8 Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads in 2022

Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

With the growth of technology, every day we come up with new ideas and inventions that make the lives of humans easier. And wireless charging is one such feature. Initially, mouse pads were essentially a thick piece of rubber that allowed smooth movement of the mouse when working on a monitor, where Wireless Charging Mouse Pads are totally an advanced version of the traditional computer peripheral. 

In the search to improve and innovate, the market has seen the rise of charging pads. Through this, you can charge your mouse when in use, ensuring you never run out of charge.

Additionally, some mouse pads even come with the feature of charging other Qi-certified devices through wireless charging.

The Need for Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

By simply adding a charging pad to a previously rubber one, you will witness a lot of benefits. Through charging mousepads, your mouse will be charging throughout and will not run out of time. This is an added benefit especially to gamers who will not have to waste any time waiting for their mouse to get charged.

In the fast-paced world, we are trying to maximize the efficiency of the time we spend, and using a wireless mouse pad can do just that. Some wireless mouse pads come with Qi chargers that allow you to charge your devices, while on the side and removes the hassle and time taken to connect chargers and adapters.

Wireless mousepads also help reduce the clutter that is common to work desks, especially with the number of wires and devices used. In removing wires you can increase the efficiency of your workspace by miles.

What to look for while buying a Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

While curating our list of the best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads, we kept various parameters in our mind, which we thought of sharing with you. These purchasing factors will help you identify what exactly you should be expecting from your Wireless Charging Mouse Pad.

1. Material Quality

Any product you buy needs to be durable and safe, while looking for a wireless charging mouse pad pay attention to the material it is made of.

Most pads these days have a microfibre cloth on the upper surface that provides both comforts and helps with the frictionless movement of the mouse. Having rubber on the bottom can help keep the pad stable. 

Wireless Charging Mouse Pads made of PU leather have a long life as they are very durable. Apart from this, paying attention to the material is important so that you can be sure that there are no harmful materials used in the making of it.

2. Charging technology

All the Wireless Charging Mouse Pads, come with different charging technology features and power compatibilities, make sure that the one you pick is compatible with the devices you have. 

Some pads come with Qi wireless chargers that can charge smartphones and other compatible devices on the side. Some even support wired charging and have USB ports built-in. 

3. Size & Comfort

The mousepads available on the market come in various shapes and sizes, ideally, the mouse pad you pick needs to have enough room for expansive movement of the mouse, and if it has other wireless charging options, adequate space for that device as well. 

You can pick a size based on your priority, as smaller or thinner ones might be easy to carry around. For comfort, pads usually use a microfiber cloth on the upper surface. The thicker the pad is the more cushion your artists have when you work. 

4. Value for Money

Since a Wireless Charging Mouse Pads is not a meager investment, pay attention to the other feature that the pad comes with, that gives it added value for the money, this can include durability, added ports, lights, comfort, and portability.

Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

Now that you have all the basic features of a wireless charging pad in mind, read ahead to see our list of wireless charging mouse pads that we think are the top contenders in the market.

1. FutureCharger Wireless Charger Gaming Mouse Pad

The FutureCharger Wireless Charging Mouse Pad comes with a capability of 10W fast wireless charging which is compatible with multiple types of phones, such as iPhone XR, XS, 11, 11 Pro, 12, Samsung Galaxy models, and other Qi-enabled devices.

It allows you to charge the device, while simultaneously using it in the workspace without the need for an extra charger or adapter.

However, you need to take note that the FutureCharger mouse pad requires a power adapter of 9V 2A or a Quick Charge 3.0/2.0 adapter for fast charging and this is not included in the package.

Designed to add to the beauty of your gaming and working area, the FutureCharge Wireless Charging Mouse Pad has 7 light options to choose from in the static setting and two additional dynamic light settings, which means you can see the color in accordance with your mood with a simple click of the button. 

Additionally, if you have a favorite light setting, you will not have to change the light every time, as the mouse pad remembers the light mode it was set on previously, through its in-built memory function.

With a size of 31.49 inches length and 11.81 inches breadth, the FutureCharger mouse pad has enough space to accommodate both your device as well as a mouse comfortable, moreover, the large size permits you to place other loose items of your works space, such as earphones or pens, to help declutter the surrounding area.

Made of natural rubber, with a thickness of 0.47 inches, and a soft micro-textured surface the FutureCharger mouse pad is enjoyable to use as it provides support to your wrist. Furthermore, the use of natural products, with no added harmful substances guarantees that it is safe to use.

