8 Best USB-C Fast Chargers for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Best USB-C Fast Chargers for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

You purchased a brand new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. Meanwhile, you see there is no charger in the box. And now you are looking for the Best USB-C Fast Charger for iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro?

Don’t stress yourself much. iGeekfunnel is here to help you.

From Oct. 23, 2020, 5:30 of the evening, Apple is not giving the charger adapter when you buy iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro.

Although, Apple declared that this move is for making environmental conditions better by producing less package waste. But as iPhone is in your hand now, and you want to explore its new pointed out features, you need a charger first.

But, if you don’t know which is the best USB-C fast charger, don’t worry. I created a complete guide to know that what you must see while buying a charger. But, if you’re in hurry and want to charge your iPhone asap, then you can go with Apple’s USB charger.

How to find the Best USB-C Fast Charger for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro?

iPhones are always known for their battery draining issues. Although Apple has designed new iPhones with better and bigger batteries, yet they also have dominant processors than before. Therefore, it is the same case as before. Meanwhile, Apple started producing fast charging supported iPhones since the iPhone 8.

Moreover, how you find the Best USB-C Fast Charger depends on your preference, such as your usage, your budget, and what exactly you want to do with it. For instance, you only want fast charging? Or you also want to use it for your Macbook? You want to charge a single iPhone or multiple ones in a single charger?

You can choose a charger with minimum power support of 18W for a faster charging experience. Also, it should have a USB-C cable connector with it. Furthermore, you can look out for some additional features for further benefits, such as extra USB ports, the cable’s durability, etc.

Note 1: One thing you must care about choosing the USB cable. You should choose a USB-C lighting cable. For the people who don’t know what is a lightning cable- it is a cable that has one USB-C plugging on the one side and lightning on the other end. Besides the charging, you can use this cable to charge Apple accessories, import your photos from or to mac or a PC. Also, you can use this cable to use your iPhone or iPad as a personal HubSpot. To get a clear understanding, check out the picture below:

lightning cable for best usb-c fast chargers

Note 2: To charge multiple phones at the same time you can buy a charger with various ports. However, you must understand the total power output of these kinds of chargers.

technical specifications of a charger with multiple ports while finding the best USB-C fast chargers

You’ll see most of the chargers produce the total power output only for the adapter. Meanwhile, some chargers send the same and equal amount of power output for each port. Therefore must check the ports with lower power output because it’ll take a longer time to charge.

Moreover, to help you choose the best USB-C fast charger, I already compiled a list for your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

So let’s get started with the number 1.

8 Best USB-C Power Adapters for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

1. Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter


We all know Apple is known for its best quality. Also, this is the fastest Apple iPhone adapter Apple launched yet.

If you don’t want to research much and want a level of satisfaction, I will recommend you to choose the Apple charger. No matter how better a company’s charger adapter is you’ll always subconsciously looking for improperness in the third party charger until you buy Apple’s charger. Also, this charger gives you a compatibility guarantee whether you’re using iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Moreover, it comes in clean white color and a greyish top with a single USB-C port. Also, it is portable and compact. Therefore, it is easy to carry for you wherever you go. Plus, it supports a power supply of 20W. Therefore, you get an ideal charging speed with this charging adapter. For instance, you can charge your iPhone 12 Pro up to 50% in only 30 minutes.

Moreover, this charger is compatible with a wide range of Apple products, such as the iPhone, iPad, and different AirPods models.

Apple charger compatibility with other Apple products


According to Apple, the Apple charger adapter also features the essential safeguards that protect your device from issues like overeating, etc. Although, Apple didn’t mention the warranty that comes with this iPhone charger. For more information, you can check this query on the Apple discussion.

It has a price tag of $19. And, it is a bit expensive for lots of users. Also, you will not get a cable with it that you can use to charge your iPhone. Still, it is an easy and efficient solution for fulfilling your iPhone’s charging needs. Therefore, you can definitely consider it the best USB-C Fast Charger for your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

  • Click here to buy from Amazon

2. TRUEUPGRADE 20W USB-C Power Adapter Fast Charger 


TRUEUPGRADE 20W USB-C Power Adapter Fast Charger

If you see the reviews of this charger adapter, you’ll notice, some said it the best USB-C fast charger, while others call it the underrated one. This adapter has 77% percent of users who gave this product 5-star ratings. Also, this product comes with an “Amazon’s Choice” tag.

