9 Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 12 Pro

With more launches of the iPhone series there comes advanced technology with Apple being one of the most superior technology brands in the world people eagerly wait for their new products. Apple has been offering wireless charging capacities for a very long time now and the new phones by iPhone that is the “iPhone 12 series” is no exception. These wireless chargers offer you the convenience of charging your iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max anywhere you want.

The new phones launched by iPhone have the inbuilt support system of “Qi-standard wireless charging”. And with the advancement in technology, it is a must that you start embracing wireless charging Sona to make this change a little smooth Apple has also included a MagSafe in their new phones that supports the Qi feature. So with that, you have got a ton of options in charging. We have brought the 8 best wireless chargers for your iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max that you can buy to keep up with the transitioning world.

How to Choose the Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max 

  • The smart world requires smartphones with intelligent chargers. Choosing the correct charger for your devices is essential to prevent any defect.
  • Once you buy wireless chargers, there are no worries about handling the cords. Look for the integrated charger for your iPhone.
  • Check the mobility of chargers. The connection received by phone is appropriate, and the phone is charging at the right speed.
  • The phone must drive the charging from the power station without facing any issue. Choose properly configured chargers for avoiding the delay in charging.
  • Some chargers might reduce phone compatibility and select charges that boost the phone battery’s life and the charger itself.

List of 8 Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

We have curated a list of the best 8 wireless chargers for iPhone 12 Pro and 12pro max that you should absolutely check before making a purchase.

1. Apple MagSafe Charger

Apple MagSafe Charger
Source: Apple

A MagSafe charger can charge any iPhone 12 model at 15-watts — save for the iPhone 12 mini, which charges at 12-watts over MagSafe — which is twice as fast as the 7.5-watts than any iPhone in the past few years can wirelessly charge over a Qi-wireless charger. And that’s a big deal.

The only drawback of this charger is that there’s no charging brick included in the box, so you will have to buy it separately, just like with the new iPhone 12s.

2. Anker Power Wave AlloyAnker PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad Charger for iPhone X/8/8 Plus

The first name that comes to our mind is Anker power wave alloy which offers you the fast and secure charging option. We decided to add Anker in this round because of its extensive features and its amazing aluminum construction that is highly durable. It comes with an anti-slip silicone pad that makes this wireless charger productive for a longer period and will prove to be the greatest asset for your iPhone.

This wireless charging pad has gained a lot of appreciation from customers and has a wide fan base around the world. It offers a 15W charging speed and is fully compatible to charge your smartphone fast. This Anker wireless charger offers a great heat dissipation and it protects your phone from uncertain mishappenings that might happen because of overheating or short circuits.


  • High-speed charging. Ten percent faster than other brands.
  • Compatible for iPhones with a 7.W battery. 
  • Compatible with Airpods and other QI-enabled devices.


  • When plugged into laptops won’t show much compatibility and would charge slow.

3. Yootech Wireless Charging PadSponsored Ad - Yootech F500 Type-C PD Qi-Certified 10W Max Fast Wireless Charger Pad, Compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 ...

This charging pad comes in handy as you do not have to remove your phone case while you are charging with the help of this wireless card. It offers you an 18-month warranty to cover all the damages if they happen during this period. The simplicity of this case lives up to the expectations that users have. This wireless charger is very compact and can fit anywhere easily. It is quite durable as it is made up of ABS material.

This Yootech charger is compatible with other smartphones as well and it is very easy to use. When you connect it with your phone, it will show you a green LED light and it will take around 3 to 4 hours to get completely charged. The bonus feature of this charger is that it has a night mode that turns off the LED light while you sleep. The Ultra sleek look of this wireless charging pad makes it very aesthetic and is Qi-certified for providing a safe charging experience.


  • Compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Mini/SE2 /11/11 Pro/XR/XS/X/8, Samsung Galaxy Series, AirPods Pro.
  • The unique design is just perfect for charging Airpods.
  • LED indicators for warnings and controls.


  • It will not work for the iPhone 5s.

4. Nanami Wireless Charger

This wireless charging stand is highly rated and is worth the price for its features. Because of the dual coil fee feature of this wireless charger, you get a wider area for charging. Hence, this device is very convenient for you to use and you can also keep your phone both vertically and horizontally offering multiple viewing angles so that you can stream videos, movies and take calls without using your hands. Nanami provides Ultra protection to your device with efficient charging. The design of this wireless stand is case-friendly. So if you decide to buy this wireless charger you will have great features at a very affordable rate.