The FutureCharger mouse pad does not crease or wrinkle easily and does not wear easily. It is durable. The rubber surfaces make it easy to clean and the stitched edges ensure that it lasts a long time.

The rubber at the base of the mouse pad adds to its sturdiness and keeps the mouse pad stable during use. It provides the best of efficiency even when the surface it is placed on is not stable.

The FutureCharger mouse pad can detect any fluctuations or errors that may take place and helps protect your device from getting overcharged along with preventing over-current and overheating. The surface can also detect the presence of any foreign object placed on it and does not overheat. The LED lights at the top of the mat inform you if anything is wrong.

Built with advanced technology the FutureCharger mouse pad, ensures rapid charging along with the utmost safety.


  • LED Lights
  • Qi charger
  • Durable


  • Does not have light memory
  • Not liquid resistant
  • The wireless QI charger area is very small

2. Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

The Corsair Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is built with a Qi wireless charging technology and includes USB Micro B, USB Type C as well as a Lightning QI charging adapter which means it can be used to wirelessly charge any mobile device that is Qi certified.

The Corsair mouse pad has an additional USB 3.0 port, located near its power cable, that allows you to connect the accessory devices with ease with the need for additional adapters.

The LED lights present on the mouse pad, lets you know the status of its charge at a glance adding to the ease of working.

It is built with a micro-textured surface on top and a hard non-slip rubber base for the bottom. The microtextured upper surface provides a low friction surface. that allows you to move the mouse around with the ear. 

The rubber pad provides both stability and sturdiness, keeps the mouse pad securely in place without slipping. Moreover, it is built with pixel-precise tracking that detects both optical and laser mice fast without any lag.

The Corsair mouse pad has an area of 13.7 inches x 10.2 inches which is comfortable enough to place your device as well as use the mouse without any hindrance.


  • Qi charger
  • Additional USB port


  • Pungent smell
  • Not comfortable on the wrist

3. Logitech G Power Play Wireless Charging System

The Logitech POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is built with innovative new technology that allows you to charge your wireless gaming mouse while in use without any wire connection.

You have the option of choosing between two surfaces, hard or soft, depending on your preference or comfort.

With a light display with a multitude of colors, you can choose one that fits your workspace.

The surface of the Logitech POWERPLAY Mouse pad comes with high sensors and rapid detection, which allows you for wireless connection between your mouse and monitor with faster performance than most wired mouse systems.

The Logitech POWERPLAY Mouse pad also has a built-in wireless receiver that connects to compatible mice without the need for an additional USB charger.

With a large area of 12.6 x 10.8 inches, the mouse pad provides plenty of detection range while the mouse is in use.


  • LED lights
  • Multiple Upper Surface


  • Prone to Software problems
  • Creates noise disturbances when used near a sound system

4. OXX Mouse Pad Wireless Charger

The OXX Wireless Charging Mouse Pad acts as extended charging hun, to your average mouse pad design. It comes with three different charging modes, allowing you to charge your mobile devices through either wireless charging or wired charging through USB B and USB Type C charging. The OXX mouse pad is compatible with all mouse models available on the market.

Additionally, you can even charge your phone when it is in its case, provided that the case has a thickness less than 5mm. Please bear in mind that any metallic or magnetic items such as keys or cards should not be in the case when the phone is put for charging.

The Wireless charger is compatible with multiple power outputs ranging from 5W to 15 W, therefore you can charge a large array of devices through it. The OXX mouse pad has passed multiple safety standard procedures and comes with RoHS, CE, FCC, and Qi certifications, therefore you can work without the fear of safety.

Made with high-grade PU leather, the OXX mouse pad remains in place while in use and has a long-lasting life, not prone to any malfunctions. The upper surface of this mouse has a soft micro-textured surface that allows you to move your mouse around comfortably.

The rubber base ensures that it stays in place during use and does not slip away during rapid movement.

The OXX mouse pad has a thickness of 0.5 inches, which means it is easily foldable and can be stored and carried around easily. Though it is compact to be carried in a bag, then spread it occupies an area of 12.59 x 8.66 inches, thereby providing a large surface area for mouse movement.

Moreover, due to the large space, you can charge a device and use a mouse with ease without the fear of restricted movement.


  • Safety Certification
  • Portable
  • 2 Additional USB ports


  • Narrow in size
  • Wireless charging can sometimes not work

5. Gaze PAD Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mouse Pad

The Gaze mouse pad powers both Qi mice and all Qi-certified devices by simply placing on the pad, moreover, it is built with a 3-coil technology in contrast to the 1 coil built of its market counterparts and hence provides a larger range of charging zone.

