10 Best Cooling Pad for MacBook Pro and Air

Cooling Pad for MacBook Pro and Air

One of the most common MacBook problems we often face is overheating. And if you are planning to use it for quite a while, this issue becomes quite evident. That’s where the cooling pad for laptops comes to the rescue. But the question remains, which cooling pad is best suited for your MacBook Pro and Air? 

Buying the right cooling pad for your laptop can be a neck-breaking task, as there are a lot of choices available in the market. Since you have landed upon this page, you will find it easier to choose the best cooling pad for your MacBook. We have prepared a list of the best ones and also answered some common questions.

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What’s the purpose of a Cooling Pad?

Now you must be wondering why exactly do you need to spend more money on a cooling pad when your Macbook already comes equipped with cooling fans. Good question. The simple answer would be Overheating. As much good of a fan your Macbook comes supplied with, over usage or using programs that require more RAM would heat your device beyond its capacity your Macbook would bear the consequences. Overheat can significantly lower the performance of your Macbook and even cut its life expectancy. So it’s better if you consistently use your Mac for strenuous activities to employ the service of a cooling pad.

What to look for while buying a Cooling pad for a MacBook?

1. Size:

Always make sure you get the correct size of the cooling pad. It may be cheaper to use a 13-inch keyboard on a 15-inch computer, but it will also be uncomfortable and will not work properly. Following the same logic, the 15-inch pad on a 13-inch MacBook will give your Macbook more air when you try to work, and it will become very destructive. Most models should come in two sizes, but you should always check the model in the shopping cart to ensure that you aren’t buying one that isn’t compatible.

2. Functionality:

Another most important thing to keep in mind would be the functionality, that is, the performance of these cooling pads. It is the making or breaking point of deciding which MacBook is better. There is no point in buying a cooling place that gives either half-hearted performance or stops working entirely after a moment. 

While picking which one to buy, be sure to locate where the fans lie on your Macbook and then pick a cooling pad that aligns with it. You can either go for one big fan or several fans: neither is worse than the other. Another thing to check would be the noise production. Pads that produce a lot of noise can be pretty distracting and hinder your work. 

3. Portable

If you are in a constant move and require a cooling pad while traveling, the small cooling pads would be your best bet. Be sure to check the weight and footprint of the cooling pad before buying one. 

4. Additional Features

There are various additional features that the cooling pad for MacBook comes equipped with that you need to be on the lookout for. Besides the fan, there are sensors that tell you precisely how heated up the MacBook is and some different settings that you can easily customize. Some cooling fans have USB- A ports and some other kinds of adapters.

10 Best Cooling Pads for Macbooks

Here are our top picks for the Best Cooling Pads for Macbook Air and Macbook Pro:

1. Lamicall Laptop Cooling Pad

The cooling pad usually has 2 to 3 fans that dissipate the heat, and the fan comes with a fixed rotation speed or RPM, but in this case, the Laptop Lamicall cooler stands apart. It has five cooling fans with an adjustable rate of 1800 to 2000 rpm, allowing faster heat dissipation and easy transport due to its light nature. It has a flat face to give a splendid game experience. 

Most users have a general doubt: If I use it with a cooling pad, will my laptop slip or fall? It is challenging to use on a hedged or holding surface. But this laptop cooler easily curbs all these doubts. It comes with a mesh fence that gives stability when using a laptop, making it harder for the Macbook to fall. Like other cooling pads on the list, on Lamicall, you can get two folding height settings to provide an adequate work platform. 

This thin and lightweight laptop cooling pad is easy to transport with a blue LED light, indicating that the cooling pad is running (you can also look cool when it is used in the night light). In addition, despite the execution of five cooling fans at 2200 rpm, it is tranquil and gives a noiseless experience. 


  • It comes with an adjustable speed
  • Easily Portable
  • Low maintenance


  • Only one USB port

2. Coolertek Laptop Cooler

This USB-powered laptop cooler is very versatile in the number of devices supported by it. You can easily plug your Macbook, tablets, eReaders or any other type of laptop that you use. It comes equipped with a 160 mm fan that can cool off any amount of heat very quickly.

