10 Best USB-C to HDMI Adapters: Our Pick and Alternatives

Best USB-C to HDMI Adapters

For having a great streaming experience having a strong HDMI connection is a must. If you want to connect your phone or laptop to a larger TV for whatever purpose, whether it is for displaying a presentation or watching movies, people often use USB-C to HDMI adapters. A strong HDMI connection saves new from experiencing annoying buffering and flickering at work or fun. With a suitable HDMI adapter, you get 4K resolution that gives you a better view. 

It is quite a small device, but it is an essential tool that technical users should have. With this tool, you will always be prepared to hook up your device to a large screen. If you do not have this device in your setup, then we have got you covered. We have curated the list of the 10 best USB-C to HDMI adapters that provide 4K resolution to the users and enhance their streaming experience.

Things That You Should Look in a USB-C to HDMI Adapter

  • The first thing you should look at in a USB-C to HDMI adapter is the plug-and-play support system. If the adapter does not have that function, you will have to put in extra effort for downloading the software that can allow you to have a sound when you connect your device to a bigger screen.
  • The second thing that you should check is the durability of the adapter. Not all HDMI adapters come with long-term durability. Always make sure that you check the device’s specifications and not straight away trust the makers.
  • The last thing to look for is the video resolution and the compatibility of the HDMI adapter. The benchmark of a right HDMI adapter is the 4K resolution at 60 or 30 Hz. Also, check if the adapter is compatible with connecting it with different devices. 

These four things are very essential to check if you are buying the right HDMI adapter. Let’s start with the list that we have curated for you.

Best USB-C to HDMI Adapter to Buy

1. Upgrow Type-C HDMI Adapter

This adapter has a light design, and it is quite simply curated for the users to use. Upgrow is one of the top-grade USB-C to HDMI adapters that provides users with a 4K resolution at 30hz that offers excellent performance. If you want to have a smooth streaming experience without flickering, you can completely trust this adapter to provide you with high-quality audio and video. 

With this adapter, you do not require any other software. With just one plugin in, you can binge-watch your favorite shows. It is built with an aluminum case that provides excellent heat insulation to the adapter. Thistle is one of the most affordable HDMI converters that you can buy. After having so many good aspects like great plug-and-play function with high-quality visuals, this Type-C cable to HDMI converter seems a little less durable, which can be a little disheartening for the users. 

2. RayCue HDMI Converter

RayCue USB C to HDMI cable is very durable, and it comes with a fantastic rugged case that protects the HDMI cable from any breakage or corrosion. This USB cable is short and sturdy. You can easily use this HDMI converter without facing hassles during plug and play. It supports the resolution of 3840 X2160 at 30 Hertz, which is 4K resolution which is top-notch.

This USB cable is also compatible with the backward resolution, i.e., 450 p,360 p,720 p, and 1080p. With a high resolution of 4k, you can have a comprehensive view of your content with super high definition on your display. The RayCue Type C to HDMI office compatibility with laptops, phones, tablets, and other devices, making it popular for its universal compatibility.

Even after being compatible with almost all the world devices, RayCue USB can still not be used with the MacBook Pro 2018 version. That is not quite a big deal if you do not have a MacBook Pro.  

3. QGeeM USB Cable

QGeeM USB comes with 4 in 1 design offering 4K resolution at 30 Hz HDMI, USB 3.2, USB 2.2, and 100V/ 20V Type C charging ports, making it one of the significant assets that every user must have in their collection. This type C HDMI converter cable is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and Android, making it a hub of everything. It has been well tested to ensure that it does not get broken because of bending, making it quite durable.

The cover of this cable is shielded with premium copper that provides no interference when connected with wireless devices and offers users with flawless streaming experience on a larger screen and experiencing 3D effects. It has inbuilt copper wires that provide excellent electric conductivity. The coating of aluminum alloy on the exterior of this cable makes it shock-resistant. If you connect it with several devices at once, it may face connectivity issues on the wrong side. 

4. Vava HDMI Adapter

If you can let your pocket go for an adapter on the expenses side, you must consider buying a Vava USB C to HDMI converter. This HDMI converter can take care of multiple requirements by offering 8 in 1 functionality. It supports a 4K resolution at 60 Hz that makes it perfect for streaming high-quality video or for playing flicker-free games. It comes with an HDMI port and SD/TF slots.

The cherry on the cake is the availability of a headphone jack, and if you have wired headphones, it can be a great deal. It is compatible with several memory cards, including SD Micro, SD, MMC, SDHC. Apart from any standard adapter, this USB-C to HDMI adapter offers incredible 100W power. If you can stretch your pocket a little higher, this adapter can change your life and the way you have been binge-watching your favorite shows. 

5. Anker PowerExpand USB-C to HDMI Adapter

Anker is one of the best brands providing users with the best cables and adapters so that we would add its name to this list as well. This Anker PowerExpand adapter has the highest rating on most of the online buying sites.  Anker USB C to HDMI converter has a very compact design that makes it quite handy. It has an aluminum casing and nylon braided material that makes this USB durable. 

