Comcast Email Not Working on iPhone? Try These 6 Troubleshooting Solutions

Comcast Email Not Working on iPhone

In this article, we are giving out the simplest fixes for your problem of Comcast Email not working.

Comcast email is more than only providing a way to send and receive emails. Comcast email is excellent, particularly for business.

Comcast is loved for its benefits, such as giving out a great range of productivity tools, including email, cloud storage, and calendar organizing, used by many users across the globe.

Even though Comcast possesses handy features, it does not make it error-free.

One of the most common errors its user has faced could be prominent enough and have made users find difficulty acquiring a satisfactory solution.

Here, we are giving a guide to the problem of Comcast email not working on the iPhone. We have also listed a good number of reasons that could cause the problem and have aimed to talk you through the solution.

Some of the issues that may Turn up with your Comcast Email

Numerous issues could disturb the proper working of our Comcast email.

Before we get onto the solutions, let us look at some of the problems that could arise using the Comcast email.

  • Issues with opening Comcast email.
  • Comcast’s email account is not working on mac.
  • Not capable of sending email.
  • The Comcast login page doesn’t show up or not work as it should.
  • doesn’t respond.
  • Comcast email isn’t working with outlook 2020.
  • You cannot receive messages on your Xfinity email account, etc.

Solution- Configuring a Comcast Email Account on iPhone.

Before we get to other fixes and solutions, we suggest regardless of the nature of your issues or the reasons that had led to the Comcast email not working.

Wrongly configuring a Comcast email on your iPhone might have just been the reason why your email is not working as it should.

For fixing the issue of Comcast Email not working, configuring the Comcast email could be a complex process as it requires a good number of steps to complete, and there’s always a good possibility you might have skipped or have entered some of the settings incorrectly.

For this, you only need to configure your Comcast account properly.

Steps to configure Comcast email on your iPhone

Fix comcast email not working

Step 1: Click on your iPhone’s “Mail” application and select the option “Others.”
Step 2: Once opened, you have to click on the Next button and ensure that you have entered the email and passcode to your Comcast email Correctly.
Step 3: For the next step, you need to enter the Server settings of your Comcast email for iPhone with the following POP/ IMAP setting-

If you have selected IMAP account type: Comcast IMAP settings for iPhone-

  • Incoming server hostname-
  • Incoming mail server port- 993
  • Use SSL- yes
  • Outgoing mail server settings-
  • Outgoing Mail server port- 587
  • Use SSL – yes

If you have selected POP account Type: Comcast POP settings for iPhone-

  • Incoming Server hostname-
  • Incoming mail server port- 993
  • Use SSL- yes
  • Outgoing Mail Server settings –
  • Outgoing mail server port- 578
  • Use SSL- yes

Once you have entered the correct details, as given in the previous step, you should be good to go.

Still, if the problem of not connecting to the Comcast email persists, other possible factors could be at fault.

Some of them being-

Why is Xfinity Comcast Email not working?

After you have known the possible issues that can arise from your Comcast email not working, now, you should know what could cause/ reasons you the errors or the issues to arise.

Knowing so is important as once you have discovered the nature of the problem, it can then be easily resolved.

Some of the possible reasons are that could lead to Xfinity email not working could be-

  • Comcast email server down
  • Your internet connection has poor strength.
  • You might be using an outdated or corrupted browser to get access to your Comcast emails.
  • While configuring your Comcast account to Outlook, you might have entered the wrong settings.
  • Third-party software can quickly generate conflict with Comcast when used with iPhone/ Mac.
  • Your Comcast account could have been hacked or got compromised.
  • The iPhone you are using to access Comcast mail is having issues.

Quick and Easy Fixes for the problem of Comcast email Problems.

To fix Comcast email problems, use these tips and fixes and have your Comcast email working again. These fixes are extremely easy to apply.

You can effortlessly apply these fixes by yourself, even if you are not familiar with the nature of complexity.

We suggest you read the given troubleshooting carefully and follow the steps for an easy solution to the issues you face with Comcast email.

Fix 1: Check if the Xfinity Comcast server is down.

To ensure if the Xfinity Comcast server is down or not, or is it only down for you or everyone else, go to your safari browser and select “Outage report” via visiting outage reports and other third-party websites and the down detector on your iPhone’s web browser, you could quickly figure out if your server is down or not.

After you have figured out the server is down, visit “isitdownforeveryoneorjustme” to confirm further.

There could be two possibilities-

– First, the server could be down for everyone. If it is down for everyone, you have to wait until Comcast resolves the issue.
– Second, if the server is only down for you, you have to contact the local administration to fix the issue.

Once you get to know the status of your server, visit the Comcast mail once again after the issues are fixed.

Log into your account and click on the mail icon. Once you have, you should be able to send, receive and perform actions.

If not, and if “500-error” pops up on your iPhone screen, it simply means the servers are down, and you should wait for the servers to come live again for proper functioning.

Fix 2: Check your internet connection.

