15 Best Writing Apps for iPad: Enhance Note Taking Experience

Best Writing Apps for iPad

Writing on the iPad is a lot of fun and productive, and time-saving. Numerous software on the App Store enables you to write and manage your notes. Many of these apps provide additional features which come in handy while syncing and editing your work, be it a short story, your class notes, or a book you’ve been willing to write for long. 

Finding the ideal app can be hectic. You must choose an app such that it suits your needs and fits in your budget, in case if you’re going for a paid application. We bring you the best writing apps for iPad to make it easier.

15 Best Writing Apps for iPad

1. Byword


It is one of the most recent iPad applications. The program works with all Apple gadgets, including the Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and can access all of your text documents. This application is popular among iPad users because it allows them to multitask. The subscription for this application begins at $5.99.


  • It works in split-screen mode, making it easier for you to change between documents. 
  • It supports the dark mode that makes it easier for the eyes.
  • It can convert various files to PDF and HTML for easier editing.
  • Works without the internet as well.

2. Simplenote

simplenote - best writing apps for ipad

Simplenote is excellent writing software for completing projects quickly. Using this program, you may text, record your voice, record videos, and more.

This software can also be used via a web browser.

While this program does not support Bluetooth, it does support iCloud sync, allowing you to exchange documents across several devices. It no longer syncs with Dropbox.

This is one of the best writing apps for iPad Pro if you work with plain text.


  • You can add reminders and record your voice with this app.
  • Sharing and collaborating on your documents is easy.
  • It backs up everything you write automatically.
  • It has support for tags, which help you to stay organized.

3. Ulysses

Ulysses - best writing apps for ipad

Ulysses is a writing tool for Apple devices that allows creative authors to modify their writing experience to match their own needs.

Ulysses has a simple, non-distracting user interface that lets you focus on your task. It also has a text editor that will highlight headlines and significant paragraphs.

It syncs with iCloud and Dropbox. This program is helpful for bloggers and writers who have multiple ongoing projects because it allows you to arrange and sort your work under different categories.

Markdown is also supported. You may establish goals in terms of words or characters, which will help you meet your deadlines. Subscription to this app starts at $5.99 per month. Ulysses is one of the best writing apps for iPad Pro for bloggers.


  • You can publish your content directly to your blog.
  • Provides various export options like pdf, Docx, and ePub.
  • Provides a desktop-class writing environment.
  • Syncs with all Apple devices via iCloud and Dropbox.

4. Scrivener

Scrivener - best writing apps for ipad

Because of its various export choices and extensive self-editing features, Scrivener is an ideal writing program for longer projects, such as a book. Consider it more of a strong word processor than just some other minimalist writing software.

It’s terrific for organizing complex writing tasks and works nicely with an iPad Pro. However, it costs much more than other iPad writing applications mentioned in this article.

It syncs with Dropbox. It is akin to Ulysses in terms of writing experience. This app, however, does not support Markdown, which may deter some bloggers. It is available for $49 per month.


  • It makes formatting very easy.
  • It helps in keeping all the background material in one place.
  • You can grow your manuscript gradually.
  • Includes self-editing features like placing a block of text in a suitable position.

5. Grammarly


With the aid of a brilliant AI-powered assistant, Grammarly can help you detect and repair common writing errors.  Apps for iOS are available from Grammarly. You may either utilize the iPad’s virtual keyboard or log onto the web app directly.

Grammarly’s real-time writing feedback can help you ensure your work is perfect, whether you’re typing a brief email or composing an extensive report. The iPad keyboard works in all of your apps without the need for copying and pasting. 

The Safari plugin checks your grammar when it comes to typing on web pages. You may also improve your writing by using its document editor and personal writing statistics. It also comes with a helpful plagiarism checker.

It comes with a free trial and costs $30 per month afterward. It is one of the best writing apps for iPad for users who need a tool to assist their writing and grammar.


  • It provides writing suggestions in just one tap.
  • Finding synonyms and antonyms is easy.
  • You can revise your documents quickly. 
  • Subscription to Grammarly works across all your devices. 