What makes it even better is its slim nature that makes it easier to carry around and suited for those looking for one that can be used while traveling. There are two easily adjustable height settings and a meshed surface that provides excellent support to your Macbook. Cord grooves are supplied inside the interior unit to manage the USB cord better. 

The exact dimensions of the cooling pad are 15.9 x 11.5 x 1.6 in, which can accommodate devices ranging from 7 inches to 17 inches.


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to carry around
  • Metal mesh structure for better grip


  • The fan can be a tad noisy

3. TopMate C5 Cooling Pad

The C5 model by TopMate is a practical and high-end cooling pad for MacBook that comes with additional features that will make your experience smoother. It is compatible with both Macbook air and pro, and the size is reasonably light, making it easier to carry around.

The five fans backed up Blue LED lights is very efficient and adds aesthetically to your set-up. The placement of fans with one large one in the middle with four covering each edge covers the entire surface of your laptop bottom, ensuring it remains cool throughout. 

And those LED does more than just make it look prettier; it serves as speed controller. It also has six wind speeds and five height options, which you can change according to your requirements.  


  • Six different wind speeds
  • Five adjustable height
  • Slim structure


  • Only one USB port

4. Havit RGB Cooling Pad

This is the perfect Macbook cooling pad if you are looking for one that would be easy to use while traveling. The three fans spread around under the mesh surface keeps the entire surface cool, and the ultra-slim structure reduces the hassle of extra weight.

The added RGB LED lights are delightful to the eyes, and if you are into aesthetics, this is perfect for you. In addition to this, the back of the pad comes with two holders that allow two different height adjustments. It is ultra-light but can handle laptops up to 17 inches. 


  • Very slim and portable
  • Suited for traveling
  • Cheap
  • It comes with adjustable height


  • Durability issue

5. Cooler Master NotePal X Cooling Pad

It is another one of the versatile cooling pads that can be used with any Macbook model sized up to 17 inches. The mesh structure is fall-proof that holds the laptop with an excellent grip and allows the air to pass through easily.

The frame is specially made for people looking for one that can be used while traveling, making it the perfect choice due to its rubber and plastic. And it also helps in the easy packing and carrying without the feeling of extra added weight. 

The fan speed ranges from 700 to 1200 rpm, which might seem less but is very efficient in doing its job. Since it comes with adjustable height, the viewing and typing angle can be changed. The unique feature of this product is the four USB ports that can be used to connect various devices simultaneously. 


  • Adjustable height
  • Four USB ports
  • Fan speed can be changed
  • Lightweight and easily portable


  • It does not come with additional features

6. KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad

KLIM Laptop cooling pad is available in four different colors that increase the life expectancy of your laptop despite its age. It has a pro cooling ability with four different cooling speeds that run at 1400 rpm.

It has an adequately ventilated design that allows the air to pass smoothly and without hassle. It supports long hours of usage backed with its excellent structure; the ergonomic design allows a comfortable experience. 

For all its benefits, it can be a bit bulky and hard to carry around. If you want it for a constant place such as your desks in office or home, then this is perfect for you. It has two USB ports and comes with a five-year warranty, making it a good investment.  


  • Two USB ports 
  • Powerful fans working at 1400 rpm
  • 5-year warranty


  • Bulky so not portable

7. TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad

If you are searching for a cooling pad that can support long hours of usage without decreasing performance, then the TECKNET cooling pad for Macbook is for you! Although it lacks any additional features besides fans, it is highly efficient in doing just that.

It is very light in weight, slim and portable, and the two big fans in the cooling pad can quickly cool off your laptop. It has an ergonomic design that grips the MacBook tightly and doesn’t allow it to slip easily. A blue LED is present in the back of the pad that indicates that the pad is in use.   


  • Light and easily portable 
  • ergonomic design
  • Elevated height


  • No adjustable height
  • Only one external USB port

8. Orico Laptop Cooling Pad

Orico Cooling pad is compatible with Macbook pro as well as all other notebooks launched by Apple. The cooling pad has dimensions of 13 x 10 x 2.2 that can easily accommodate devices ranging from 14 to 17 inches. Made with aerospace aluminium, it is a very durable unit that you can expect to last for quite a long time.