Trueupgrade power adapter features a power output of 20W. Also, the brand mentioned, it can charge almost 50% within 30 minutes. Although one Amazon reviewer named Gaurav Singla writes his experience with this product as below:

It doesn’t not charge 50% in 30 min but it charges 20% in 30 minutes which more faster than apple 20 w adapter
Moreover, this power adapter supports iPhone 12/12 mini/12 pro max as well as iPhone 11/11 pro max/8 plus/SE/X/XR/XS. Also, it supports charging for other major Apple devices as you can see in the screenshot below:
Trueupgrade best USB-C fast charger compatibility

Also, this USB-C charger holds a built-in IC system. This system prevents your devices from common issues such as short-circuit and overheating due to overcurrent flow. The standout feature of this product is its price. You can buy a TRUEUPGRADE charger by paying half the price of Apple’s charger.

  • Click here to buy from Amazon

3. AUKEY USB Wall Charger with 2 USB-C Ports

AUKEY USB Wall Charger with 2 USB-C Ports


If you own multiple phones and you’re looking for a charger with at least two ports, the Aukey USB charger is for you. Like the TRUEUPGRADE charger, this charger also has an “Amazon’s Choice” tag. Also, the Aukey USB charger has been honored with 4.7 out of 5-star ratings by 1,422 users.

Talk about the specification, it is portable, foldable, powerful, and carries a 3.0 quick charge. Moreover, this charger supports two 36W with USB-C charging ports. In short, you can charge your phone 4x faster than the regular charging. Also, it supports a quick charge of 2.0 and charges all standard USB-powered devices at up to 2.4A.

It comes with a power supply of 30W. And, both the ports of this charger charge quickly at the same time. The built-in safeguards prevent your devices from overheating, overhanging, and other internal damages.

Alongside the iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max or Mini, you can charge your Macbook Air, AirPods Pro, and iPad Pro using this charger. Moreover, you can use it to charge other USB-C compatible Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S20/S10, Google Pixel 5/4XL, etc.

It comes in two colors- White and Black. And, you can buy it from Amazon by clicking here for 23.59 USD. Positively, it is the best USB-C fast charger with multiple ports and at such a low price.

Note: You get a 30W power supply while using only one port of this charger. And, when you’ll use both ports to charge two phones at the same time, you’ll get 18W of power supply to each phone.

  • Click here to buy from Amazon

4. AUKEY Focus iPhone Fast Charger 30W 2-Port

AUKEY Focus iPhone Fast Charger 30W 2-Port


If you’re looking for a charger with a USB-C port alongside a USB-A port, this is the one.

Aukey Focus iPhone fast charger has a 30W USB-C port that charges the iPhone 11 or 12 from 0-50% in 30 minutes. On the other hand, USB-A charging port supports QC 3.0 fast charging alongside a power supply of 12W. Therefore, you can use this charger to charge your iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max, and other USB-C supported phones. Besides, you can use the USB-A port to charge USB-powered devices.

Moreover, this charger is portable and foldable. Therefore, it’ll be handy for you if you travel a lot or move from place to place. Like all the previous chargers, it also comes with built-in safeguards. It will maintain the current supply sending to your phones. Therefore, you get protection for your devices from overheating and excessive charging.

Furthermore, this Aukey charger features a green light indicator. It will tell if your charger is plugged-in or not. Therefore, you’ll get an idea of something wrong with the charger or the plug. Also, this charger can charge the new 12-inch Macbook and other laptops. For example, Elite Book 830 G5, Lenovo YOGA730, E490, Ideapad 720s-13.

This charger comes in two colors- Black and White. The black one costs you $19.99, while the white one comes with a price tag of $21.99. I don’t know why this difference but you can choose whatever you like.

Moreover, when you only use the upper USB-C port, this charger will provide a power output of 30W. On the flip side, when you’ll use both ports, it works differently. At that moment, the upper port will give a power output of 18W, while the lower one will stay at 12W.

