How to convert WebP images to JPG or PNG on Mac

How to convert WebP images to JPG or PNG on Mac

Looking to convert WebP to PNG, WebP images to jpg? Here is our step by step guide to do that.

Every Mac user has faced the problem of using WebP images for uploading on email or sending messages, these WebP images do not support other applications, and also if you want to share it with some other user.

Converting WebP images into JPG or PNG is always a task. As these formats are compatible with 99% of applications and web pages.

Whereas WebP images are only compatible with Mac, but not for other popular applications.

So converting WebP images to JPG or PNG on Mac is always required in day-to-day life for sharing these images through messages and emails with an assurance of getting minimum errors in any website.

We are going to mention some basic but important steps and ways to convert WebP images to JPG or PNG on Mac so that you can easily share them with others on any platform.

There is no such defined software to perform the conversion, so we are here with some tips and tricks to fulfill your need for the time.

Before starting the conversion technique let us tell you about WebP in detail.

What is WebP?

WebP or Web Picture is an image file developed by Google. It requires less storage space which is up to 34% less than the normal JPG or PNG images.

This image format helps to reduce the storage capacity on your Mac gadget. As the images are stored in the form of pixels, WebP helps to clone the pixels in order to save storage space.

When the color of most of the parts of an image is similar the formulation repeats the pixels to save as much space as possible.

This space saving technique helps to store the image in WebP format which is not a user friendly format to share images. Instead, you need to convert it into JPG or PNG to circulate or share to different users through any mode of communication.

WebP images are formed by default in your Mac device, you can further convert it as per your required format.

To convert WebP to JPG, PNG, or JPEG. You need to follow 3 major steps and you are done. The conversion of WebP to jpg is quite easy and doable.

Best Ways to Convert WebP to PNG, JPG, or JPEG.

Preview on Mac-

This is the feature of Mac in which you can preview your WebP images. The preview feature also allows you to edit, crop, view, and even annotate images on your Mac device. It can also be used to convert WebP images to JPG format on your iOS device.

Although this process is a little tedious and you will get granule control over image quality, which is actually not a sign of a good image. This step is a must to follow as it makes the half task done, you can adjust the image according to your choice.

So further we will add a few more steps to avoid the granule situation. The steps involved are.

Step 1. Open WebP image using preview.
Step 2. On the preview menu bar, click ‘File’ and then ‘Export’.
Step 3. After step 2, a window will pop up to select the desired image format for export.
Step 4. Using a slider you can adjust the image quality according to your convenience.

how to convert webP to JPEG on MACStep 5. Once done, click ‘Save’.

Using Online tools to convert WebP to PNG-

There are multiple tools available online to convert WebP images to PNG. We have found a convenient and user friendly tool, Cloudconvert for this purpose.

You can easily perform the process through some simple steps. It is not only equipped with an easy to use interface but also has features to adjust the height, width, and quality of the image according to your requirement.

CloudConvert to convert webP to jpeg

That is also quite easy to use and further you can save it directly to Google Drive. Moreover it’s ad-free so you will not waste any time in between watching ads.

Take Screenshot to save JPG image-

Though this is not the perfect way of getting a converted JPG image.

However, it gets the job done. To get the image in high quality, open it in the browser which you prefer, and then take a screenshot by pressing cmd+shift+4 on your Mac keyboard.

After pressing the key combination given above, you will be presented with a cursor to select the area to be captured. Once you’re done, you can find the screenshot on your Mac’s desktop.

After saving the screenshot you can crop it according to your required image size and shape.

Mac & Windows XnConvert

You can make use of various free image converters for converting your WebP images into any format.

XnConvert is one such open source and free to use image converter software that converts the WebP image into JPG or 500+ other formats.

This converter comes with various basic and advanced features along with full control of the output reference. XnConvert works on Mac, Windows as well as Linux Operating systems.

Here is how to convert WebP to JPG:

  • Download the free version of XnConvert and launch it on your system.
  • Next, click on Add files or drag images to the converter.
  • Go to Actions and in the output box, choose JPG as the output.
  • Choose the destination folder and click on Convert to perform the action.

Use Online Converter to convert images

You can use the online image converter without needing to download the software. One such online image converter is Online-Convert. You can convert batch images from one format to other using this image converter online.

Online-Convert can convert various file types such as archive, audio, document, ebook, image, video, etc. into desired format.

Users can also change the quality, color, compress, DPI or crop image using this cloud converter tool.

Here is how to convert WebP to other format:

  • Head to
  • Drag the file or choose from a folder to upload it.

convert webP to PNG or JPG with Online Convert

  • You can make changes to settings such as DPI, sizes, colors and filters, and other optional settings.
  • Click on Start to convert the images.


WebP images are good for saving some space and even come with good quality, but it does not work with most browsers or systems. These were some of the ways to convert WebP images to JPG.

You can use Chrome to Save Images As You Want, the extension for quickly saving WebP images as JPG or any other format.

This conversion is always needed by Mac users. Using the above ways will make life easy for Mac users.

These steps include using Preview, any online converter of your choice, and then taking a screenshot to convert it exactly the way you want, the converted image will be directly saved to your drive and the screenshot will be available on your desktop for further changes if required. We hope this article helps.

The recommended online converter is Cloudconverter, which is ad-free and easy to use.

There are multiple converters available online and you can choose any because you need to take a screenshot at the end which will be saved after conversion. Now you can easily send the image to others using any mode of online communication, such as email, chats, etc.

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