10 Best USB-C Card Readers for Mac

USB-C Card Readers for Mac

USB-C is the future for common data transmission channels. With most brands switching their default connector type to USB-C, Apple followed soon. Now, all the devices in the Mac lineup have Thunderbolt ports(USB-C). This is an issue for people who don’t have USB-C-supported devices. You may also be one of the people looking for dongles to keep using old peripherals. The best USB-C card readers for Mac will let you connect your SD cards, microSD, and in some cases, even Compact Flash card to your Mac, so you can transfer files and photos with ease.

Most USB-C readers come with support for MicroSD cards or flash storage. You won’t get the same amount of support as found in USB-C hubs. However, you can connect storage devices or other peripherals. These USB-C readers come at a lower price than USB-C hubs, and you will get basic functionality. If you have upgraded to new Macs or want to future-proof your devices, we have a list of the best USB-C readers for Mac.

Best USB-C Card Readers for Mac

1. Hicober USB-C to SD Card Reader

Hicober USB-C to SD Card Reader

If you want a USB-C reader that does more than just support SD cards, this is a great choice. The Hicober USB-C to SD Card Reader comes with support for MicroSD, SD, and USB-A devices.

 In addition, both the Card readers have support for UHS-I and UHS-II cards. UHS-I and UHS-II cards come under the Ultra-High-Speed certification for memory cards. UHS-II cards are faster than UHS-I and support transfer speeds up to 156 MB/s. 

This USB-C card reader comes in an aluminum casing that compliments the look of your Mac device. The build quality of this card reader is decent and feels sturdy to feel. Hicober has included support for USB-A devices as well. This will help you in connecting your pen drives and hard disks. 

Many users appreciate the simplistic design, and you won’t have any problem setting up this card reader. In addition, it comes at under 15$, which makes it an excellent choice at the price point.

2. Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-II SD Card USB-C Reader/Writer

Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-II SD Card USB-C Reader/Writer

This USB-C card reader comes at a higher price than regular card readers. And unlike many card readers, it only has a single SD card slot. The size of this card reader is pretty small, which means you can take it anywhere without much issue. 

The card reader comes from a well-known storage device maker Sandisk which speaks for its quality. Sandisk has done a great job in providing a minimalistic look and a sturdy feel to the user. 

Although overpriced, this card reader is pretty fast, even for a UHS-II card reader. You get transfer speeds up to 500 MB/s depending on the number of files. In real-life tests, the reader was able to offer transfer speeds upwards of 250 MB/s. 

This makes the Sandisk Extreme Pro a decent option for most users. However, make sure that you have a UHS-II memory card. 

You also get a 2-year warranty which means the product will last for a long time. The Extreme Pro UHS-II SD Card USB-C Reader has excellent customer reviews, and most people are satisfied with the product. 

3. Apple USB-C to Card Reader

Apple USB-C to Card Reader

Apple does provide a USB-C SD Card Reader at a higher price than others. However, you can expect the same quality as found in other Apple devices.

The design looks pretty simple, and you get a basic card reader with a single SD card port. The build quality on this card is also excellent, and it feels sturdy. 

Apple also provides support for UHS-II cards with transfer speeds of up to 156 MB/s. So if you want an official solution to your connectivity issue, then the Apple USB-C card reader is perfect for you. Also, being an Apple product, it is compatible with all Apple devices having a USB-C port. 

4. Verbatim USB-C Pocket Card Reader

Verbatim USB-C Pocket Card Reader

The Verbatim USB-C Pocket Card Reader is a cheap alternative to the Sandisk Extreme Pro. You get similar speeds as the Extreme Pro with UHS-II cards. There are other options, but this is the most affordable UHS-II card reader you can get on the market. 

The Verbatim Card Reader comes with ports for both MicroSD and SD cards. If you use memory cards often during photography, this card reader will be quite helpful for you. Verbatim has done a superb job in the design of this card reader. It has a compact design, and you can carry the card reader to any place with ease. 

If you can live with slower transfer speeds than the Sandisk Extreme Pro, we recommend buying this card reader. The compact design paired is paired with compatibility for microSD and SD cards. 

The Verbatim USB-C Pocket Card Reader offers flexibility and usability. Considering the price, this is a complete package with essential functionality. 

5. Cable Matters USB 3.1 Type-C Dual Slot Card Reader 

Cable Matters USB 3.1 Type-C Dual Slot Card Reader

This is an affordable USB-C card reader for anyone who does not want to spend a fortune. If you are looking for basic connectivity of SD cards to your Mac device, this is an excellent product. Cable Matters is a popular brand that offers good quality products at a low price.

This card reader is available for as low as 12$, which is three-four times less expensive than other options. One major drawback is the UHS-I cards support this card reader. Although quick, UHS-I cards are slower than UHS-II cards, no matter the workload. You can get transfer speeds of up to 104 MB/s which is enough for basic tasks. 

Another point is that it does support USB 3.1, which means a theoretical cap of 640 MB/s, but UHS-I speeds limit its capability. Cable Matters has also kept in mind its usability and provided a compact design. 

