5 Best Text Editors for iPhone and iPad

Best Text Editors for iPhone and iPad

Text editors are something you can keep installed on your phones for a number of reasons. Reasons include noting down the points to remember, shopping and grocery list of items, rough notes, etc. Every text editor seems to appear the same. It is necessary to choose the correct one. Let’s say you might need different text editors at the same time for vivid purposes. Selecting a quality application is essential.

It is frustrating when you cannot find a good match for editing your documents. To be able to handle the text editor and understand the working of a text editor is equally vital to writing quality material. If you want to enhance your articles, notes, and documents on your iPhone and iPad, you are in the right place. You need the correct method and friendly interface while writing in a text editor. So, here are the five best text editors for your iPhone and iPad.

This post will stock you up with a variety of text editors and their specialties. Text editors not only serve the purpose of immediately noting down texts. It is also helpful in editing documents and giving a finished look with tools provided inside the editors. It is just a matter of choosing the best suitable text editor for your work. Hence we have got the best of all text editors for your iPhone and iPad.

5 Best Text Editors for iPhone and iPad

Most of us know what exact features we need to enrich the text, but we don’t have a clue about which text editor to choose. It is necessary that you choose a valid text editor for your various types of activities to help you get more work done in less time. To get productive outcomes and rapid access to uncomplicated editing tools, here are the top 5 text editors for iPhone and iPad.

1. JSitor Mobile App

This one is an iPhone app that can be used for writing, testing, viewing, and sharing snippets. If you are a coder or a beginner who wishes to acquire good coding skills, this application is worth installing on your iPhone or iPad.  As the application is compatible with Apple phones, you can carry it anywhere when you sail iPhones and learn to code whenever you feel. 

Enhance your coding skills by snippet development tools like JSitor. From scratch, you can start writing your codes and learn to decrease and increase code’s complexity. The flexibility in saving the code and revisiting it is also provided in this application. The latest version of this app was released on the 19th of March 2021. 

Pros of Using JSitor Mobile App:

  • A brand new updated interface for the most satisfactory editor user experience possible.
  • The phone application is free to download and specially designed for iPad
  • In this application, users can find the “Snippet list”. This list will have all the snippets the user has ever written using this application.
  • The users can enjoy full-screen mode, which helps to view code fully instead of scrolling up and down for references every time.
  • The editor is highly recommended for those who want to develop Javascript snippets, Html, and CSS codes.
  • It is easy to start the code from where you left it. This application’s drafting method is helpful in adding time to time code without losing the previous data.
  • Using the toolbar, you can simplify the collection, cut, and copy-paste operations.
  • Code snippets can now be formatted quickly.
  • Full Screen mode to allow the editor more space
  • Provides snippets to see what others have made, and is simple to run, fork, and upload.
  • The users are given an entire hold over their code and snippets. Users can choose various settings and modes to enjoy the fullscreen mode experience on iPad.
  • The app provides the coder with a live preview of what output the code will give once it is compiled in a live environment for updating your code immediately. This is extremely helpful for on-spot error correction.
  • Improved client and console experience, as well as the ability to choose between smartphone and desktop views
  • Editor experience has been enhanced; shortcut keys and code recommendations now appear even more transparent.
  • Better handling of third-party (CDN) libraries
  • It made it much easier to change the language mode and template settings and choices.

2. iA Writer:iA Writer 5.2: Better Typography and External Library Locations - MacStories

The iA Writer app’s support team is very active, which provides its users with news of updates, announcements, or other stuff required by users. You can subscribe to their newsletter and receive one mail per month. This is genuinely amazing for reviewing your doubts and getting more friendly to the application. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

iA Writer will become one of your favorite text editors once you start using it. It is a popular tool for hunkering down and typing without interruption. This writing software, which has been significantly modified since its original release. It provides a customizable keyboard, text highlighting tools, for storing the text it allows iCloud sync and many other features on which we have come to rely.

What is New About IA Writer:

  • The application has robust app privacy rules. This prevents the leaking of data.
  • The application is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and traditional Chinese.
  • It prevents redundancies and glitches while typing.
  • It promises a fast opening of markdown files compared to other text editors.
  • When users write code, they are immediately noticeably dimmer and marked out. This helps in keeping the flow of writing.
  • You can search, sort, and easily move between documents from various clouds.
  • IA writer is more responsive to large files.
  • It is easy to access any particular word by simply double-clicking the word from the entire text.
  • The adaptive nature of the editor is specially developed for acting in real time.
  • Option+Shift+Command+D is simply used for enabling the aA menu.
  • Users can take a look at pre-programmed trends in English, French, and German.
  • It believes in users’ confidentiality of documents.
  • The editor’s settings allow its users to change the patterns and work on them according to choices.
  • When modifying customized templates, just use ? button to learn how to improve them by attaching meaning, examples, and regular expressions.
  • You can trust this editor for inline code containing backticks correctly.
  • When users tap and hold a key on the command keyboard, they are given the option of designing their own interface. 
  • You can rearrange the keys or select new ones from the long list.
  • A writer can trust the grammatically correct program of this application. It helps correct punctuations, misspelled words, weak verbs, unwanted conjunctions, etc. Isn’t it excellent to have neatly finished documents?
  • You can create your own templates in the app and load them to WordPress or Medium, HTML, Microsoft Word (.docx), or PDF.