The HDMI port of this USB supports several resolutions, 4K at 60 Hz, 4k at 30 Hz, 2k at 60 Hz, 1080p at 60Hz, and many more. There is no requirement of installing an additional driver as this HDMI cable is designed for the plug and plug. The versatility of PowerExpand+ is one of the best HDMI adapters that you can have in the market, with which you can experience the most fantastic streaming and gaming experience. Although, it might not work seamlessly with the iPad Pro. 

6. Uni Aluminium Adapter

Next on the list is the HDMI converter by Uni. It is relatively compact and lightweight. This adaptor’s design is user-friendly and non-slip, which makes it easier to use and convenient to carry every day.  The outstanding aluminum casing offers this cable proper heat insulation. The braided nylon provides extra durability, making this USB-C to HDMI adaptor an overall great deal for users. 

This cable provides a 4K resolution of 3840 X 2160 at 60 Hz, with which you can have a live binging and playing experience on your more prominent display. Moreover, the USB C port makes the transmission of signals protected. It comes with the choice of two colors, black and white, so you can choose whichever color looks the best for you. This HDMI cable is very reliable, and it also offers you backward resolution compatibility, so if you decide to buy it, you don’t have to think twice. 

7. Benfei USB- C To HDMI Adapter

The Benfei adaptor is a pocket-friendly deal for the users for its unique features. Users can connect this cable to their desktop laptops and other devices. The USB C port of this cable allows you to connect to the HDMI display such as a projector or TV. It comes with two modes: the mirror mode and the extended mode. With the mirror mode, you can watch your favorite movies and look at photographs on the large screen, and with the extended mode, you can multitask.

It is compatible with various resolutions 4K 3840×2160 at 30 Hz 1920×1200 and 1080p. You can have a full HD display experience with the best audio experience without any interference. The stability of this USB C to HDMI adaptor is superior to other standard adapters. 

8. Niuta Type C to HDMI AdapterType C to HDMI Adapter

If you want a USB e c to HDMI converter at a cheap rate, you can check out the Niuta adapter. It has a lightweight design with a strong case that offers durability to the cable. Even for its relatively lower price, this type C converter’s feature is similar to the other adapters that we have mentioned in this list. It supports a 4K resolution at 30 Hz, and you can have a real cinematic experience by using this HDMI adaptor. 

This adapter’s best thing is the backward compatibility with 720p and 1080p that offers excellent accessibility with devices. Talking about the compatibility, you can use this USB with Mac OS, Chrome, Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 versions. In short, this is one of the best adapters on the list that fulfills every expectation that you have with an excellent USB C to HDMI adaptor.

9. Amazon Basics

The products of Amazon basics are known for their utility and budget-friendliness. The adapter by Amazon Basics is pocket savvy, and it’s worth it for its price. It has a sturdy built and is compatible with the notebook, tablet, and PC, for an HDMI display on the monitor. It offers you a 4K resolution of 3840× 2160 at 30 Hz, and it is also backward compatible with 720p and 1080p resolution.

 It is also backward compatible with USB 2.8 and supports USB 3.1 as well. The level of audio and video that you have with this cable is top-notch. Are you still thinking about why you should buy Amazon Basics USB-C to HDMI adapter? Well, because of its high-quality audio and video. Plus, it is straightforward to install with a great range of devices. 

10. WARRKY USB-C to HDMI Adapter

Lastly, WARRKY USB-C to HDMI adaptor through which you can stream content on your phone, laptop, and tablet in 4K resolution at 30 Hz. You can also have a tremendous backward resolution of 1440p at 60 Hz and 1080p at 120 Hz, which is quite remarkable. The vivid picture quality and clarity you get on the bigger screen offer you an incredible cinematic view. There is no need to install any software when you use this HDMI adapter. 

You can binge-watch content through this adapter without having buffering problems. The high-quality gold plated connector of 24k keeps your connection stable with other devices and makes the signal transmission very smooth. The casing of aluminum alloy makes sure that the device has proper heat dissipation. This USB-C to HDMI adaptor is compact and lightweight. Above all, this cable’s sturdiness has gone through several tests and has proven to be one of the best in the market. 


This was the list of 10 best USB C to HDMI adapters. All of the adapters are strongly built and are compatible with several devices. Moreover, they offer 4K resolution at 30 and 60 Hz offering you a great streaming experience of videos and games. If you want to avoid the hassle of using various cables, you can go for the adapter to connect multiple cables at once.

That would be an ideal choice. Simultaneously, all the adapters mentioned in this list are quite right in terms of versatility, quality, and durability. So, you can choose to buy any of the USB C to HDMI adapters and we assure you it would be worth its money, and the experience that you would have with it would be unthinkable.

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