The surface is made of a mesh that lets the air from the fans below easily reach the laptop. It has a dual-fan system that works at 3000 rpm and is powered by a USB port that needs to plug into the Macbook.

It is based on fluid bearing technology, so the fan rotation is super smooth and noiseless. You can expect an entirely peaceful environment. 

The cooling pad is extremely light and slim, making it easier to carry around. And if you want something with a minimalistic design and not fussy, then you can go for it!


  • Supports all Macbooks
  • Noiseless working
  • Slim, lean, and light
  • Minimalistic design


  • Only one USB port
  • No additional features

9. AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad

Not only does this laptop cooling pad takes the award for its looks, but the features that it comes equipped with make your experience much better. Its futuristic design comes with five fans backed by blue LED lights spread throughout; it allows the Macbook to cool down fast and efficiently. Its large size enables all Apple to Macbooks up to the size of 17.3 to be compatible with it. 

The metal mesh structure makes it durable, sturdy, and fall-proof, giving it a long life. The air ventilation is excellent and reaches all the parts of the Macbook. Again, this is an adjustable cooling pad with four height adjustments ranging from 2.4 to 4.8-inches. With two USB ports, the pad can be connected to two devices.  


  • Long term build
  • Compatible with all Macbooks
  • Two USB ports
  • Sturdy and great grip 


  • The USB connection can be loose

10. ICE COOREL RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

If you own a Macbook air and want a cooling pad that fills it perfectly without leaving much space, then this one is for you (which automatically means that it won’t be suited for Macbook pro, which is 16 in)!

It stands at the size of 15.6 with six sturdy to cool your laptop within minutes. It can change the speed of its fans from 2000 to 2400 rpm. With its efficient cooling system, you can elongate the life of your Macbook as it prevents the battery from swelling. 

With two USB ports, it allows you to carry out twice the amount of your work. It also has an anti-slip built that gives a good grip and allow you to change your position comfortably. And what makes it even better? It’s utterly noiseless, so you don’t need to worry about the whirring noise disturbing you.


  • Completely noiseless
  • Sturdy metal mesh
  • Lightweight


  • The power cord is short


Q. How do I cool down my MacBook?

If you are facing a problem with the Macbook constantly overheating, here’s what you can do:

  • First, identify why the Macbook might be overheating. If it’s some external problem like the sun or the surface, then consider changing the place. If you keep your Macbook on a bed or blanket, then it can restrict the airflow and get it to heat up. The obvious solution would be going to a more relaxed place out of the reach of the sun and keeping the Macbook on a flat surface so it can flow easily.  
  • Another reason can be the strain on the CPU. Background apps that run without restrictions can cause overheating. The solution would be to going to the Activity Center and closing these runaway apps.
  • Also, check for tabs opened on your Macbook. If tabs are kept running for a long time, they too can cause the laptop to heat up. Check for any tabs that you don’t currently need and close them. 

Q. Do cooling pads work for MacBook Air?

Of course, they do! Good cooling pads with efficient fans can reduce the heating of the laptop quite significantly and extend the life of the Macbook.

Q. Where is the cooling fan on a MacBook Air?

Unlike Macbook Pro, all models of Macbook Air only have one default cooling fan, which is located on the back of the laptop. The vents for the air to get out are located at the hinge of the monitor and keyboard. 

Q. Why does my new MacBook Air get so hot?

There are many reasons why your Macbook can get heated up:

    • Dust in the vents: They block the air vents and don’t allow the hot air to get out
  • The system isn’t compatible with the tasks: You might be using apps and programs that are too strenuous for the Macbook to process
  • Old laptop: As the laptop grows older, it loses its efficiency, especially the fans. Because of the age, the fans won’t be able to do their work correctly.


All of these Cooling Pads for MacBooks are pretty versatile and have features that make them unique. Each one of them has special features that suit a specific need. But if we had to pick a winner that shines in all aspects, it would be AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad. It has an excellent system with efficient fans, which helps in the elongation of your Macbook while also being aesthetically pleasing. And it does all of this while being reasonably priced. It is an all-rounder that would be worth the investment.

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