  • Click here to buy from Amazon

5. Anker 63W 4 Port PIQ 3.0 & GaN Fast Charger Adapter

Anker 63W 4 Port PIQ 3.0 & GaN Fast Charger Adapter


Let’s level up your speed of multitasking and charge all your or your friend’s devices all at once. If you think like that, this charger is a must check for you. Anker 63W charger adapter comes with 4 Ports with a power IQ technology 3.0. This technology automatically identifies your device and provides a power output with its full potential. Therefore, you won’t have to install any software to charge your device. Also, it will charge your device from 0 to 100 faster than the other chargers.

When it comes to reviews, it is the best USB-C fast charger for your iPhone 12/Pro/Pro Max. It has 4.8 out of 5 stars ratings from 426 users alongside the “Amazon Choice” tag.

Anker charger adapter has 4 charging ports with a total power output of 63W. 2 of them are USB-C while the remaining 2 are USB-A ports. You’ll get a power output of 45W while using a single USB-C Port. On the other hand, when you only use both USB-C ports, the power output will be as (30W + 18W). If you’ll add one device to the USB-A port, it’ll be as (30W+18W+12). Meanwhile, when you use all ports, it will share power as (18W for USB-C Ports and 15W for USB-A ports).

Therefore, you can charge your iPhone, tablet, laptop, and more at the same time. Alongside the Anker’s signature PowerIQ 3.0 technology, it comes with a Programmable Power Supply (PPS) for Samsung fast charging.

Moreover, it’s a gallium nitride (GaN) charger. It means ultra-slim body design without even compromising with the power output. 

This Anker charger adapter costs $60, which is quite expensive. Although, with features like PowerIQ, PPS, GaN, 4 Ports, 63W Power Output, 5 ft detachable power cord, adhesive strip, and an 18-month warranty, it seems a little fair. But at the end of the day, the decision is yours.

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6. RAVPower 65W 4-Port Desktop USB Charging Station

RAVPower 65W 4-Port Desktop USB Charging Station


Now this charger adapter is the same as the previous one besides a few but significant differences. RAVPower supports 4 USB ports with a 65W power output. You will see 2 USB-C ports on the left side while the other 2 are USB-A.

However, the RAVPower adapter doesn’t highlight the PIQ 3.0 & GaN features. Still, it comes with a power-delivery feature that charges your phone faster than most of the chargers. Also, it is the best USB-C fast charger in the market with the highest ratings. It got 4.9 out of 5 stars ratings from 3612 users. I haven’t seen any product with that many star ratings before.

Moreover, it is compatible with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Also, you can charge other Android and Apple devices as well. The seller mentioned on Amazon, it can charge MacBook Pro 15.4” from 0 to 100% in just 2 hours. Although while charging, the rest three ports should remain empty. It supplies a power output of 45W while charging MacBook Air 18W while charging iPad Pro simultaneously. 

Here is the picture of all the power distribution while using various ports simultaneously.

RAVPower 65W charger ports output distribution- best USB-C fast charger with multiple ports

Furthermore, it doesn’t as portable and sleek as the Anker 63W charger. Even both chargers come with opposite designs. Anker’s charger seems a small tab, while the RAVPower charger comes in a small and portable brick design. I would choose Anker for its compact size. Although RAVPower works fine too.

At last, what makes a difference between both these chargers is that $10. RAVPower costs you $49.99 with no cord. Still, the features you get makes it a pretty good deal at that price.

  • Click here to buy from Amazon

7. Dr. Vaku Usb-C 18w power adapter 

Dr. Vaku Usb-C 18w power adapter

If you’re from India or want the best USB-C fast charger for your iPhone 12 at the lowest price, you should check this one. It is the charger my friend also recommend me who just purchased a new iPhone 12 Pro.

Dr. Vaku USB-C charger comes with a single USB-C port and a power output of 18W. Nothing fancy. Just a simple and 18W charger with a compact design. It is compatible with iPhone 11 and 12 series, as well as other phones with USB-C. Also, you can use it to charge other Apple devices such as AirPods and iPad Pro 12.9. Alongside these features, the seller also mentioned its excellent quality multiple protection. This feature can prevent mishappenings with your device, such as over-current, over-heating, and short-circuit.

Moreover, this charger has 4.8 out of 5 stars ratings from 534 users alongside an “Amazon Choice” tag. Also, this is the most affordable iPhone 12 charger on the market. It costs you only ₹ 989.00 or around $15. You will also get a 6-months assured warranty whenever you’ll purchase this charger. Although chances are less that it’ll be available out of India, still, you can try.