3. Hype Text:

Text editors are not only used for editing your documents and simply highlighting the texts. To make it look more professional, you need some advanced applications. The Hype Text is one for you if you are in search of an all in one text editor. Hype text is used for adding animation to videos and pictures—the easy to get and edit images for your text to look more decorative.

The ‘Intro Maker & Outro Maker’ attracts the Youtubers to create and animate interviews, brand introductions, and more, effortlessly capture the viewers’ attention.

Story Text Animation Maker, available in Hype text, offers tools to add beautiful text motion and effects to your story, such as subscribe, title, lower thirds, swipe up, social, Instagram follows reminder, fire, and logo.

To get more advanced features open on your iPad and iPhone, try the application’s subscription plan that includes $3.99 a month, $7.99 per year, and $9.99 for life as a VIP. These subscription plans give unrestricted access to all services and content available for purchase within the app.

What Can Hype Text Do?

  • The prominent feature of this app is 500 plus text animation options.
  • With the help of a variety of exciting styles, Change the color and pace of the letters. Choose an appropriate font from the fonts catalog offered.
  • Users can continue to update the application to get access to more text animations and models.
  • You can not only use the app to highlight your texts but also add subtitles to your system’s video. 
  • Bring a new look to your traditional writing, images, and videos by adding these new features of Hype texts such as lyric subtitle, timer, and bounce.
  • Hype Text is one of the most remarkable technologies which allows you to do gaming, outro, and vlogging on iPhone and iPad.
  • The app secures the data and drafts the documents.
  • You can go through their terms and policies to know more about how the data is controlled by this app.
  • The active plan asks for your iTunes account name to continue working on the latest features in the plan.
  • Account will be asking for a renewal of the plan within 24-hours before the expiration of the current term, and the cost of the renewal will be identified.

4. QuickText:QuickText - Plain Text Editor on the App Store

Short text messages can be edited and saved in thisapplication. These messages can be predefined messages such as salutations, responses to often asked questions, and brief comments. Short text messages can be helpful for feeds, publishers, tweets, chats, and among other places. To set up the QuickText app in Salesforce follows the steps given below:

You can add the extension of this app to chrome. This Quick text allows you to create a short message which you can use anywhere on your iPhone, once saved in the app.

  1. To start with an exciting message creation app, launch Quick Text f
  2. Click the Quick Text tab in Salesforce Classic.
  3. Select  Quick Text from the object selector in Lightning Experience.
  4. Select New for adding the Quick Text.
  5. Pick a record form for the new message if you have more than one short text record type, and then press Proceed.
  6. Give your message a name to identify it afterward.
  7. Also, using a name that will assist users in determining whether to use this post.
  8. Insert your message in the box given.
  9. Your short phone messages can have up to 4,096 words and can have line breaks, lists, and special symbols.
  10. Using the Merge Field Selector, you can insert merge fields into the Quick text message.
  11. To save the inserted Quick text, you can press the Save button.

Key Features of Quick Text:

  • The application displays the count of lines you have written at the corner of the screen.
  • Modify the fonts with an available variety of font styles in the software.
  • You can adjust font size easily.
  • Quick Text helps you in modifying the file extension that is used by default.
  • Color palettes to enrich the look of your documents.
  • Undo and Redo options are helpful to edit the text without the fear of losing the texts.
  • The document storage sync with iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud computing facilities that support iPhone and Ipad.
  • QuickText is intended for manipulating plain text files such as Markdown, HTML, Tex, and other similar formats.

5. PreText:
Pretext on the App Store

Used looking for markdown language editing, then PRetext is one for you. The most elegant interface and easy to access tools make it popular among HTML CSS users.

Users can choose this app for plain text editing as well. The text editor is suitable for standard yet straightforward document editing. The Pretext is free to download, but a $0.99 In-App Fee unlocks the app’s dark theme and alternative icons.