6. Notebook


This iPad writing software is one of the best writing apps for iPad. In 2016, it was even named “Best App of the Year.”

You can use Notebook to add and edit spreadsheets, documents, and PDFs, much like a traditional word processor. It syncs your notes to the cloud in real-time. It is carefully created, paying close attention to every. You may save your work to your iCloud account and access it from any Apple device. Notebook is ad-free and is one of the best free writing apps for iPad.


  • It provides excellent formatting options.
  • Making notes and managing them on this app is very easy.
  • It supports dark mode.
  • Notes can be locked with TouchID and passcode.

7. OneNote

With your very own digital notebook, Microsoft OneNote, you may write down your thoughts and ideas while also making tough life planning scenarios easier.

You may use OneNote to plot that big event, grasp that moment of inspiration to create something new and keep track of that never-ending list of errands. Sync your notes to OneDrive and access them from anywhere at any time. 

Your notes are accessible across all of your devices, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the road. Make a digital sketchbook, write memos, and store notes directly on your phone. When you log into your Microsoft Account, you get the whole Microsoft Office experience. 


  • Organizing your notes is extremely simple.
  • You can make colorful sticky notes.
  • Writing and drawing experience is supreme.
  • You can secure your notes with a password and touchID.

8. LivingWriter


LivingWriter is a modern iPad and internet writing tool that allows you to write tales, blog poetry, memoirs, or books. LivingWriter is the most popular cloud-based writing program.

It has many advanced features over standard word processors. It uses boards and templates to help authors organize storylines and tales. LivingWriter is as helpful as you make it. It’s excellent for short stories and novels. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial without a credit card, after which it costs $96 for a year.

With powerful tools designed exclusively for authors, you can change your fonts and formatting, add notes to each chapter, and add plot elements. It is one of the best creative writing apps for iPad. This app offers high security. Every character you input is stored in their Amazon-backed AWS infrastructure.


  • Simple user interface.
  • It makes taking on-screen notes easier.
  • You can add deadlines and word limits to the app.
  • There is no need to hit “save” as it saves every word you type. 

9. Evernote


Evernote is one of the most widely used iPad writing applications. You can control life’s distractions and achieve more at work and home by bringing your notes, to-dos, and schedule together by Evernote.

It is a program that lets you organize your files, make notes, and convert them to text. It may be used to discuss concerns and communicate with friends.

PDF documents can be annotated. Evernote syncs across all of your devices, allowing you to stay productive on the road while conserving critical storage space.

You may use Tasks to handle your to-do list, link your Google Calendar to keep on top of your calendar and use a customizable Home dashboard to access your most important information quickly. Evernote is one of the best free writing apps for iPad.


  • Writing notes is simplified.
  • It makes organizing your work very easy.
  • It supports dark mode.
  • It includes a reliable search engine.

10. GoodNotes 5

GoodNotes 5 - best writing apps for ipad

Goodnotes 5 is one of the best iPad writing applications. Its vector engine lets you write on the screen with precision and fluidity. Everything is searchable, so you can immediately resume where you left off.

You may sync your notes to the iCloud using Goodnotes 5. There’s also a shape tool that lets you sketch directly on the app.

GoodNotes 5 is a stunning and elegant program. It is the obvious choice for anyone who values efficient organizing and customizability. You may arrange your notebook into sections and subcategories, as well as add artistic covers, all from the app’s interface. It costs roughly $9.


  • It makes writing on PDFs easier.
  • It allows you to make flashcards.
  • It makes online teaching very easy.
  • It supports dark mode.

11. Nebo

Nebo is an award-winning digital notepad that allows you to handwrite professional reports, draw ideas on an unlimited canvas, and annotate existing papers. Nebo understands every word you type, thanks to its world-class AI.

The only note-taking tool for iPad that makes handwriting as robust and diverse as typed text is Nebo.

Thanks to the world’s most outstanding handwriting recognition and write-to-text conversion, you can transform handwritten notes into professional papers. In your choice of 66 languages, Nebo understands and correctly converts even the messiest scrawl.

