15 Best USB C Monitor For MacBook Pro in 2022

Best USB C Monitor For MacBook Pro

Having two displays in a professional setup has become a prerequisite. The new Macbook Pro lineup only has Thunderbolt 3 ports which makes it difficult to find peripherals. Since most users of Macbook Pro have multiple displays for their setup. In this article we will read about Best USB C Monitor For MacBook Pro.

Apple has brought out Pro Display XDR, which is a fantastic product. However, the Pro Display XDR is out of budget for most users. Due to this, we compiled a list of the best USB-C monitors for Macbook Pro. These monitors can be connected directly to the Macbook without the need for any docks. 

USB C Monitor for Macbook Pro Buying Guide

Parameters to note before you buy the best USB C Monitor for your MacBook Pro are:

1. Power Capacity

Choose the USB type C monitor with maximum power delivery capacity for it to run long hours. A poor battery capacity results in a major turn down and what would be the point in buying such a monitor which cannot even meet your needs.

2. Connectivity Options

Pick the one with enhanced connectivity options that include the DisplayPort-out option as well. A single connectivity feature reduces the options of connecting devices with different USB types.

3. Ergonomic Design

A USB type C monitor with fully ergonomic design would be the best choice. People often look for USB type C monitor with an ergonomic design as it is popular within regular buyers.

4. Image Quality

USB C monitors come with different image qualities, so focus on buying the one which provides exceptional image quality. A bad quality monitor is a huge disappointment even after paying tons of money for it. Choose the best image quality monitor in order to enjoy your favorite videos and movies without any glitches.

5. Pocket-friendly

The price of each USB port may vary massively, so do not consider investing too much on it and go for a pocket-friendly 1440pmonitor with C type USB. An expensive monitor is not necessarily the best; there are many cheaper rated monitors that provide better features and quality than that of expensive ones.

6. Gaming Features

This is just an addition to already existing features in a monitor. To all the game-lovers, please check the type C USB monitors with bonus gaming features that allows you to play multiple online games on your monitor without any hassle.

7. 4K resolution

Monitors with 4Kresolution give the users the much needed enhanced video quality in a cheaper price, because 4K devices in the market are quite expensive in nature.

15 Best USB-C Monitor for Macbook Pro

1. MSI Optix Monitor

MSI Optix Monitor

MSI is a brand known for its excellent gaming peripherals. The MSI Optix monitor has one of the best prices to performance ratios out there. It has a wide curved display that offers an immersive experience. It has a resolution of 2560×1440 that offers great detail and is perfect for modern triple-A titles. 

The monitor even has a high refresh rate of 165Hz that enhances the gaming experience. The high refresh rate is paired with AMD’s FreeSync technology. FreeSync reduces tearing and offers a smooth gaming experience. 

This display has anti-flickering technology with support for Blue-light filtering. These features prevent eye strain after long usage times. The 27-inch size makes it a perfect option for most users. This way, the monitor does not take up much space but is excellent for most workloads. MSI Optix comes at an affordable rate, making it one of the best monitors for the Macbook Pro.

2. LG Ultrafine 4K Monitor

LG Ultrafine 4K Monitor

The LG Ultrafine 4K is catered for Mac users and has two Thunderbolt 3 ports. It has a resolution of 3840×2160, which has four times the pixels in a Full HD display. The monitor features slim bezels that offer a modern look. You also get a DisplayPort 1.4 and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. 

The display technology used in this monitor is nano IPS offering high colour accuracy. The refresh rate is low compared to many monitors of the price. It even supports HDR 600, making it a great choice for content creators. You can get this 4K display for a cheaper rate than most monitors in the segment.

You can find the Ultrafine 4K display in different sizes, starting from 24 inches. If you are a professional content creator, this monitor is an excellent choice. 

3. LG 34BK95U-W NanoIPS UltraWide Monitor

LG 34BK95U-W NanoIPS UltraWide Monitor

The LG 34BK95U-W is a monitor made for professionals and has all the right features. The display resolution is 5120×2160 which is between 4K and 5K. The monitor has a thunderbolt-3 port, a DisplayPort, HDMI and USB-A ports making it pretty flexible.

This is an ultrawide display that offers an immersive experience to the users. The display features slim bezels with an aspect ratio of 21:9, so you can produce content for modern smartphones. 