  • The compatible wireless charger, When your phone’s port is wearing out, is a good buy.
  • It seems to charge the phone no matter how it is placed.
  • Blue and green charging indications are helpful.


  • I will not work for the Samsung S series.

5. Eggtronic

Eggtronic is another wireless charger with amazing features that offer a greater experience to the users. It is combined with aesthetic appeal. Brilliant uses and an impressive design, quite a combination!  Eggtronic wireless charger is made of solid rock that makes it different from others in the market. Its durability and portability offer great advantage and ease to you.

It is not only compatible with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, but with this charging pad you can power up other smartphones as well. It gives you a power of 10W and it comes with a USB cable of 3ft long which makes it flexible access from anywhere.  In this charger, you don’t face the issues of overheating and short circuits. The notable features of this charger prove to be a worthy accessory for your iPhone irrespective of its higher price.


  • Helpful for people moving places in a short period.
  • Universal charger with long-lasting power backup of 20000mAh.
  • There are three ports of 45W C type. Laptop charging port available.


  • Won’t charge Chromebooks while powered on

6. RAVPowerRAVPower FileHub, Travel Router AC750, Wireless SD Card Reader, Connect Portable SSD Hard Drive to iPhone iPad Tablet Smart Phone Laptop for Photo

The design of RAVPower is extremely compact and offers fast wireless charging with the security of your iPhone. It is made of silicon and aluminum alloy which makes the construction of this wireless charger extremely durable. It has a double-sided silicon design that helps you keep your iPhone stable and protects it from slip offs while you are charging.

You can use this charger with your phone case on but do not use it with metal cases as it can create certain problems while charging. It offers safety from excessive heat and overcharging. Keeping every amazing feature of this wireless charger, we had to include it in the roundup.


  • This charge lasts for 15 hours.
  • Can charge multiple devices at a time on the provided number of ports.
  • The product is made up of PVC material.


  • Right at about 6 months of occasional, it’s dead and won’t take charge.

7. Bldaxn

Known to be one of the versatile wireless chargers you have to check out Bldaxn. This wireless charger is not only compatible with your iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro max but it also offers to charge your apple watch and AirPods. How cool is that! It has a refined construction and amazing built it that gives an aesthetic appeal to its entire design.

It has two wireless charging pads with 15W power and you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. It is an adjustable charger that offers you multiple viewing angles so you can stream videos and do calls from any desired angle of yours. Bldaxn wireless charging pad is also case friendly.


  • This charge is a 4 in 1 charger.
  • It is QI certified with 14W fast charging. Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / X / XS / XR, Apple Watch AirPods Pro, Samsung Galaxy Wireless Charging Series.
  • Advance chipsets make it more long-lasting. Foldable design works a miracle.


  • Even with its foldable design, it is delicate to handle.

8. Antank Magnetic Wireless Charger

This magnetic wireless charger is compatible with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is built amazingly and offers Qi charging standard. This charger is not compatible with other smartphones and with cased iPhones. Due to its magnetic feature, it offers fast charging and the magnetic coil maintains the alignment of the phone and the pad. It is one of the perfect wireless chargers that offer stability and efficient charging.

It offers 30% faster charging than other wireless chargers with 7.5W more charging power. It doesn’t take much time and in just 3.5 hours you can have your phone completely charged from 0 to 100. This wireless charger accompanies one type c chord and a USB convertible cable from C to A. It has heat dissipation holes that protect your phone from overheating.


  • This charge is compatible fo the iphone12 series.
  • The charger has to string magnetic charging technology, which allows the phone to charge consistently.
  • The ventilation holes avoid heating effects.


  • High maintenance with no foldable design.

9. Waitiee Magnetic Wireless Charger

This one is also a magnetic charger that is compatible with iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max and other Qi smartphones. The design of this charger is completely simple and it offers a fast and accurate energy conversion that reduces the amount of heat that generates while you are charging your device. The magnetic charging coil offers alignment between your phone and the pad that reduces the chances of falling. It provides 15W charging power. It is quite tiny and portable. Interestingly, it is so small that you can even put it in your wallet and can take it anywhere.


  • The charger has 20W USB C Adapter.
  • Suitable for phone 12 series and Qi standard mobile phone charger.
  • It can slide easily into your purse, pocket. Small and portable.


  • The heat dissipation is not to the mark.

Summing Up

So, this was the list of The Fast and the most efficient wireless charger for iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro max. All of them offer complete security to your device while charging and their designs are amazing. You can check out those charges that fall under your budget but also do not get to check the most versatile wireless charger that offers you multiple viewing angles.

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