With a large area of 14.1 inches, x 8.6 inches the mouse pad can accommodate your Qi charging device, your mouse, and any other accessory items you wish to place on it. 

Built with a PU leather surface, you are guaranteed the safety of your devices as it prevents slipping and skidding.

Additionally, the Gaze mouse pad comes with two USB C charging ports, to allow you to connect or charge any other device through the pad, however, you should take note that you can only charge a single device at a time using the USB C port.


  • Large charging area
  • Additional USB ports


  • Wireless charging is slow
  • Can only use one port at a time
  • Not long-lasting

6. ENHANCE PowerUP Wireless Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

The ENHANCE mouse pad wireless charger has a capacity of 5V 2A, allowing you to rapidly charge your device without the entanglements and mess that wires create.

The top surface of the pad is built with neoprene fabric, giving it both a classy finish and reduced friction allowing for smooth use of the mouse on it. 

With 486 square inches of space, you will have unrestricted area for the movement of the mouse as well as additional space in case you want to place other items on it.

The underside of the Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is made of rubber that holds the pad in place while in use, regardless of the surface it is placed on.

Moreover, the edges of the pad have premium quality for stitching which means it does not fray easily. The ENHANCE mouse pad is therefore sturdy and will last you a long time.

The ENHANCE mouse pad comes with safety features, it can detect metal or foreign objects and prevents electrical mishaps such as short circuits or overcurrent. Hence you need not worry about the safety of the devices that you put for charging.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Large Surface area


  • The wireless charger works infrequently
  • Short life

7. SIGNO 10W Wireless Charger Extended Mouse Pad

The Signio Wireless Charging Mouse Pad has thick cushioning for added comfort. The thick woven nature of the pad prevents water from traveling across, therefore even if you happen to drop water or any other liquid on the pad, it will not slide all over the surface but will collect as droplets.

The undersurface of the Signio mouse pad is made of non-slip rubber, that grips the desk you place it on firmly and does not skid or slip around while in use.

The Signio mouse pad has lights built in around the edges of the pad and has an array of seven different colors and six different modes to choose from, thereby you can set the tone of the room in any way you please.

This wireless mouse pad is built with precise mouse control that provides pixel-accurate positioning and tracking, giving you a smooth and lag-free use of the mouse when placed on the pad.

The Signio mouse pad has a nice expansive area of 31.5 inches and 11.8 inches, making it easy to move your mouse around as well as accommodate the device you are charging along with any extra objects you might want to place on it.

The mouse pad is easy to use and control comes with a removable cord and a rollable body making it easy to pack, store and carry around.


  • LED light
  • Thick cushioning
  • Water spill-resistant


  • Dim lighting
  • Difficult to lay flat

8. TOPSTYLE 10W Wireless Charger Mouse Pad

The TOP STYLE mouse pad comes with a built-in 10W wireless charger, which means you can charge any device that supports wireless charging by simply pacing it on the mat. It is compatible with a large variety of Qi-enabled devices, such as Samsung Galaxy models and iPhones.

For its design, the mouse pad has twelve unique light modes that you can apply to change the vibe and atmosphere of the room you work or play in. Moreover, it also helps you work or perform better in relatively darker areas.

The TOP STYLE mouse pad is made of a microfiber top surface that precisely tracks the movement of the mouse, giving you smooth gaming or working experience. The upper coat also has a waterproof surface that collects any liquid that falls on it into droplets and does not let it spread all over. The rubber base of the pad keeps it stable during use and prevents it from slipping or sliding even under heavy movement.

The mouse pad comes with an area of 33.5 inches x 11.8 inches, leaving enough room for movement of the mouse without any hindrance from other devices or objects placed on it. 

It is easy to carry and store and comes with a removable wire of length 1.8 meters. It is usable as soon as it is connected, without the need for any other additional setup and the lights can be controlled by the button provided.


  • LED lights
  • Waterproof surface


  • Slow wireless charging
  • Dim lights


The mousepads listed in this article all have exceptional quality and users who have bought them have reported pleasurable experiences.

Our top pick of the lot would be, Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad. Apart from the charging pad, it also has the facility of wirelessly charging QI-certified devices. 

Additionally, it also has a USB Micro B, USB Type C as well as a Lightning QI charging adapter, and a USB port that facilitates wired connections.

With LED lights and a micro-textured surface, the pad is aesthetic and comfortable. Its rubber base makes it sturdy and its precise pixel tracking ensures a smooth user experience. 

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