  • Click here to buy from Amazon

8. DiHines [Upgraded] USB C 20W Charger Fast Charger Block

DiHines [Upgraded] USB C 20W Charger Fast Charger Block

DiHines is a brand that is recommended by some best tech publications. It is the charger block that is portable, durable, faster, and less expensive.

DiHines upgraded charger features 20W fast speeds through a single USB-C output port. It comes with an efficient chip that delivers the maximum power supply to the phone. Therefore, you can expect a faster charging experience than the traditional chargers. The seller claimed that it can charge 50% battery of your phone in just 30 minutes.

Moreover, it is compatible with all the iPhone 12 as well as iPhone 11 varients. Besides, you can use this charger to charge the Samsung Note series and S series. It is a 20W PD charger adapter that can automatically adjust the input power to your phone. So you won’t have to worry about some silly charging problems, such as overheating, overcharged, etc.

Meanwhile, this charger is so compact that it can easily fit into a pocket. It weighs only 5 grams. Therefore, it’s best for you if you travel a lot and visit place to place. DiHines upgraded charger costs you only $12.99 which is half the price of the Apple original charger. Although it doesn’t come with a cable still with ratings of 4.7 out of 5 from 1072 users, it still worth a try.

  • Click here to buy from Amazon

FAQ: How to buy the Best USB-C Fast Charger for iPhone 12?

What is GaN Charger and Should You Buy it?

If you’ll search for the charger, you’ll notice, most of the chargers in the market use Silicon semiconductors. Meanwhile, Gallium Nitride (GaN) is the newest alternative of Silicon with extra benefits. It needs much fewer components than the silicon chargers. As a result, you’ll get a more efficient charger at half the size of the traditional charger. However, these features cost you more bucks than the traditional chargers.

Now talk about should you buy it or not?

I would like to say that definitely if you can afford them.

They cover less space, they’re lightest and charges faster and efficient than the other chargers from the list. I also added a few ones to the list. You can check them to know more and if they somehow come under your budget, definitely buy them.

Can I use these USB-C Fast Charger to charge MacBook?

You can fast charge your iPhone using a power adapter with an 18W power supply. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a charger to charge both your iPhone and MacBook, you have to choose a charger with more power supply.

Here are the key points to remember before purchasing a Charger Adapter for MacBook:

  1. Choose 29W or 30W USB-C Power Adapter for MacBook 2015 or later.
  2. Pick 30W USB-C Power Adapter for MacBook 2018 or later.
  3. For 13-inch MacBook Pro models introduced in 2016 or later, you can purchase 61W USB-C Power Adapter.
  4. For 15-inch MacBook Pro models introduced in 2016 or later, you can purchase 87W USB-C Power Adapter.
  5. At last, you can purchase 96W USB-C Power Adapter for 16-inch MacBook Pro models introduced in 2019.
  6. All the above-mentioned MacBook models need a USB-C cable for fast charging support.

Which Should I Choose from Wireless or wired charging?

If you want to get a more convenient experience, you can go for wireless charging for your iPhone. Although you won’t get a fast-charging experience with a wireless charger as you will get in a wired charger.

Moreover, if you want to go for wireless charging, you can choose a wireless iPhone charger with a power supply of 7.5W. There will be a charger adapter with a power supply of 5W but choose the one with 7.5W.

There is a reason behind this concern. A wireless charging pad can deliver the power of more than 5W to your iPhone. However, if you connect that wireless charging pad with a 5W charging adapter then the wireless charging pad will deliver only 5W power to your iPhone.

Final Words

There are lots of chargers available in the market but with a catch. Some of them aren’t much faster, while others don’t support iPhone 12 varients. You can explore more deeply on websites like Amazon still you only will get confused. However, the chargers I have mentioned in the list are the best ones. And, all you have to choose the best USB-C fast charger from them. You can choose one by understanding your preference, usability, and affordability. That’s how you’ll find the best USB-C charger for your iPhone 12.

So that’s the list of the best USB-C fast chargers you can purchase from the market. I hope it will help you to choose the better charger for you, without getting confused. Let me know in the comments if it does.

Also, share this post with your friend or loved ones who purchased a new iPhone. And, now he/she is looking for the best USB-C fast charger for it.

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