On a limitless freeform page, you may freely generate and expand ideas. You may also import PDF files, as well as Word and PowerPoint documents, as ready-to-annotate PDFs. Nebo streamlines your information flow and improves your productivity. It costs around $10. It is the best writing apps for iPad Pro if you use your iPad for writing and doodling. 


  • It makes editing with a stylus pen easy.
  • It has excellent handwriting recognition.
  • Its AI engine can reflow your handwriting as needed.
  • It makes organizing notes and books very easy.

12. Notability – Creative Writing App for iPad

best writing apps for ipad

Notability is an excellent iPad writing software. When it originally came out, this app was even named the “Editor’s Choice” app.

For students, instructors, and professionals, this is excellent software. It has a simple user interface that is easy to understand and use. There’s even a word counter, as well as various additional personalization possibilities. Notability may also be used to protect sensitive notes using the password security.

The multi-note functionality of Notability is quite popular. This allows you to work on two documents simultaneously by listing them side by side. You may even use this app to sign documents. It costs nearly $9. The features it provides and its cost make it one of the best creative writing apps for iPad. 


  • You can create multi-media notes easily.
  • It is excellent for freestyle sketching.
  • It has a multi-note feature which makes working with two documents easy.
  • You can post your work on the Notability Gallery for the world to see.

13. iA Writer

best writing apps for ipad

iA Writer is a straightforward, user-friendly writing program with a minimal learning curve. This software has won the title of “Best App” in the App Store four times.

People adore iA Writer due to its Focus Mode feature. It dims everything on the screen except the current line you’re editing, creating a distraction-free writing environment.

The software may also highlight your errors, repetitious words, and poor vocabulary, assisting you in becoming a better writer. You may even edit and publish writing templates on WordPress. Your writing will also be synced to iCloud or Dropbox. Markdown is also supported. Subscribing to this app is a bit expensive. It costs about $30.


  • It makes customizing your work extremely simple.
  • It includes a Quick Search option that makes researching your article easy.
  • Focus mode makes it easier for you to focus on your work.
  • This app also enhances your vocabulary.

14. Noteshelf

Noteshelf is sometimes referred to as the “older” form of Notability, although it still offers a lot. It can annotate PDFs and multitask using the iPad’s split-screen feature. You may also record voice notes to accompany your paper notes, which is helpful for later reviewing a lecture or meeting.

This application can identify your handwriting in 65 languages from across the globe. This makes it an effective tool for learning a language, whether you’re in a class or learning on your own.

You may export your notes to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and even Evernote (not many writing apps provide this option). People with the Apple Watch can also use the app’s voice recording via the Noteshelf Apple Watch application. It costs roughly $9.99.


  • It makes editing very simple.
  • It allows you to write and sketch over images.
  • You can create multi-media notes easily.
  • supports dark mode.

15. Apple Notes

Apple Notes comes pre-installed on all iOS devices and is one of the best free writing apps for iPad.  It also syncs with an iPad, iPhone, and Mac in real-time. You may use folders to organize your early tale draughts, or you can simply jot them down and transfer them later to a specialized story writing app.

Apple Notes is ideal for jotting down short ideas or saving lengthy notes, including checklists, photos, online connections, scanned documents, handwritten notes, or doodles.


  • It is free and comes pre-installed on an iPad.
  • allows adding attachments.
  • It makes collaborating with others easier.
  • It provides various editing options.

This concludes our list of the best writing apps for iPad. Indeed writing and taking notes on the iPad is a great experience and these apps promise to bring that experience to the next level.

In Context…

For a content creator, ideas are the fuel to their content, and a device like an iPad provides them with the option of being creative and productive on the go. You can write your ideas instantly and even work on them. 

An iPad makes it easier for college students to take notes during lectures for college students. It also helps them in realizing their creative potential. It is ideal for business purposes, making working with stats and graphs easier. These apps make it simpler for you to use the writing feature available on the iPad.

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