The pretext is one of the most effective ways to add links to a post. The app’s resulting functions are accessible by pressing the share icon. Once you click the icon, which opens the shared folder, the app’s configuration tab enables you to display your Markdown file as HTML. This is later efficiently used, particularly by someone who publishes the work online.

The Newness of Using PreText:

  • Syntax highlighting in Markdown is one of the key features of PreText.
  • It allows its users to preview and export HTML files to storage space quickly.
  • The extensive keyboard shortcuts help users to quickie finish up the document editing.
  • The application provides formatting options with a single tap
  • Files app/Document vendor assistance is helpful for automatic suggestions during the workflow of editing the texts.
  • Effortless iOS incorporation smoothens the path towards adequate documentation with fewer errors.
  • Adjustable font size to all types of heading and titles to make your document look organized and readable.
  • Comprehensive undo/redo/revert-all-changes are supported by PreText.
  • If you wish to have a dark color scheme and symbol, then purchase it from the app.

How to Create Text files on iPad and iPhone:

iOS allows you to generate and update notes, databases, and reports. It’s not the most convenient device for doing all of this stuff, but if you’re in a hurry, you can. There are several applications available for this function, including some from Apple, Google, and Microsoft’s productivity suites. Look for such apps that fulfill your requirements while working with documents.

To build and edit TEXT files on iOS, you’ll need an app. You can use almost any install any software mentioned above, for example, install but Textor. Textor is one of the best text editors for iPhones and iPad. It blends so well with the Files app that you’d be forgiven for assuming it was built into iOS.

Steps to Create the Text File:

  1. Before getting started with creating and editing text files, you need to install the desired application.
  2. Textor is an app that you can install on your iPhone or iPad. iOS 11 or later is needed to run the program. When you open the window, you’ll see the Files app’s UI. Textor is outlined in purple at the end. To make a new TXT format, press the plus button. The file is saved to iCloud by default. However, you can transfer it to other cloud drives. The software does not have its own local storage on the computer.
  3. To rename the file, you can simply click the file and choose the rename option from a floating bar of the app.
  4. The editing app allows you to browse TEXT files stored in your Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, and Dropbox accounts.
  5. The issue with iCloud is that not many of us use it to save lots of files. If you have got files to hold on-line, you almost certainly use other standard cloud drives and saving areas in iCloud for pictures and backups of your iOS laptop.
  6. Creating and editing text files is not a tough job once you get used to the working platform. Nowadays, the editors have multiple updates, which make more user-friendly updates with respect to interface and tools. So, choosing the correct editor for your work is essential to develop good content.

Things to Look for in a Text Editor:

Drafting: Drafting makes you save the unfinished work. Look for such text editors that allow your posts, text files, small snippets to save automatically in drafts. Whenever you face battery lows, lagging of iPhone, storage whole, etc., your phone starts to deny data, and there are chances of losing data as you get no chance to save the file.

In this case, drafting will help you in recovering the data from where you left. One of the significant features of text editors is that it saves users time to edit the documents forms scratch.

Storage: Text editors, when are synced to cloud storage, are a must to have on iPhones and iPads. This way, you will have files saved on various storing spaces. Your editors might come with supporting only a few online memory services. You must look for storage space units linked to your documents while working with such editors. You can retrieve your type of file that you have been working on from the iPhone’s cloud storage. 

Highlighting and Other Font Features:

Only writing is not sufficient; giving it well-arranged looks and alignment are equally important. Nowadays, many text editors come with ultimate font styles and colors that users apply to their texts to improve files’ presentation. Text alignment, bullet formatting, font size adjustments, color scheme, animation, transition, etc., are the options available for the users to develop their text’s appearance.

Support to Various Format Files: iPhone sharing files with other operating system devices is problematic. It has different file formats that are not acceptable by a few of the other standard devices. Look for such editors that allow users to save their files in whichever format they would like to. Editors which support different file formats make it easy to work with any file on iPhone and iPad.

You can experience the same type of editing tools available for every format of the file in this editor. This way, you can enjoy the editing of documents without any issue of converting the files externally and then editing them into these editors.


It is not easy to search for that one appropriate text editor for doing all of your documentation. We have made it easier for you by mentioning the various types of text editors for iPhones and iPads. To make your text files look simple by using the utilities available in these text editors. These editors provide the best tools to work with and help in automatic corrections while writing.

The format change while saving the file is helpful while sharing the files with other non-Apple devices. The text editors are not the type of traditional notepad editors that only support the text files but allow users to edit the HTML, CSS, and other such files. Coders who wish to code via phones can install these kinds of applications. There are many other options for editing texts in iPhones and iPads that will enrich the text files and add transitioning features to files’ elements. With all the bits of editors, you can gear up your written skills.

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