The inbuilt speakers are quite timid for the price, and you won’t use them for most work. The refresh rate is default at 60Hz, and it has a brightness of 450 nits. The display uses LG’s NanoIPS display technology. NanoIPS has an advantage in response time and high image quality over IPS. Thus, LG 34BK95U-W is an excellent monitor for Macbook Pro.

4. BenQ EW3280U Entertainment Monitor

BenQ EW3280U Entertainment Monitor

The BenQ EW3280U is a 4K monitor with 95% DCI-P3 colour gamut and delivers high performance. This monitor features a sleek design with slim bezels. Unlike many mid-range monitors, BenQ has included a decent speaker setup. This monitor comes with treVolo audio with two 5W speakers and a subwoofer. 

The great detail in pictures and videos makes it an excellent choice for gamers and professionals. It also features HDRi technology that produces vivid pictures and looks great. It also features intelligent brightness adjustment for different lighting conditions. 

The only drawback is that its USB-C port does not support charging. Overall, it is an excellent choice for users who want an all-around monitor with many features.

5. BenQ PD3220U

BenQ PD3220U

This is another amazing mid-range USB-C monitor for Macbook Pro users. It acts as an excellent alternative to the Ultrafine monitors mentioned in this list. This monitor comes with a 4K display and has a 95% DCI-P3 colour gamut. The display looks amazing and produces vivid pictures. 

The monitor does have a 16:9 and a refresh rate of 60Hz, but this is acceptable for most content creators. The monitor features a metal stand which makes it pretty durable. The IO includes 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, 2 HDMI ports, a display port, USB-A port, USB-B port and a USB-C port. 

In addition, this monitor even has support for HDR10 which means a brighter display and better-looking visuals. However, it does come at a high price, but the number of features more than make up for it.

6. Dell UltraSharp U4021QW

Dell UltraSharp U4021QW

This is the latest thunderbolt-3 monitor from Dell with many features. It has a resolution of 5120×2160 which means it lies between 4K and 5K displays. This monitor has a 40-inch curved display for a truly immersive watching experience. This display has an aspect ratio of 21:9 with slim bezels that offer a modern look. 

With DCI-P3 98% colour gamut, it produces vivid visuals and looks amazing. This display is perfect for people who want an immersive watching experience. The price is high, but the large variety of features make it an excellent choice. 

7. LG 32UP550-W

LG 32UP550-W

This is a new monitor from LG that features a wide variety of features. The display has a 4K resolution with a peak brightness of 350 nits. The monitor also features HDR10 support with a 90%DCI-P3 colour gamut. These combine to offer vivid visuals and a brighter display.

LG has taken care of users’ eyes by using an anti-glare finish. The monitor features a good IO with DisplayPort, HDMI and USB-C ports for different users. It features a 32-inch display that makes it a great choice for most users. All in all, this monitor has the right mixture of features to make it one of the best budget monitors. 

8. LG 27UK850

LG 27UK850

This is one of the budget displays from LG and has recently been updated. The display has a resolution of 3840×2160 and offers great detail in pictures and videos. The design looks great with slim bezels and a white-coloured body with a metallic stand. This monitor even has support for HDR10 and offers vivid colours and great-looking pictures. 

Users even get AMD FreeSync, although this does not make much difference at a 60 Hz refresh rate. The LED-backlit IPS display offers high colour accuracy with 99% sRGB coverage. Its anti-glare finish reduces the strain on the eyes after using it for a long time. 

9. Samsung Smart Monitor M7

Samsung Smart Monitor M7

The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 has launched in a 43-inch size factor with similar features as its predecessor. The monitor comes with many features, especially for its low price. It has a 4K resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The monitor has small bezels and a minimalistic design. 

The LED-backlit IPS display comes with HDR10 that produces vivid visuals. It even has a 99%sRGB coverage for better colour accuracy. The display has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which bottlenecks the AMD FreeSync technology. 

The IO is good with multiple ports and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is an amazing monitor for a low price and even supports Airplay with its smart features. 

