the only wallet I found serviceable and beginner-friendly at the same time. Also, Coinomi was the one that supports almost all the coins I purchased.

If we talk about the features of Coinomi, there are dozens of them. Coinomi ensures you never drip your password keys. Also, the strong wallet encryption and cryptography make it a secure crypto wallet. Moreover, Coinomi has a solid track record of never getting hacked since 2014. Alongside, the built-in exchange allows you to exchange your purchased crypto coins into the desired ones. Coinomi supports over 1700 major crypto coins to choose from. Therefore, chances are extremely low that you won’t find your favorite coins here. You can even purchase Bitcoin in Coinomi with their partner Simplex. Also, you can easily send and receive bitcoins at a zero transaction fee. Although, you have to pay the transaction fee to the miners.

Furthermore, Coinomi supports multiple foreign languages, such as Russian, Spanish, French, German, etc. Also, Coinomi allows you to convert crypto into gift cards, one-time backup, 24/7/365 days support. Moreover, alongside the Apple devices, you can use Coinomi on every OS. For instance, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

Final Words: Best Cryptocurrency Apps

As you can see, a single Google query brings up a couple of cryptocurrency apps in front of you. However, all you need to find just two or three best cryptocurrency apps to start into crypto-trading. The first one to buy Bitcoin from real money. Also, to exchange your purchased Bitcoin for other crypto coins.

The second one to store these crypto coins in it for the long term. And, the third one should be a tracker or a Crypto news app. Therefore, you can keep yourself updated with all the happenings in the Crypto world.

Here is a tip from my personal experience:

Every time you send Bitcoin to a wallet or a crypto exchange for whatever reason, it will charge you a little fee by deducting some portion of your acquired Bitcoins. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the transaction as low you can. For instance, you can buy Bitcoin and the other coins in Changelly at once. And, after that, you can store it in Coinomi. Or you can directly download the Coinomi to purchase Bitcoin and store the same Bitcoin in it for the long term.

So this was the list of the 10 best cryptocurrency apps you can use on your iPhone and iPad in 2021. Alongside, I have added all the tips and personal opinions into this article to make your Crypto-trading easier. I hope this article helps you in your Crypto trading journey. If it did, let’s know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your trader friend who is still looking for the best cryptocurrency apps for iPhone and iPad.

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