Having a poor internet connection can interfere with your Xfinity mail, especially when you are using a cellular network and haven’t given Xfinity mail access to the cellular network.

To avoid the issues of poor internet connection, you need to prioritize your internet connectivity.

To do so, follow the steps below-

Step 1: Firstly, open the settings on your iPhone.under settings, you need to tap on the option that says “cellular.”
Step 2: Scroll down to the “mail” option and turn the slider to green to enable Xfinity mail to your cellular network.

After making changes in the settings, wait for a couple of minutes and try connecting to the Xfinity mail once again.

Once you have made the changes to the settings, it should work fine now. If it hasn’t, we suggest you move on to the next fix for a proper fix.

Fix 3: Remove and re-add your Comcast account on your iPhone.

Removing and re-adding your Comcast account on your iPhone can be an easy fix regardless of what might have been the reasons for Comcast’s email not working.

The following fix can only be applied once you have already set up comcast email on iPhone.

The following fix can easily be applied with three simple steps given below-

Step 1: Visit settings on your iPhone and navigate to the option “Password and accounts.”

Step 2: After opening passwords and accounts, press on “Comcast email account” and click the delete button. This will remove your Comcast email account from your iPhone.

Step 3: After you have waited for a couple of minutes, head over to the iPhone “mail” application and add your Comcast email account once more.

Comcast email not working and setup troubleshoot

If this fix hasn’t worked for you, move on to the next fix.

Fix 4- Fixing IOS mail fetch and notification settings.

This particular fix should be applied when your device does not display Comcast emails. Hence, the fix is applicable when you are not getting any emails.

To apply this fix, follow the steps and apply the settings-

Step 1: Open the “settings” application on your iPhone and select “password and accounts”.
Step 2: Select “Fetch new data” and select the setting that you prefer. You can choose the setting to automatically, manually, or a schedule you’d like to fetch data. (the default setting is “automatically”)

Push- The mail server will send new emails directly to your phone.
Fetch- The mail server will periodically send new emails.
Manually- The mail server will send you emails only when you open your account and refresh it.
Schedule- The mail server will send you new mails as per the set time.

Once you have applied the settings, you should be able to receive notifications of emails received. If not, move on to the next fix.

Fix 5: Check Email settings.

Suppose the above fixes have not worked for you. In that case, you most likely configured settings to your mail account, which is now preventing the proper functioning of the Comcast mail.

You might have to generate a completely new account to have a properly working Comcast email account.

If you cannot send or receive Comcast emails on your iPhone, you have to Configure your Comcast account on Outlook.

You need to make sure you have not entered or selected any incorrect settings such as (some of these settings we have already covered earlier in the article):

– Setting up a sending limit of Comcast email.
– Check trash and spam folders and make sure your important emails are not located there.
– Check and confirm if you haven’t blocked the sender or the recipient to whom you are sending the mail.
– Likewise, check if the sender had not been added to the block list.
– And for final, make sure you have entered the right email address of the recipient.

Fix 6: Check third-party applications.

Third-party software such as antivirus and VPN can become the cause of Xfinity email account issues.

Ensuring these third-party software/ applications wouldn’t interfere with your Comcast mail, these third-party applications need to be disabled or even removed from your iPhone.

As such programs can cause conflict and become a nuisance for Comcast mail and any mail account, you need to disable these third-party applications to prevent interference

What if nothing works?

Even after applying the above fixes, you still cannot have a proper;y functioning Comcast mail account. We suggest you try these two possible solutions.

Force restart your iPhone.

Force restarting your iPhone will remove garbage your iPhone might have collected after the last start. It may have collected some files/ settings that are preventing the Comcast mail account from working efficiently.

Once you have forced restart your iPhone, the garbage files/ settings will be deleted, and your Comcast mail should be fine.

Before you restart your iPhone, make sure you know how to do that. If you have any doubts or do not know how to force restart your iPhone depending on what model you have, google your model and search for the force restart process.

Reset All Settings

Another, Drastic solution that you’d only need if none other fixes have worked out for you.
Resetting all the settings on your iPhone will reset all iPhone settings.

To perform so, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the settings application of your iPhone.
Step 2: Go to general and navigate to option “Reset”.
Step 3: Once you have opened the “Reset” setting, you’d find among the list of all the settings, there’s “Reset all Settings iPhone.” Tap on it.
Step 4: Once you have selected “Reset all Settings iPhone,” it will reset all your iPhone’s network settings and personal preferences.
( Selecting “Reset all settings iPhone ” would not affect your data and your application. They will remain as is.)

Final Words

Getting problems/ errors with Comcoast mail are very common these days. Especially if you are using your Comcast account on your iPhone.

We are hoping our article was helpful to you with finding a solution to your problem with Comcast Mail not working and has helped solve issues with your Comcast mail.

If none of these fixes and solutions have worked out for you, we highly suggest you connect with Comcast Customer service for help and guidance related to your Comcast email account.

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