It’s small and can fit in the pockets of your pants or laptop bag. It also has a 6-inch cable, so you don’t have any issue finding space. At a low price, this is the best USB-C Card Reader you can get on the market. 



This is also a UHS-I card reader, although the transfer speeds are consistent. Uni Store has provided a basic card reader, which is helpful for people who have many UHS-I memory cards in use. It supports MicroSD and SD cards which offers flexibility to the user. Uni Store also includes a braided cable for better durability.

Uni Store has done an excellent job in the design; you get braided cables and a textured USB plug that helps grip. These details make for an overall better experience for the user. It also comes at a low price and is quite affordable considering the features. 

Although this card reader lacks the high speed associated with UHS-II card readers. It does have consistent UHS-I speeds, which are decent for larger file transfers. In addition, it has received good customer feedback and praise for its compact design. If you are only looking for a basic USB-C card reader at a low price, this is an excellent pick.

7. ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type B & SD Reader 

ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type B & SD Reader

Many new cameras have begun using the CFexpress cards as a standard for storage. Unfortunately, these cards are not supported by almost any laptop in the market, let alone a Mac. ProGrade has come up with an intuitive solution to this problem with its CFexpress and SD Reader. 

This is a high-quality product and feels quite sturdy in the hands. It also has a compact design perfect for carrying to your photographic adventures. Now, one may see this card reader. It also has an SD card slot with UHS-II card support. 

Since the card reader employs a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface, you get CFexpress to read/write speeds up to 687/645 MB/s. This transfer speed may differ slightly with different workloads. 

This card reader also comes with a USB-A cable inside the box for connecting with older devices. Overall, ProGrade has introduced a card reader perfect for photographers and the general public. The fast read/write speeds paired with a sleek design present a complete package.

8. Kingston Nucleum USB Type C Hub 

Kingston Nucleum USB Type C Hub 

The Kingston Nucleum is not your typical USB-C card reader. In addition to SD and microSD cards, it also has USB-A, HDMI ports, and USB-C ports. All this is compiled in a compact package for better flexibility and usability. The pricing of this USB-C hub is not higher than some of the card readers present on this list.

The SD card slot does have support for UHS-II cards, but the read/write speeds were inexplicably low. In real-life tests, it could only manage read/write speeds of up to 164/97 MB/s. However, the card reader seems to provide similar speeds to UHS-I cards, which made us question the usage of UHS-II compatibility. You get a small USB-C cable to connect this hub with your Mac. 

At this price, this is one of the best USB-C card readers, or should we say USB-C hubs for Mac. It offers versatility in usage through different ports that are helpful in most situations.

It also comes at a low price, and the brand name of Kingston speaks for its quality. If you want to have more usability than a simple USB-C card reader, we recommend buying this product.

9. IOGEAR 3-Slot USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type C Card Reader

IOGEAR 3-Slot USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type C Card Reader

IOGEAR is another brand that has surged in popularity for offering quality peripherals. This 3-slot USB-C card reader is an excellent choice for users who want to plug in different memory cards at the same time. In addition, this card reader has support for most memory card formats, making it a top choice for many users. 

One drawback is the support for UHS-I cards which limits their read/write speeds. Although, IOGEAR makes up for this by offering the product at a low price. The card reader comes in a small package which means you can take it anywhere you wish. 

The IOGEAR 3-Slot USB-Card Reader is an excellent choice for people who want to use more storage at the same time. The three ports have support for different memory cards, which allows you to use anyone you please. It also comes at a low price and is relatively lightweight, making it a good option for most travellers. 



The Anker Quick-Sync SD Card Reader is a no-nonsense card reader that focuses on utility. It offers support for SD and microSD cards along with some other flash storage. One advantage of this card reader is the absence of a cable. There is no separate cable, and the reader attaches directly to your Mac device. It also has a compact design which lets you carry it from one place to the other with ease. 

It offers support for UHS-I cards which means slower read/write speeds. However, the price is pretty low, and there are discounts on many e-shopping websites. Anker has sold a lot of these card readers, amassing positive feedback from most users. 

The Anker Quick-Sync SD Card Reader offers two slots for different memory cards. It also has support for most card formats hence providing flexibility to its users. In addition, the compact size and low price make it an excellent card reader for Mac users.

Our Say

Buying USB-C card readers is useful for Mac users due to the recent shift to USB-C ports. We compiled a list of the ten best USB-C card readers for Mac users. These readers differ from each other in terms of the number of ports or transfer speeds or even build quality. While buying a USB-C card reader, try to figure out your usage and then make a decision. 

You can also try for USB-C hubs, although they come at higher prices than card readers. These USB-C card readers for Mac are beneficial if you are a professional photographer. Most photographers prefer using Macbooks or iMacs for color grading or photo editing. You can transfer photos and videos from your camera directly to your laptop without any issue with these card readers.

We hope this list has been helpful in your search for a good use.

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