10. ASUS ZenScreen 

ASUS ZenScreen 

The ASUS ZenScreen is an intuitive approach to offering an external monitor. Unlike contemporary monitors. The ZenScreen is portable, and you can set up the monitor anywhere with ease. It has a 15.6-inch display, but its portability makes it an excellent choice for many people. It comes with a cover, and you can carry it around with ease as the ZenScreen weighs below 2 kilograms. 

The IO is not good, and you can only connect the display with USB-C ports or Thunderbolt 3. It even comes with a battery of 7800mAh, so you won’t need to look for a power outlet every time. The resolution is low at 1920×1080, but the primary purpose of the ZenScreen is to offer portability.

ASUS takes care of eye strain by offering blue light filtering and a flicker-free display. It does have an IPS display which offers great colour accuracy. The ZenScreen is also pretty slim at only 8 inches thickness. The ZenScreen is an excellent choice if you want a portable display that can be easily carried around. 

11. ASUS Designo

ASUS Designo

The ASUS Designo matches the specs of some monitors mentioned in this list. It has an LED-backlit IPS display that offers excellent colour accuracy. There is no HDR10 or AMD FreeSync, but it does come at a low price. You get a decent IO with USB-C 3.1, HDMI and Displayport. 

The ASUS Designo looks great with its small bezels and rose gold coloured stand. It has two 3W speakers that produce decent sound, but you should buy external speakers for a better experience. The 4K display delivers great detail and has an Eye care blue light filter. The ASUS Designo is a great choice at a low price, but there are some better options. 

12. Acer ErgoStand Monitor

Acer ErgoStand Monitor

The Acer ErgoStand is a relatively cheap USB-C monitor that has some fantastic features. It produces great detail in visuals and has a wide colour gamut. You can enjoy great-looking visuals and an immersive experience with its lack of bezels. 

The monitor features a great IO and is pretty lightweight. This means you can carry the monitor with ease, and it also has an adjustable stand that you can use to change the display angle. Acer has produced an affordable monitor with some excellent features. For Macbook Pro users, this is an affordable choice. 

13. BenQ DesignVue 4K

BenQ DesignVue 4K

The BenQ DesignVue 4K monitor is pretty popular among graphic designers and video editors. The monitor features small bezels and looks great for any setup. It has a 100% sRGB and 96% DCI-P3 colour gamut. The monitor also supports HDR10, which means brighter and more vivid visuals. 

It even comes with out-of-the-box colour calibration for excellent colour accuracy. Users can also select between different display modes to suit their workload. It is a 4K display so that you can view high-detail pictures and videos. Simply put, the DesignVue 4K is the perfect choice for graphic designers and videographers.

14. LG 29UM69G Ultrawide Monitor

LG 29UM69G Ultrawide Monitor

The LG 29UM69G is one of the best Ultrawide monitors in the market. With an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a 29-inch display, you can enjoy an immersive experience. The monitor does have a 1080p resolution, but its 1ms response time makes up for the lower resolution. 

It also has support for split-screen 2.0, and you can two or more applications at once. Overall, this is an excellent ultrawide monitor that comes at an affordable price. It does have USB-C ports, and you can use it with your Macbook Pro.

15. Lenovo Thinkvision P27-h 20 QHD USB-C Monitor

Lenovo Thinkvision P27-h 20 QHD USB-C Monitor

The Lenovo Thinkvision P27-h is an excellent monitor with some amazing features. It features an all-sided bezel-less design that gives it a modern look. It is an LED-backlit IPS display that has a resolution of 1440p. According to most gamers, this is the perfect resolution for playing modern triple-A titles. The monitor features a USB-C port that can offer power up to 90W to your Macbook Pro. 

There is space for cable management so you can have a clean setup. It is TUV Eye Comfort-certified that minimizes eye strain, and you can work for longer periods. There are inbuilt speakers, but the sound quality is abysmal. It also has factory colour calibration for better colour accuracy. 

Overall, the Lenovo Thinkvision is a decent choice for Macbook Pro users. It has all the essential features, but the lack of 4K resolution and HDR10 are drawbacks.

Our Say

Buying a USB-C monitor is an excellent choice for Macbook Pro users. You can use such monitors to even charge your laptop while using them. Most of the USB-C monitors mentioned in this list are excellent in their criteria. You can choose from any of the above according to your requirements and enjoy a better setup involving your Macbook Pro. 

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